Goals can restrict your happiness if you're not careful

Imagine this:

You are in a digital game.

To get rewards, called Happy Points, you need to go through different milestones and unlock a treasure chest for each milestone.

Level after level, the game gets more challenging. But you have to keep yourself in the loop of chasing the same outcome to get the reward.

Otherwise, it will be all or nothing.

Of course, it was exciting, at first – until everything became a repetitive pattern of constant dashing towards the next milestone and stepping away from where you are currently. And it all boils down to an endless cycle of excitement and despair, ending up just surviving rather than winning.

So what does this mean for you?

Goals can restrict your happiness if you’re not careful.

It’s nice to have goals. After all, goals set your targets.

But then, if it’s just all about the next thing, you’re mentally boxing yourself to a narrow version of happiness.

And I felt that when I won the world championship.

Upon reflection, it was quite a sad time for me.


Because I thought happiness was something for my future self to enjoy; so I kept chasing goal after goal, only to end up robbed out of my experience.

I was successful but not fulfilled.

And it took me a process to find fulfillment in where I am right now.

So here's the thing:

Just because you want to be somewhere else doesn't mean where you are isn't good enough.

Whether you are prepping for your first show, getting your best shape, or still on a quest for self-discovery, learn to acknowledge what you’ve done so you can be more.

Are you ready to take yourself to the next level?

Physically, mentally, and spiritually?

The Sports Model Project is a process of transformation and personal mastery.

And it's ONLY for the hardest worker in the room.

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On the other side?

You have love, care, support, and a team of coaches to drive you towards the vision that you have for yourself.

So you can live in your spirit.

It’s time.

Live your spirit,

Be your vision.

Love and light,
Hattie x

Why you feel like your failing at self-development

Why you feel like you're failing at self-development.

It’s always the same answer, right?

Change your thoughts.


Write them down and re-write them.

Chant them over and over again

Or say them until you fall asleep.

Delete, Edit, Repeat.

And that feels great for parts of you

that think they can control everything.


You feel like you’re failing self-development because as much as you like the words you’re saying that’s not what you are feeling.

It’s a trip because then you feel bad about not saying them enough or following through on your affirmation.

It can be scary thinking to yourself that just by thinking those thoughts you are drawing those thoughts to you.

That’s why you always feel like you’re failing self development.


That’s just not how it works.

It’s your state that creates your story.

It’s what you do that determines how you feel NOT what you think.

In fact it works like this.

1: Notice your experience.

That requires slowing down and sensing into your preset moment experience and feeling through your senses.

In SMP we have a six month guided journey with Heart Coach @tiger and the monk to help you integrate a deep practice of mindfulness with your striving on the gym.

2: Take an action.

Work, train, walk, study,meditate, breath, kiss, hug, make love, run swim, talk, rest, eat, sleep.

What you do creates......

3: Feelings these are the result of your actions which become....

4: Thoughts: Your thoughts are your brain explaining your present moment experience to yourself

5: Reflect:

What was my present moment experience?

How did I notice that?

What happened when I slowed down? What happened when I took an action?

What did I feel after that?

With his work slower is faster.

Take your time, it’s the fast train to feeling better each day abs having much more clarity in your mind.

It’s the fast train to being yourself again to you actually living in YOUR spirit.

It’s the fast train to you having the ACTUAL life that you want. To you living your vision.

We teach all of this in The Sports Model Project.

You will learn to go on a quest for elite- body composition AND of self-discovery.

In SMP you will

--> Learn train for your body and goals

--> Eat to fuel performance

--> Work with our heart coach and learn mindfulness s

--> Do our Gold Standard mindset course with Hattie and our Neuro-Psych Michelle Baty

Best of all SMP is a community of resourceful women powerfully supporting one another.


It’s only for the hardest worker in the room .

Click the link to apply.

Love light and celestial rainbows,
The SMP Team

Goals Are the Enemy of Long-Term Progress

Motivation & drive goes on and off like a flickering light bulb, up and down like a bouncing ball.

That is what happens when you solely rely on goals.

Have you ever experienced this? (Refer below.)

Back when you were still working on your goal of, for example, hitting 2 x 4 safety bar squats, you were so determined to achieve it. The excitement was there. (And you must have still remembered the feeling quite so well.)

Yet now that you have achieved that goal and got the results you wanted?
The show is over; the thrill is gone.

So what happens after that?

Chances are, you might revert to your old routine, and then after a little while, when the consequences kick in, you set another goal. Then you hit that goal – then revert – and then set another goal until this pattern becomes an endless cycle of excitement and despair, thus creating a yo-yo effect.

Am I saying that goals are not helpful?

Of course, not.

But you have to know its purpose:

Goal setting lets you envision where you want to be.

But to get there?

That needs a long-term actionable plan.

You need a system. You need a process

And that is why I created the Sports Model Project - a process of transformation and personal mastery.

Our specialist team of coaches will walk you through the best training, nutrition, and mindset curriculum, founded on science and values-based living.

Best of all, you will grow along with a community of resourceful, powerful women who are all supportive of each others' ongoing and never-ending growth.


Would you like to learn how we approach goal setting and how to fix this yo-yo issue?

In January, my team and I will be running a mindset webinar on how high achievers handle new year's resolutions.  Because most people focus on the stuff they haven’t been doing, but high performers are already resolved to doing the work.

So it’s really important for them to focus on this time differently.

Click here to learn more about the webinar.

If you’re planning on setting goals in the new year, you definitely don’t want to miss this.

Love and light,
The SMP Team

SMP The Gold Standard In Mindset Development

SMP: The Gold standard in mindset development.
Because a random 8 week course will crush you...

But a fully developed curriculum will change your mind and your life.

Just as properly periodised training process will help you develop a 3x body weight back squat

A properly developed mindset curriculum will build you AND your skills up over time.

So that you have THAT deep experience of self
that have been missing, but need on SO many levels.

So that you can reconnect with YOUR spirit.

That essence that is so hard to recapture these days.
(Yep it’s been hard the last two years)

Because trying to win at everything while the world was turned upside down?

Has beat up allot of powerful women.

You are not alone with that.

But the path back to yourself does not go through random techniques, “tactics” or tricks.

It’s the same as random training programs.

They lead you to injury and worse, that sinking feeling of stuckness....

It’s the same with your mind.

Number One Principle

Slower is faster.

Because the next level doesn’t come just ‘cause you are doing stuff.

Sorry, effort is just the cost of admission to the show.

The winner?
The leader?

You are doing the smartest thing,
With the best people
In right amount, at the right time.

SMP’s mindset curriculum?

Developed by our Neuro-psych Michelle Baty, creator of the Art of noticing who trains with the best practitioner group in the world.

Michelle has a deep understanding of the science of your nervous system and how that interacts with the best psychology models.

Our coaching methods, communication and mindset program is informed by this deep work AND everything Hattie has learned becoming a world champion and coaching thousands of women to success.

It took us two years of curriculum development, practice for the whole team, coaches and leadership at The Sports Model Project, trial and error before we even allowed anyone else to do it.

This is what the Gold Standard In Mindset Development looks like.

In fact we won’t give you access to it unless you have completed our mindfulness course led by the incomparable @tiger and the monk and demonstrated your ability to have an experience of your present moment.

Because you don’t get a 3x body weight squat by starting with 3x your bodyweight.

You develop skill, deep practice and confidence first.

So working with our heart coach is life changing and deep work that greases the grove for your greatness.


It’s just another random course that crunches you with details and leaves you with more (unorganised) information than you started with.

You want clarity.

In your thoughts

In your words....

In your actions.

For those actions to align with and represent your principles and values.

That’s what our Industry leading mindset course delivers.

Principles based living.


SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room.

No shortcuts, no flakiness.
This is more expensive and takes longer.


The long, focused, detailed way?

That way ends up with you being

nailing the details
living powerfully in your Spirit,
your life playing our as your vision.

It’s time.
Live your spirit, be your vision.

Click our link to apply for The Sports Model Project.

the whole SMP coaching team.

You don’t grow from punishment; you grow from love

The women you see in the photo, left and right, are the same person.

Both work the hardest.
Both are high-performing.
Both are high-achieving.

The difference?

(Hint: It’s not just what you see.)

The woman on the left has high standards but, 

There is no nurturing.
No self-compassion.

The one on the right? She still has high standards, but these standards are now back-boned with self-love.

Regardless, I’m still grateful for the woman on the left.
She became her own soldier.
She was strong.
She was firm.

Except that she thought her rigidness would armor her against the blows – but she only found herself beaten on her own.

The woman on the right? She is still that lioness. 

But she doesn’t have to prove to herself or to anyone else that she is the queen of the jungle, because she already is. Her presence is enough.

She is disciplined and flexible.
She works the hardest in any room she finds herself in but she is also the life of the party.

She acknowledges all parts of herself – both the high-achieving and the gentle – and nurtures them. (And that is what made the difference.)

Because having high standards without self-compassion is self-bullying.
You don’t grow from punishment; you grow from love.

Is it time to plant some seeds of self-love?
Are you ready for your never-ending growth?

The Sports Model Project is a process of transformation and personal mastery.

And it’s ONLY for the hardest worker in the room.
(The hardest work is knowing when to rest and to play.)

Click the link now and chat with our team.

On the other side?

You have the love, care, and support from a specialist team of coaches, who will guide you on your journey towards becoming your vision while living truthfully in your spirit.

Best of all, you will grow along with a community of resourceful women powerfully supporting one another.

Light and loving-kindness,
Hattie x The SMP Coaching Team

Forget About Goals, Focus On Systems Instead

Goal digger – have you heard of that term?

It’s derived from the term gold-digger, which, you know, has a not-so-good meaning.

But the term goal-digger, otherwise, has a positive connotation, meaning goal-driven.

While being goal-driven is good, the thing is that it doesn’t guarantee success.


Let’s take it literally this way:

You are the miner. Your goal is to get gold. 

You have the tools: the pickaxe and the drive to get the gold.

So with all your might, you start smashing into the earth’s crust. You keep jabbing and digging and all the way through you keep working until you realise it’s not getting you anywhere. 

It's not productive. 


Because you don’t have a blueprint.

How can you get to where you want to be, a destination you haven’t been to yet, if you don’t have a guide to follow through?

So if you focus on the process of becoming a good miner, eventually, you’ll get gold

After all, the goal has always been there. And you are already the hardest worker in the room.

But for you to achieve a different outcome?

This time? Finally?

That takes a process of transformation and personal mastery. 

And that’s what The Sports Model Project is all about.

It's a process founded by the best elements of science, refined by a world-class team of curriculum developers, PhDs, AI experts, and data visualisers – a system grounded on values-based living.

You will be guided by our specialist team of Exercise Scientists, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist, Heart Coach, and Daring Communicator on your journey towards becoming your BIG vision.

Best of all, you will grow along with a community of resourceful, high-performing women who are powerfully supporting one another.

Are you ready to BECOME your vision?

Are you willing to commit to the process?

SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room.

Click the link now and book a call with our team.

Love and light,
The SMP Team

Coming back to the path after the holidays

How to come back to the path after the holidays.

How was your long holiday?
How’s the beginning of your 2022?
How do you feel about getting back on track?

It can be a struggle after a moment of switching ourselves off from our routines – from having more flexibility and freedom from structure.

It might feel like our routines are not with us anymore.
It can feel like we’ve lost our enthusiasm for a moment.

It can be overwhelming.
(Our girls felt that.)

So how should we deal with that?

How can we get back on track effectively?

A great place to start is with your journals.

And ask yourself these questions:

“What is pulling me?”
“What is out there in front of me that I want to move towards?”
“What is my purpose?”
“What is my goal?”
“What is driving me?”

That routine you had before when you were away was taking you in a certain direction.
What is the end of that path? 


“What is pushing me?
“What am I moving away from?”

In this instance, you are moving away from the feeling of being overwhelmed – from the feeling of feeling a little bit lost, a little bit scattered.

So by recognising what is pushing you, it can give you an indication of what you are moving towards by asking yourself:

“What is propelling me?”
“What is giving me the energy to do the things I need to do?”
“Is it great sleep?”
“Is it great tucker?” (that’s aussie for food)
“Is it spending time with the sunshine?”

What is going to give you the energy to propel yourself to do the things you want to do?

So these questions may be helpful as a journaling practice to help us bring us back to the center and put us back on the path.

This is so important - we will be discussing this at length in the webinar coming up in the next week or so.

We’ll help you uncover your true motivation so you can focus on truly empowering goals - not just ones that are worthy of a meme on the internet.

Learn more about the webinar here.

Love and light,
Billy Telfer
SMP Heart Coach

If you aim at nothing, you hit nothing

If you aim at nothing, you hit nothing; Here’s a 5-minute technique you can use to achieve your big goals this year and even the years after

New year; big goals ahead.

How are you mapping them?
How do you organise them?
How do you track your progress?

As I reflected on my goals this year and the goals I achieved last year, I looked back on the method I used to achieve my goals in the previous years. 

And then I found this:

It’s the tool that I used five years ago to win my world championships, 5x my business, travel, and have a great time with myself and the people around me.

How does this process work?

You get your calendar. Write down all the plans and goals you have for this week/month/year.

The plan should include your rest/play days, of course.

You can be as specific as you want. But still, allow yourself some flexibility.

Then you take that calendar and stick it on the back of your bedroom door, so you can see it every day every time you walk through the door.

Q: Does this guarantee control of your outcome?
A: No.

Can we control results?
We can't.

BUT, if we have a map to navigate our progress, it can boost our confidence to walk down the path. It helps us free ourselves from the voice of doubt.

There is a part of us that may say: "It’s scary getting ahead of myself."

I felt that, too. It's hard, especially when you don’t have the right resources and guidance.

But if we permit ourselves to step into fear?
To step out into our potential?

We allow ourselves the spirit we have always wanted to embody and the vision we have always wanted to become.

So, are you ready to step into your greatness?
Are you willing to do the work?

Is it time to focus more on the part of you that says: you can do it?

The Sports Model Project is a process of transformation and personal mastery set in a community of resourceful women powerfully supporting one another.

And it's ONLY for the hardest worker in the room.

Click the link and chat with my team.

On the other side?

You will have the love, care, and guidance from our specialist team of coaches so you can finally become your big vision while living truthfully in your spirit.

Hattie x The SMP Team

7 Reasons Why Achieving a Goal Is Only a Momentary Change

Achievement unlocked: Nailing 5 x 8 reps at 35% BW


You did it finally! (After finding the motivation and gathering the energy to do it.)

Who says goal-setting can’t give you success?

Of course, it can. And it can change your life! 

But ONLY for a moment.


#1: You will be left chasing the same outcome by waiting for another kick of motivation. 

#2: Motivation is unreliable. 

#3: The problem is not the unreliability of motivation or the lack thereof. The results are not the issue either.

#4: You can’t cure a symptom without investigating and addressing the cause.

#5: You’ll get the same output if you don’t fix the input.

#6: If you want to improve for good, we fix the issue at the systems level, not at the outcomes level; because

#7: The results you get rely on the system you used to get those results.

But the problem now is: where can you find the right system? What does it take to find the right process?

The good news?

You don’t need to figure out everything by yourself.

I have created a process for you called The Sports Model Project.

It’s everything I have learned becoming a World Champion, a Pro Athlete, and a Coach to hundreds of high-performing women across the globe.

SMP is a process founded by the best elements of science and values-based living, created and refined by a world-class team of curriculum developers, a World Champion (myself), PhDs and many more experts in their fields.

You will be guided by our specialist team of coaches will also walk you through the tools, techniques, and resources you need to learn how to:

-> train and eat right,

-> rest like a champion,

-> build a better relationship with your mindset,

-> live your spirit and be your vision.

Are you ready for that?

SMP is not for everyone.

It’s ONLY for the hardest worker in the room.

Click the link now and book a call with our team to apply.

Love and light,
Hattie x The SMP Team