What Is THE Most Powerful Process For Happiness?

One of the greatest tools to learn is the ability to discipline yourself.

There is no reward without sacrifice and sacrifice requires discipline.
Discipline is learning to say NO or YES when necessary.

Discipline is the art of doing the things you really want to do in this life.

You do want to exercise.
You do want to read.
You do want to meditate.
You do want to work.
You do want to nourish yourself with food
You do want to grow.

When you don't do what you want, it will usually come down to two things.
Were you organised?
Were you disciplined?

Discipline is like a muscle, the more you use it, the more you train it, the stronger it grows.

The great thing about muscles (of any kind - physical or mental )
is that YOU can grow them if effort, consistency and time is applied.

In the beginning it may seem hard but just like anything you practice consistently, those things get easier.

Best of all the way you do one thing is the way you do everything,
so you will see that your act of discipline in one area of your life will start to lead into other areas.

Word of warning: you can build the opposite too.
You can train ill discipline, you can build the muscle of NOT getting what you want as well.

It's a choice.
It's your choice.

And when you choose discipline,
you doing what you actually want to do becomes second nature.
It becomes your nature.

That's how you live in spirit.
That's how you become the best version of yourself.

That's why discipline is the most powerful processes of happiness!

This is what I teach my girls in The Sports Model Project,
to live in spirit, to do all of the things they really want in life.

It's time, live your spirit, be your vision.

SMP is not for everyone and you can only join my team via an application process. Don't fear we are just looking for those rare women who will invest in themselves who are prepared to work hard and to be resourceful.

You can apply to join by clicking this link.

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

Discipline got me on stage competing with the best in the world. Happy place 🙂

Are You Adding Fuel To Your Fire?

I am starting my week off with gratitude and I want to share with you what I shared with my Sports Model Project Girls this morning.

I want to thank my amazing team of coaches.

For all that you do, and what you continue to do for your own personal personal growth, and then the growth of others.

And of course, my amazing Team in SMP.


Thank you for showing up and being here, being here means being present contributing to the energy of the forum, supporting the success of others, helping the growth of the girls around you when they are in need of moral support.

We are all here (even the coaches) to build Mental/Physical/Spiritual foundations and strengthen the pillars of success.

We all have the ability to shine.
It takes work to shine but that work is what makes us so strong.

Just because you aren’t beaming as bright as you can right now,
doesn’t mean the fire isn’t burning.

It’s burning baby. I feel it and I know you feel it too... because, at the right time you will light the match..


Your flame will be lit and your light will shine so bright it will brighten the world and the SMP tribe will be there basking under your bright light, filling up with your energy

And that energy will fuel us to keep our own bright lights shining too, and on and on the process of inspiring each other will go.

It’s pretty powerful.

So, keep sharpening your tools, or picking up new ones and practicing how to use them!

Every morning is a chance is to add more fuel to the little flame, some of us are in a period where we are preparing for battle.

When you wake up, set some time alone to focus on yourself to mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually. Connect with yourself and what your purpose is for today.

Shine off your shield, and prepare to be victorious in your battle.

Most importantly,
Love and light
Hattie xoxo

Oh also, you can apply to join my team by clicking on the image below:

The Power Law You Must Use To Get Killer Results.

The last two months of my training have been very much strength focused.
There is only a small window of the year where this can be my focus.

I have been doing the least amount of training I think I have ever done in my life..
However I have still maintained the number one rule for results.

This rule has allowed me to progress in all my lifts whether it has been to add weight to the bar and/or add reps which has resulted in me hitting new PB’s every second week.

This is what I can achieve using Progressive Overload: the power rule,
by doing the bare minimum.

Get ready to see what I can achieve when I take it to another level ... It’s coming

PB 140kg (308lbs) x 2 x 2

I’ve hit 140kg for singles twice in my life.
Today I managed to get out 5 reps.

Warm up 140kg x 1Top set 145kg x1 - I haven’t hit this number since 2017
Then 140kg x 2 x 2 sets PB
Then 120kg (double my body weight) x 8 reps
My aim is to hit double my body weight x 10 reps

Often when women are asking me how I have attained elite strength and body composition they assume that it’s all from heavy lifting that to get in shape you need to be pushing big weights.

They also assume that to push big weights on the squat you just… keep pushing big weights and thats what they are doing day in and day out without always making a heap off progress. They feel like if they just try harder and harder they will get there. Until they don’t and their progress stalls or they get injured.

But Hattie, I see you pushing heavy weights all the time, isn’t that what I should do?

The truth is a little more complicated.
Your body is series of interconnections. When you squat, load goes through all of those connections.

It’s not just your glutes and quads working but its the ligaments in your feet, its the cartridge in your rib cage it’s the muscles inn your shoulder blades it’s your calf which are keeping you upright it’s all of the muscles bones and ligaments in your body, it your blood vessels and heart as your blood pressure shoots up under all that load (it’s even the veins in your eyes)

All of that force is distributed through your body and If you have muscular imbalances or a lack of strength in one spot, another spot will start to get beaten up. So if your calves are weak your back will get sore or if your hamstring are tight you will beat up your knees and a thousand other possibilities (your body is an amazing adaptation machine)

Do you know whats crazy about the numbers I’m pushing right now?

I have completely dropped back the amount of squatting I am doing in fact I’m doing a whole heap of single leg exercises and working on muscular imbalances that means that when I’m hitting the gym and going for the big numbers all of my muscles are synchronised in their efforts and I can drive the bar better.

So how do you get stronger in the squat? What is the right combination of load, technique and muscular balance?

Well technique is everything and load is king.

Which means that to move a big weight you must practice perfectly every time. You must also be adding weight progressively to the bar but this progression can be was slow as you like.

However to perform perfect technique and for your body to accept load you must have developed balance between all of the muscles in your body. Think of developing strength in the squat as a stool with three legs. Technique, load and muscular balance. Without any of legs eventually the stool will topple over (and so will you, literally)

So to help you I have developed a workout planner that will give you a really good guide to the types of exercises you could select to develop muscular balance.

It's the foundations of all the workouts we put together for our girls.  Click the link below, enter your details and we'll send it right out.

Bret Contreras

"I have the good privilege of knowing Hattie Boydle as a colleague, lifting partner, and friend."

"As a colleague, I can attest that Hattie is driven to learn the best possible strategies for her clients and followers. She loves learning new material and is never content with her knowledge and understanding of the world. Her work ethic is admirable and she cares deeply for the people who put their trust in her to help them improve their posing, physiques, and well-being. We put on seminars together and the energy and commitment she has for the attendees are second to none; it’s a pleasure watching her perform."

"As a lifting partner, Hattie is consistent, accountable, and motivating. Simply watching her train is a beautiful thing as she approaches lifting like an art form. She hones her skills and pays close attention to mechanics, program design, and physiology. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who trains as hard as Hattie and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve worked with 2,000+ clients in my 22 year personal training career."

"As a friend, Hattie has helped me be the best I can be. She pushes me to find true happiness by encouraging me to relax, improve my business strategies, consider different avenues, and make good long term decisions."

"Hattie is the real deal and I vouch for her character and expertise."

Bret Contreras

PhD, CSCS., The Glute Guy

Dr Tony Boutagy

"Hattie Boydle is a true champion. A champion elite athlete, a champion coach and a champion mentor."

"In over two decades of coaching, Hattie is - by far - the hardest working, the singularly focused and the most meticulously dedicated athlete I have ever seen"

"Her commitment, education and care for her own athletes is the true model of excellence and her holistic approach to training, lifestyle and nutrition is at the pinnacle of the industry, and the results clearly speak for themselves."

Dr. Tony Boutagy

Strength Coach Sports Scientist, Boutagy Fitness Institute

After Reflection? New Values, New Drive.

I really hope your break and your holidays were amazing!

It was my birthday last week and we just had Australia Day here in Sydney.

So now I'm back at full speed, training and writing and coaching and thinking.

Reflection is a really powerful tool and this last few months have been a challenge for me! But as always, challenges make you go back to drawing board, make you think they make you refine your beliefs and your methods.

Last year I really started to think about the principles I have learned, live by and teach all my girls The Sports Model Project.

Seeing as it's the start of the year, I thought we could begin with a bang.

These values were written as a creed to be said and repeated.

It's a statement of what women like us do,
of how we live and what we are always working to be.
It's also a powerful reminder of who we are when we need to refocus and redirect our energy.

It's Time, Live Your S
pirit, Be Your Vision.

1: Be the hardest worker in the room:

I will work harder than every other person who is in any room with me. I recognise that often the hardest work is knowing when to rest or be playful.

2: I Promise To Fail:

Quickly, often, hard, forward and most importantly with good grace.

Another word for that is practice.

Every attempt is practice for the next one. Every single rep, set, meditation, show, interview, trial and error makes me better.

I have a practice mindset.

I will not get high or low on results.

I will measure my success on how well I follow my process or do the things that I actually want to do in this life. Another word for doing the things you want in this life is discipline.

Even then, every time I don’t quite live up to my standard is just another practice at me developing discipline.

This is the route to mastery.

3: Radical responsibility:

I am wholly responsible for my feelings, for my actions, my words and the thoughts I choose to keep.

I am responsible for observing those feelings, thoughts, words and actions

4: Radical self-acceptance:

I am working to accept absolutely everything about my life and be aware of what is going on in my mind or body in any moment.

This is an inner process of accepting my actual, present moment experience and does not include putting up with harmful behaviour from others or most importantly myself.

5: Radical Resourcefulness: 

I can overcome my challenges!

I look to solve my challenges before I ask for help.
I ask for help as soon as I need it

If I don’t have them already I can develop the resources to overcome my challenges.

It is my responsibility to find the answer to my challenges or the tools I need to overcome them.

I will communicate my challenges clearly while simultaneously solving them myself.

I will ask for the maximum amount of help I need to overcome these challenges.

6: Radical self-growth:

I am committed to my ongoing and never ending growth.

I am committed to fully experiencing my feelings.
Especially the painful ones

Once experienced I am fully capable of letting these feelings go.

I am committed to observing my thoughts, words and actions and my reactions to them without judgment or needing to “do” anything.

I am wholeheartedly determined to work on them and to love the person I am right now in this moment.

7: Radical Community:

I am committed to the ongoing growth of the other women in The Sports Model Project and I will help them understand, embody and live out the principles of The Sports Model Project.

I will go out and live these principles in my family, work, gym, friend and social environment and I am committed to helping people live these principles out there too.

8: Radical Leadership:

I am a bright shining light!

As I let my light shine brighter I give space for others to do the same.

I will lead by doing.
I will tell by showing.
I will talk by listening.
I will make things easy by working hard.

I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-compassion.
I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-love.

I am inspiring others to do the same.

This is how we live.
This is who we are.

Are YOU one of us?

You can apply to join our team here. 

Love and Light Hattie

That link again


Stuck In Reverse? (Hint: It's Time To Change Gears)

It’s crazy how often we call girls up who tell us:

“More than anything I want to feel confident in my body."

I want to be strong enough to win a powerlifting show and lean enough to get onstage.

I want to radiate joy and happiness at the same time and nourish my body with food I like and thoughts that I chose for myself.”

And yet they aren’t prepared to make any changes to do it.

Oh, they are prepared to tell us all the reasons (excuses)
that they have been telling themselves that they CAN’T do it.

After all, telling themselves excuses is the exact thing they have been practicing and now they are really good at it.

"My boyfriend/husband/lover won’t let me, he makes my decisions for me."

"I’m too busy at work."
(You always will be, work is not going away in the future)

"I’m not sure you can help me, I need more information"
(I’m a world champion who coaches WBFF Pro’s, women in the cover of magazines, the awe inspiring Wendy day who is in her 50’s got super lean and crushed it on stage)

"I don’t have any money."
(But I haven’t sold any of the useless crap I don’t want or stopped drinking booze and eating out every week which are the opposites of what I want)

You get the idea.

In fact if any of those excuses are your “reasons” I want to assure you of two things.

They are bullshit and they are stopping you from getting what you want.
You will be called to account if you ever serve those excuses up to me or my team.
We do not swallow bullshit.
But we will coach you how to get past it.

We will guide you up the steep mountain, to the top of your game, to the top of this industry.

It will be you on stage, having your name called out.
It will be you in the gym being admired for how you live your life and what you do.
It will be you who leads your family and inspires your kids.

It will be your business that grows.

It will you who can look in the mirror and hear nothing but self-love and confidence.

But you won’t change by staying the same.

You will have to invest your focus, your time and your money.

That’s how ok becomes good and good becomes great and great becomes world class.

My team is nearly full (again) we have twelve spots left.

Click this link to apply for The Sports Model Project

Be prepared because when we call, you will be challenged
and if you are ready to (finally) do something we will take you from where you are now to where you really want to be.

Up here on the top of the mountain with all of my girls and I.

Ready to climb out of that valley and ascend to the top?

Click on the image below and apply

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

The World Doesn't Need More Mediocrity

The greatest currency we have is how we make others feel.

What mark are you leaving in this world?

You are doing the world a dis-service by not showing up and doing the things you said you would do, not shining to your true potential.

The world doesn’t need more mediocrity.

It needs more leaders.
More explorers,
More greatness
More inspiration.

The world needs you
The world needs you to show up in-spirit,
because when you shine you give others permission to shine too

What are YOU doing to contribute to the world and to others?

Develop a skill set that not only takes you to greater heights,
but can teach others to do the same.

It's time, live your spirit, be your vision.

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

Apply to join my team by clicking on the image below.

Getting Back On Track

Have you had a good break?

I’ve enjoyed my first real break since I went travelling five years ago.

I went to the gym three time in two weeks and haven’t paid much attention to what I have eaten. I have stayed up late and slept in too.

Most importantly I haven’t been beating myself up but I’m definitely ready to re-assert my discipline and routine. I probably feel like two weeks is a little bit too long to be out of rhythm but I’m excited to start re-asserting my habits and routine.

How are you feeling?
Did you give yourself a mental break?

The girls I coach are split into three groups right now.

One third had their best Christmas ever, they still tracked what they ate and managed to keep going to the gym without feeling over burdened or that they were compelled to do so because of guilt.

The next third took the last few weeks off because they are in a great place mentally and decided they wanted a break from structure, routine and discipline.

The last third are wrestling with where they are at. They didn’t stick to their plan but they also feel guilty about it AND are anxious that they won’t recover and that the extra kilo and a few centimetres has ruined EVERYTHING.

And that’s cool too because there was a time that I would have felt the same.
But now I have learned HOW to get back on track and renew my commitment to myself, my goals and a sense of balance. With this chance to practice my girls will too.

What are you feeling right now?

Are you in balance emotionally or has all or nothing thinking for you feeling guilty or anxious?

It’s hard but the key here is to focus on what you can control not the things that you can’t control.

You can’t control the past,
you ate what you ate
and you didn’t do the training you didn’t do.

You can’t control the future,
you can’t decide what will happens
and you can’t control your “results”

What you can control is

The thoughts you focus on
The words you speak
The actions you take.

Even more simply it’s worth focusing on two actions that you can take every day for the for the next two weeks.

Then just nail those two actions.

If your unsuccessful sit down and work out
what you did well,
what you didn’t do well
and then how you can get better (make a plan).

Then spend the following two weeks nailing those two things.

If you are successful try adding two more actions in a fortnight time and repeat the process.

It doesn’t matter if you are successful or not, what matters is that you are trying to get better every week and practicing living the way that you choose but taking control again.

We spend allot of time in The Sports Model Project learning how to balance our goals, being playful, having a life and being disciplined.

My program is only for women who are ready to do the work,
be resourceful and transform their habits, their body and their mind.

You can start the New Year right and apply for my team here.

Love and light,
Hattie xoxo

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