This is why things keep getting in the way

Most days it seems like one or two things that “GET in the way.”

Or do they? 

That’s what I used to think!

It’s more than 

1) choice, 
2) willpower 
3) or trust in the process.

It’s updating how I go about my week.

How I go about my days and hours determines how I show up to my goals.

Let’s be real -

We have emotional and overwhelming situations on the daily.

It may be a call from daycare…
It may be a family member overseas…

Yet not showing up to your “schedule“ or modifying it

So that you can still show up to the things you want to do…

Will not change the situations life hands to you.
It’s one of the values we live by in the Sports Model Project:

Radical self-leadership.

“I am a bright shining light!

“As I let my light shine brighter I give space for others to do the same.

“I will lead by doing.
“I will tell by showing.
“I will talk by listening.
“I will make things easy by working hard.
“I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-compassion.
“I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-love.

“I am inspiring others to do the same.

The Sports Model Project is a community of high-performing, resourceful women powerfully supporting one another.

It’s your place to shine.

It’s your safe place to be encouraged and loved…

Where you can be excellent with other women who are striving for excellence, too.

Would you like to be part of that?
Would you like to step into taking control of your destiny?

Click here to apply.

Love and light,
Sports Model Project Team

You’re not lost, you just lost your habit

It’s a strange thing to walk into a gym and feel uncomfortable 
when you’ve been training for a long time..

You might have these questions in your head -

Why do I feel anxious about the gym?
Why do I feel lost?
Why do I feel unmotivated?
I used to be able to smash this, why is it so hard right now?

At SMP, we’ve all gone through very similar experiences recently. 

Nick grappled with not being able to train the way he was used to with elite football.
Hattie is grappling with injuries that stop her from training the way she’d like to.
Cat has grappled with finding consistency in a busy travel schedule.

When training hard, 
lifting heavy weights 
And being consistent is a part of who you are…

And you’re not doing those things…

Of course it feels like you’ve lost a part of yourself.
Of course you feel that you’re not who you were.

But the good thing about habits is you can make a choice to pick them back up.

Not just every new day,
But every moment.

Like right now.

Shake off the COVID cobwebs and put a simple framework in place:


#1: Plan your workout.

So you can train with purpose, clarity and direction. And then…

#2: Prepare yourself and your environment.

So you can train with enthusiasm, devotion, and flow.

#3: Practice training without expectation…

And with curiosity about the current you, intention, focus and enthusiasm. Which also allows you to…

#4: Reflect.

How do you feel now? Did this process serve you well?
Did it get you closer to somewhere or someone you’d like to be?

Do you feel more you?

That’s what we help you do at SMP.

It takes a village to raise a child. 
But it also takes a village to help a woman raise herself.

All the great ones have a coach and work in a team that helps them.

Serena Williams has Venus Williams.
Simone Biles has Jordan Chiles.

Stoically going it alone is a hand brake on your greatness.

Would you like some help?

Click here and chat with our team.

One of our team will give you a call and find out exactly what your vision is for yourself and what's holding you back from YOUR greatness.

Love and light,
SMP Coaching Team

Strength Training Is A Deeper Pursuit Than You Think

When girls comes to SMP, they often say -

“I want to get really strong!”

And on the surface, what they mean is -

I want to lift heavy things…
And get progressively better…
At lifting heavier and heavier things.

And you know what?

This is a noble pursuit. 

To devote yourself to a process of becoming better in any area of life, including becoming physically stronger, is a beautiful gift to give yourself.

But it’s not the only strength you need to focus on building.

In fact - 

If you want to be truly strong, there are many layers to achieving this.

Strength is lifting heavy weights.
And strength is also having the courage to say the truth. 

Strength is training hard in the gym.
And strength is also having the courage to accept yourself, as you are.

Strength can come from external forces, like weights.
And strength can come from within, like facing challenges and overcoming them.

Strength isn’t just about being a tough person.

Strength can also be 
Holding space for yourself,
And for others
In vulnerability.

Becoming truly strong is what this journey called life is really about.

Becoming truly strong,
In every way you possibly can.

That includes weight training, yes.

But it also includes adherence to your nutrition.

And managing your mindset and nervous system when times are difficult.

Think of it like a practice, just like heading to the gym. 

It takes time, effort and courage. 
But it’s worth it. 

Are you ready to become truly strong?
On every level possible?


SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room.

And SMP is only for those committed to becoming truly strong.

To join via application:

Click here and chat with one of our team.

If you are a good fit, you will be talking to our team of expert coaches next week.

Love and light,
The SMP Coaching Team

How to get an honest opinion on your life

As a woman, everyone has an opinion about how you should live.

If you “work too much”, you’re not a good mum.
If you create space in your day to NOT be a mum (aka to take care of yourself), you’re not a good mum.

It’s frustrating (and don’t you know it).

But what if your opinion was the one that counted the most?

What if there was a way to do the things that are really important to you -

Like train,
Like eat really well,
Like take care of your mental health,

And do it all without feeling guilty about it?

Here’s a secret -

No one can make you feel anything.

You have the power to make your own decisions about how you live your life, what kind of mum you want to be and how you feel about those actions is your choice.

Not anyone else’s.

So be your own light. 
Take care of you.
Be a better mum, a better partner, by putting yourself first.

Of course. It’s not easy.

If just saying things was all it took to make them a reality, 
everyone would look like Hattie and have a million dollars in the bank.

The juggle is real.

Our clients at SMP who are super-mums like you definitely understand.

The juggle doesn’t get any less, but you can get better. 

When you have a process to follow -

You get more educated.
You get more support.
You get stronger.
You get more results.


Well, it takes a village to raise a family.

So too with strong women. 

It takes a village to back them so they can rise up on their own two feet.

And that’s what we do at SMP.


We have a specialist team of coaches working with you.
We have a process for you to follow.
And you are going to be in a community of resourceful, powerful women

Who are all committed to each others' ongoing and never-ending growth.

Is it your time finally?

Live your spirit,
Be your vision.

Click here and book a life-changing call with our team.

On the other side, you will have the support and love and care from a team of dedicated coaches...

...who will work around the clock with you so you can focus on your life-long transformation.

Love and light,
SMP Coaching Team

Mental, physical and spiritual strength: How SMP’s Liv became truly strong

Women of different goals, different starting points, different levels of skills and knowledge and experience come to SMP believing:

All they needed was a training program that would help them get to the level of physique they want, which for years had never happened to them despite years of hard work.

So they joined.

And showed up in calls.

And followed the process.

And ended up learning more and achieving more.

The best part?

Not only around training and nutrition,
But also in themselves,
And in life.


Here’s an answer from our SMP Client, @livkyin:

Why did you join SMP?

I wanted to take my training to the next level.
I also wanted to work with one of the best coaches in the world.

What was your initial goal when you joined?

I wanted to become the strongest version of myself.
I also remember I said on my initial call with Hattie that my goal was to grow my quads as big as her’s. Haha     

What has been your biggest learning curve?

I’ve learned that the work done internally plays a huge role on the external; mentally and physically.
I joined SMP with the idea that I was only here to learn how to train harder, smarter and get physically stronger (which I did). But my journey has become much more than that.

What’s been your greatest achievement?

Creating a better mindset for myself - learning that slower is faster.
Spending the last year and a half getting to know, understand and start to love all of the parts of myself.

And of course my
150kg Sumo Deadlift which was a long term goal!

Right now, Liv is living in the best shape of her life, and at the same time, helping others do the same too.

Are you ready to become truly strong?
On every level possible?


SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room.

To join via application:

Click here and chat with one of our team.

If you are a good fit, you will be talking to our team of expert coaches next week.

Love and light,
The SMP Coaching Team

You probably need to eat more food

Most are surprised to know that 50% of our clients, when they entered into SMP, were undereating. 

They train hard 
5x a week.

But they were eating well under what their body needed.

So how do you get past being someone who just trains hard and eats the bare minimum?
How do you get past worrying about everything that you eat?

First, your training and nutrition should match

Think of muscle development as being like a cup.

How hard you train determines how big your cup is.

And your nutrition needs to match that cup.

So as you train harder, you should definitely eat more.
(1200-1400 cal won’t cut it)

But of course, you also want to make sure you are filling your cup with the best quality nutrition that you can.

Second, it’s important to track what you’re actually eating.

Here is some interesting data we have gathered at SMP recently.

We found out that:

57% of the girls who come to us are not tracking calories.
62% are not tracking macros.

This means more than half are not even aware of what they are eating 
and how much they are eating.

It’s no wonder that they’re struggling to hit their goals.
Remember: tracking isn’t just about what you can’t eat because 
50% of our clients were under eating.

So those clients used tracking to ensure they were eating the right amount!

So what about you?
Is your body getting the right amount of fuel?

All those hyper-restrictive diets that tell you to categorise food
being bad or good and cut out any food groups.

It’s just not sustainable long term, through the eyes of mastery.

That is why in SMP, we teach our clients how to be flexible with their food.

They learn to allow soul foods into their meal plans 
and not feel guilty about eating their fave food once in a while.

So they are able to enjoy high-performance training constantly
and see incredible changes in their physique.

Would you like some help with that too?

Click here and chat with our team.

On the other side? You will have the support from our team of expert coaches.

Love and light,
SMP Coaching Team

Nutrition Myths that Kill Your Results

We see a lot of myths floating around about nutrition.

Here are a few of those myths:

  1. You gotta eat “clean” to get lean.

    Should you be eating great quality food? Sure. Do you have to eat 100% clean to get lean? No, and you shouldn’t aim for this attitude anyway because then certain foods become “cheating”. That’s not a healthy way to view your nutrition.
  1. #IIFYM aka “You can eat whatever you want as long as you hit your macros.”

    Not really. If you don’t pay attention to the quality of the food you’re eating and only focus on hitting your macros, you’ll miss out on certain vitamins and minerals your body needs and even feel fatigued.
  1. You can eat low calories for a long period of time.

    When you can get the same results and enjoy the food you eat at the same time, why would you limit yourself to low calories? This myth just doesn’t make sense.
  1. Losing weight is as simple as energy in = energy out

    Or calories in = calories out.

    But calories aren’t the full story.

    Macros also form a big part of the picture.
  1. Carbs are the enemy.

    Nope. There is no such thing as good food or bad food.
  1. “A” supplement will super-charge your results.

    Supplements can’t do for you what you’re not doing with your nutrition and training. Hence why they’re called supplements - they’re meant to be added to a good baseline of habits.

And the list goes on and on…

All these myths are dangerous to your progress when you look at things through the lens of mastery.

Are you ready to drop the myths and misinformation you see in your feed every day for a process of transformation and personal mastery?

The Sports Model Project can show you how. 

With our team of specialist Elite Coaches, Nutrition Experts, WBFF Pro Divas, and World Champions, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about nutrition, training, and mindset so that you can finally see the transformation you have worked so hard for.

Click here and chat with our team to apply.

Love and light,
The SMP Coaching Team

2 Reasons You Should Not Do A Prep

Prep can be a highly rewarding experience...

You get to honour your standards.
You get to push yourself through every challenge.

You become stronger,
not only physically,
but also mentally and spiritually.

But, if you are:

hoping a prep will help you feel better about yourself
... or
only looking for physical change.

Prep can be a horrible experience.

Prep is like a coin - it has two sides.

One is self-empowering.
And one can be self-destroying.

Here's how -

#1: You’re lost and searching for your identity by doing a prep

What’s the purpose of your prep?
Are you trying to move towards something?

Or are you trying to move away from something?

If you're trying to move away from negative feelings you have about yourself...

That's a great recipe…
not for success,
but for disaster.

If you're lost and searching before a prep?

You won't find what you're looking for during,
Or after it.

Doing a prep won't make you feel good about yourself.

Finding yourself through radical self-acceptance, compassion and devotion will.

And in our experience, it's best to practice that art *before* you do a prep.

#2: You’re only looking for a physical change

The thing about comp prep is it’s like a shorter,
more tangible version of life-long transformation
and personal mastery.

Yes, you get to build the physique that you want,

But that’s just a small piece of the puzzle.

Comp prep encompasses mental, behavioural, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

And that’s the type of transformation
you will achieve inside the Sports Model Project.

You will learn from our world-class Coaches, Pro athletes, WBFF Pro Divas, and World Champions.

You will master lifelong skills and techniques in achieving and sustaining elite body composition.

Are you ready for your next best step?
Is it time to get expert guidance?

SMP is not for everyone, though.

It’s only for the hardest worker in the room.

Click the link now and chat with our team to apply.

Love and light,
Hattie xoxo
The SMP Coaching Team

Should women train their upper body?

“Don’t lift heavier or you’ll get bulky.”

This is a common misconception for women around weight lifting (and especially, upper-body).

Fearing that it will only cause them to get bigger, and bigger, And Bigger, AND BIGGER.

But we know,
that you know…

The answer to the question:
Should women train their upper body?

Absolutely. Yes.

Here’s why -

#1: All muscles in the body should be trained for structural balance, posture, strength, joint stability and health.

#2: Just like the lower body, we want to train the upper body in multiple planes - horizontal push and pull, vertical push and pull. So…

Even if you don’t have the specific goal
of growing your upper body.
Don’t skip upper-body day!

Think about it from another perspective -

Would you not brush your teeth
because you brushed them yesterday?

Would you skip spending time with your family because you saw them last weekend?

Those questions don’t make sense, right?

And neither does not training a certain body part just because you don’t have a specific goal to grow it.

And obviously,
This all depends on:
Your plan (if you’ve got one),
And your goals.

But just like you wouldn’t skip other acts of self-care:
Like spending time with your family.
Or brushing your teeth.

So too, you want to treat your body (including your upper-body) with the same care.
The same devotion.

It’s about balance.

Both the training itself,
And your mindset around why you take care of each part of you.

Because how you do one thing, is how you do everything.

Would you like some help with that?

Our specialist team of elite coaches, WBFF Pro Divas, strength and conditioning athletes, and World Champions will teach you deep skills and principles around next-level

→ training
→ nutrition
→ and mindset

Through a process of transformation and personal mastery.

SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room.

Click here and book a call with one of our team.

If you are a good fit, we will be talking next week.

Love and light,
The SMP Coaching Team