You Don’t Need A Title To Tell You That You’ve Turned Pro

There’s no federation that can decide it or coach who can give it to you.

I can’t give it to you.

Turning pro is a decision that YOU have to make

Turning pro is free, it just requires that you sacrifice.

Turning pro is not for everyone, we are all tested and it hurts.

It hurt me.

But it also made me, as i learned how to remake myself.and...

The best version of you, all the change you want to be, is on the other side of turning pro.

Your body will change, your habits will change, your thoughts will change,you will sleep differently.

Your relationship to time, your food, your body, your friends, family and lovers will change.

In fact “You” will not survive because you will be transformed spiritually, emotionally psychologically.

Like I said,turning pro is not for everybody.

When you turn pro you will find your inner power.

You will find your voice.

You will be in communion every day with the parts of you which are unbreakable and eternal.

You will care for the parts of you which are soft and vulnerable.

You will nurture the parts of you which create and grow.

You will finally embrace the “You” that you have been waiting to be.

You will become life.

So you don’t need a federation or a coach or me to tell you.You just need to decide.

Amateur or Pro?

If every part of you screamed it out....

I’d love help.

I coach women from all over the world who have decided to turn pro.

In their training, their diet, their mindset, their relationships and their business.

Click this link to book a call with my team.

If I can help you and you are a good fit for our community, we’ll be talking on the next week.

The links in my bio, now is the time to click it.

Love and Light,

Hattie xoxo

This post was inspired by you and all of my girls and the amazing book "Turning Pro" by Steven Pressfield.

It is a must read for any one trying to do anything worth something.

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Click this link to see Turning Pro.

How to Achieve Excellence in Any Area of Your Life

I haven’t always have a good relationship with food.
I haven’t always had a good relationship with my body.
I haven’t always had a good relationship with myself.

Life comes with many lessons and many teachers.
I had to go through these lessons to learn what I needed so that I could develop a good relationship with myself.
I didn’t do this on my own.

When I wanted to heal from my eating disorder because I realised it wasn’t a way to live i sought help through specialists.
When I wanted to develop skills around nutrition, to see it as neutral and not good or bad, but a system to support me and the demand of my training needs, to help me feel energetic, to recover and to enjoy i sought out the best educators.
When I wanted to take my training to the next level and see what my body could do I got a coaches who were the best in their field.

When I wanted to become I world champion, I learnt to develop the skills and tools to create a champion mindset.
When I wanted to heal from trauma and learn about my nervous system and how I could create my own internal resources I reached out to a neuroscientist.

Now I have a tool belt full of tools that I choose from to continue to take me to the next level.
Ones that I teach my girls of the SMP
Because they too are on a journey of transformation.

It’s something I can teach you too.
It’s not easy, it’s hard and it’s not cheap and it takes longer than most of the things your have tried.
It’s just everything that I have learned in a community of resourceful women who are powerfully supporting one another.

You can join my team by application only.

Use this link to book a call with my team:

What Do You Do, When Your Motivation Fails (and it always fails)?

Motivation is not the reason you are successful.

It might be the reason why you started, why you reached out, asked for help and created a process.. but it is not the reason you cross the finish line.

Discipline on the other hand is.

Discipline is just doing the things you said you would do, even when you didn’t feel like doing it.

It is what gets you up in the morning, preps your food, hits your macros and gets you to the gym.

We don’t rise to the level of our challenges we fall to the level of our practice.

What are you practicing everyday?

How do you practice discipline?

Discipline is the beast, but also the most beautiful act of self love and can birth the wave of motivation.

Strike while that energy is hot!

Start the best practice you can.

Ride the wave of motivation, let it begin you on the path of where you want to go, and when that wave dies down let discipline swim you to the shore ❤

When Motivation Fails Discipline Prevails!

I teach a process of transformation and personal mastery, it’s called The Sports Model Project you can apply for my team by using this link.

Why I Don’t Like “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck” And Why I Think You Should Read “Grit”

Recently, I read two different books that had been recommended to me. I bought two books at the same time.

The first one was The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F#ck which everyone raved about. And the second one was called Grit.

So I decided to read the Subtle Art of Not Giving A F#ck first because I'd heard such good things about it and I just started reading that one first and I found it really quite hard to read.

I started to realise that the reason it was difficult to read was because the message that it was sending, as the title says, was about not giving a f#ck. The book is literally for people who don't want to give a f#ck.

This was probably about the point that I stopped reading the book as I didn't agree with what that message - at all. It's literally the opposite of what I teach and stand for.

The overall message was that not everyone has greatness in them. Not everyone can do amazing things and that's okay. It's okay if your few don't achieve high. It's okay if you don't have a great physique. It's okay if you don't go out and try and be successful because the truth is that not everyone can do that. In a way I can see how that would apply to many people - but in my opinion it's not an empowering or inspiring way to live.

My immediate thought was that actually that it's for people that want to hear that message and that message are generally the type of people that want to excuse their behavior for not achieving or they tend to be the people that are always giving excuses for why they haven't done something.

Unsurprisingly, that's not a message that I stand behind. I thought this doesn't resonate with me at all. That's not the message that I send and it's definitely not the message that I believe in.

It's definitely not what I've taught myself. So I stopped reading that book and I started reading Grit by Angela Duckworth. It is the complete opposite that actually within the first chapter it talks about actually excellence and greatness as simply an accumulation of mundane activities done every single day over an extended period of time.

She explains that anyone, whether you have no talent, some talent or amazing talent can still achieve excellence. That you can build foundations and skills. That you can achieve if you're willing to put in the work.

What separates people with talent from people without talent but are still successful is one key factor: Grit.

Grit is what drives the passion, resilience, resourcefulness, drive and the mindset that says no matter how hard something is they want to achieve it and they do it.

So, for people with grit, every time they "failed" they fell forward they keep failing failing failing failing every time they fail they get that little bit better.
They get a little bit smarter.
They get that little bit stronger.
They get a bit faster.

Immediately I could get behind this idea. This was exactly like what I am always preaching. To me, this is like yes this is what I believe in. Have this book on my bedside table right now.

The book talks about studies over seven years of swimmers where he could see people come in with talent compared to swimmers with less talent - to see what it was that kept them in the game for so long and also what kept them excelling.

It was the fact that they showed up every day to practice seven days a week and they practiced over and over again. So having that practice mindset and a focus on training, eventually they got better (surprise surprise).

They looked at how we tend to see people that have an amazing physique or can do things really well. We're often like "oh my god how do they do that". We don't even think about well how much effort and time do they put in. It's always like there is this magician this magical creature that is just amazing and everything but it's not how it works at all.

It's the fact that they put in hard work every single day and that is the challenge people with talent come across. They tend to stop at their limitation because they've got the talent they're never really worked that hard.

Then you've got people that are hard workers but don't have much talent but they're willing to learn and they're the ones that keep pushing and pushing. They are the ones that tend to overtake the talented ones in the long term.

So yes you can have talent and I say this to all of you girls you know even when you have potential and talent - it still requires hard work. You know we all have potential to do amazing things and some people have more potential than others but potential is useless if it's not harnessed, trained and exercised.

If it's not worked on, if it's not improved on, if there is no effort. When effort is applied consistency and with purpose, you get results mentally, physically and in all areas of your life.

So I highly recommend that you do read the book Grit.

It really speaks my language and actually a lot of the books that you read will reflect your mindset back to you, both in the positive and negative. I'm so glad I stopped reading a book that didn't reflect my attitudes and values and was able to find something that spoke to me and showed me even more of the science behind what I already know to be true.

Because ultimately I'm definitely here for the girls who believe anything can be achieved if you're willing to do the work.

Because it's the hard work that's going to deliver the results.
It's the hard work that is going to build your confidence and self-esteem.
It's the hard work that is an inspiration to those around you.

If you'd like to join my army and get started on the work of your transformation and building out your journey, apply to join us by clicking on the image below.


There Is A Process To Happiness. Do You Have One?

When do you feel most happy?

Last year I came second in WBFF Worlds.
It wasn't the result that I had set out to achieve but I was overwhelmed with happiness

In previous competitions I haven't felt as happy or as fulfilled as this year, including when I won the world tittle and came first.

So what makes me happy?

When I reflect on the times I am most happy it's when I am following a process or have created a set of rituals that are allowing me to grow and create progress in some area of my life whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual.

My rituals - journaling and meditation are also my anchors.

They pull me back in line and help me keep a clear direction of where I want to go whenever distractions set in or I am feeling a little lost.

Do you have anchors?
What pulls you back tot the centre when you're lost?

It is hard to use “happiness” as a goal itself.

Almost any goal you ever hit has a process.
Within that process there is daily rituals.
Those two things brings you reward and rewards bring happiness.

This is what I teach all of the girls in The Sports Model Project.

The process required for success, the process that gets them on the front cover of magazines, winning pro-cards and getting in amazing conditions is the same process that builds their confidence and self worth.
They learn how to anchor themselves and create success and happiness.

You can learn my process and get these results too.
Apply to join my team here.

Thanks for your support and love, I feel really fortunate to be it's recipient.

Light and loving kindness,
Hattie xoxo

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I’ve Gone From Being A Monkey To A Master

My old values were about the way I looked.

In fact everything was about the way I looked. Sure, I still care but the way I look is not at the top in the order of values I have.

Loving myself, helping other people, athletic performance, my business and my success are all of much higher value to me.

Putting energy into those other places makes the outside look better anyway.

Going on the deep internal journey has completely changed the outside in a much more profound way than focusing on the monkey mind that told me I wasn’t good enough. The endless chatter that made me train too much and not eat enough.

So what drives me now?

Personal growth mental and spiritual growth. I’m the arbitrator of that, I know when I’m not stepping into my greatness

To grow there has to be a challenge

How do I know which challenge to take on?

The one that scares me the most.

You will not be happy if you listen to the outside world, you will be ruled by their demands, what they think you should do. That’s not how you get what YOU want.

Listen to you and do what feels like the biggest stretch, the big scary challenge,

You don’t have to have the answers or be the finished product right now.

I know I wasn’t.
I built this mindset, I wasn’t born with it.

Like you I started out not feeling great about the way I looked.

I didn’t start with confidence I started with self-doubt, a burning desire to get better and the drive to be the hardest worker in the room.

I went and learned what I didn’t know from the best coaches in the world and implemented what they taught me harder than anybody else.

I built my mindset with repetition of hard work, journalling, meditation and reminding myself when it's time to be feminine and when it's time to be playful.

These methods taught me mastery of myself. (Yep, I still have off days too, I just have the tools to keep thriving)

Then I built a community of women to support one another and help lead each other on the same journey.

My girls get in amazing shape.

They win fitness shows, win their pro-cards and end up on the cover of Oxygen magazine.

These are the wins we are supposed to be happy about right?

Well I love fitness shows and I'm so passionate about my girls winning.


The things that really excite me are the personal triumphs.

They are loving of themselves and others, they are confident, they are resourceful and they are playful.

It's Cat designing her dream job, living by the barrier reef, building and living her dream life
(and winning her pro-card!!!)

It’s Wendy becoming happy with herself and entering a fitness show at an age somewhere north of 50. (This women is so amazing, so full of energy)

It’s Sharry finding herself, becoming less anxious and building an amazing business.

It’s my girls loving each other, caring for one another, showing up at each others shows.

It’s Sarah playing stage mum for Rosie just because they are SMP team mates even though the girls they had never met in person.

You can be a part of this.
You can take my journey and the journey of my girls.

But there a few conditions

You must be prepared to work hard.
You must be coachable
You must be resourceful and take responsibility for your own success.

We will teach you how to transform your body from the inside out.
Right thoughts, right words, right actions.

Go from being a monkey to being a master.

Have the body, the mind and the life you truly want.

You can apply to join my team here.

Light and loving kindness,
Hattie xoxo

That link again. (Click on the image below.)

How To Eat And Feel Satisfied Even When Your Dieting

Something I want to share with you is a tool I have used over the many years I have spent working on myself when it comes to my macros and putting together SATIATING meals whilst dieting.

Just like I ask you to journal your emotions and experiences, it’s really important that you start to take notes on how you FEEL with your current macro intake.

Your ratio of protein/ fat / carb intake daily and also your meals. It is important that when you structure your food, you really think about what you are trying to achieve.

An emphasis must be around training and I highly recommend having fibrous vegetables at all meals. In fact this should take up half your plate.

Protein and fibre are the most satiating macros which need to be prioritised.

Then, when it comes to fat and carbohydrates
Everyone is different-
Some people work really well with high carbohydrates (me)
Some people work well with low carb higher fat.
- body fat % and muscle mass also played a huge role in this.

You will see that as you get leaner I give you more carbohydrates.
After each meal - rate your
1: satiety
2: energy
3: how long it keeps you full.

Make sure you drink water consistently throughout the day.

If there is something I have really implemented a lot lately it’s slowing down when eating.

For anyone with digestive issues-
Purée your veggies and drink vegetable soups in small by consistent doses.
It is a lot easier on your digestive system and will allow you to break Down the nutrients better without leaving
you bloated.

Mix up your veggies. It’s what you miss out on when you pinhole your nutrients that’s the issue.

There are numerous ways to calculate macros and that will always give a set point - however your metabolism is really great at adjusting to what you give it, which is why it is important to always give yourself and me feedback on:


These are all signs from your metabolism.
If all of these are being disrupted something needs to change.

If you'd like a place to start when it comes to your food, check out my ultimate macro plan. It's where all of my SMP girls started out and is a great place to start if you're unsure what you should be eating. In most cases, you're not eating ENOUGH.

Check it out by clicking the banner below.

Is That Fear A Stop Sign Or Is It A Sign Post To Greatness?

What path do you take when a challenge scares you?
Is it the path of least resistance?

Do you quit, or not start, or wait till later?

Or, do you recognise your resistance and push on anyway?

So often women tell me

“I’m scared, that’s why I haven’t started yet.”

“I’m scared, so I’m going to quit”

or even
“I’m scared, so I’m going to wait till later when I’m not scared any more”

Only one problem.

The treasure is always guarded by a dragon and you have to pass directly through the dragon to get the gold.

If you want to win the show you have pass directly through fear to get on stage and win the medal.

If you want to succeed, make money, find love, grow, become an expert, be admired, be followed, become an inspiration, get stronger you have to pass through fear because if you're not scared, it’s probably not worth doing.

The resistances you feel, all the “reasons” you can’t are fears and
they are all a guide to push into this new, scary space.

Let’s be straight.

This"fear" isn’t you trying to work out whether to approach a bear in a forest or a lion on the plains.

This is about you doing this thing you really want to do (finally),

this thing that your spirit has been calling on you to start doing.

"So are you saying that I shouldn't listen to my intuition? "

No way!

Listen to your intuition if it's telling you that walking down a dark street is dangerous or that you shouldn’t get into that car, or that guy is bad news,
listen when it tells you to avoid the bear.

But intuition will keep you safe with actions not by doing nothing.

So If your intuition is telling you to procrastinate to put off your great work till later, that now isn’t the time to do what you truely want, It’s not intuition talking to you, it’s your fear.

And fear is a sign.
Your resistance is a cue to take action

"I'm scared, so I'm going to try harder, now would be the worst time to quit"

"This challenge scares me, It's a sign I have found a worthy opponent"

"I have been thinking about doing this for ages, my resistance is a sign I need to get started"

All of the girls in The Sports Model Project had fears before they started.

They worried that they weren't good enough
that they had bad genetics
or that they were too old
or that they hadn't won a show yet
or that they didn't know how to track macros.

Some of them had been resisting for ages, some had been resisting for years. (Literally years)

One of the reasons I'm so proud if them and one of the big reasons they are so successful is that they had to pass directly though fear to get here.

Is it your turn to pass through fear to get the gold?
Is it time for the path of great resistance?
Is your fear actually your signpost?

Is it your time to shine?

Click this link to apply for my team.

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

Caterina Resisted Fear And Ended Up On The Cover Of This Months Oxygen Magazine, A WBFF Pro And Working Her Dream Job Living Next The Ocean.

That link again:

Top 10 Rules For Nutrition

Nutrition is made complicated by the volume of information that is thrown at you.

It's really hard to work out what to do. You're not alone even fitness professionals, trainers and coaches get confused and frustrated too. 

Here are some simple places to start.
1. Take a step back from fads.

Current fads are low-carb, ketogenic diets, fasting, paleo, vegetarian, “detox”. All these diets and tactics require pretty difficult, unreasonable and in most cases unnecessary changes that won’t help you with your actual goal. 

2. Ask yourself “What am I doing this for?”

“Body composition, religious beliefs, ethical beliefs or because of a nagging fear that I am unhealthy? Or just because I saw it in a magazine or on Instagram.” 

In general, the media has to keep promoting new things otherwise they run out of content and they stop selling publications, that doesn’t mean you should do all or even any of the diets they write about.

3. Ask yourself “What do I enjoy?”

Then make sure you're eating it inside your plan!
It feels good to deny ourselves everything but it is really unnecessary for most goals. 

4. Start with what you can add.

Yes, that includes when you go to compete. You will get way less hungry if you’re eating nutrient and fiber dense foods so adding veggies is a great start.

5. Keep a food diary. 

This is the number one intervention. Keep a food diary and start paying attention to what you actually eat. For most of the girls, I meet they are drastically under-eating.

6. Calculate your baseline.

Human metabolism its understood really well. Use an online calculator to get an estimate on your current baseline. You can download my Ultimate Macro Plan here. Or get a DEXA scan to work out where you are now

7. Consistently eat that amount of food.

Track what happens to your body, change the amount of food you eat depending on your results and goals.

8. Get some help.

Do this with your partner, enlist your girlfriends or get some coaching. Work with a coach or nutritionist who has experience with the goals you have and helps you with changing your behavior and is not only focused on her method or a particular strategy. 

9. Monitor your thoughts.

We can very quickly turn nutrition into a form of punishment. 
We can attempt to solve our negative self-talk by denying ourselves food or eating a whole heap of it. It is better to use techniques for thoughts rather than food as a method to deal with those thoughts. Start to a journal, begin a meditation practice or look to understand where your thoughts come from instead. Get some help with that from a professional if you're ready.

10. Pay attention. 

Food is one of the great pleasures in life. Pay attention to it. Take the time to observe it and taste what your eating. Maybe give thanks for the bounty that you receive every day. It’s the fuel for our lives. Have you ever said

“She has great energy!” 

Well, that energy literally came from what she ate. 

When we deny ourselves food, we starve ourselves of energy and we don’t get to be THAT GIRL, the bright shining version of ourselves.

As you shine you give permission for others too. 
You can be the one who teaches your girlfriends and nieces and your daughters to examine their thoughts and nourish their bodies with food. 

In fact, this is embedded in one of the most important concepts I teach in the sports model project the principle of Radical Leadership

“As I let my light shine brighter I give space for others to do the same.” 
I will lead by doing. 
I will tell by showing. 
I will talk by listening. 
I will make things easy by working hard. 
I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-compassion. 
I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-love." 

"I am inspiring others to do the same."

I have a team of bright shining lights.
It's not for everybody because we are the hardest workers in the room.

It's called The Sports Model Project.

Entry is via application and a discovery call with WBFF Pro Caterina Ruberto. If you're a good fit, Caterina will offer you a spot in my team. If not no hard feelings. Cat will push you, she will discover what needs work and then she will instruct you how to take action.

You can apply to join by clicking this link.

Love and gratitude
Hattie xoxo

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