How do you fit it all in?

How do you fit it all in?

Training, relationships , career…..

Being excellent is a lot.

Getting it all right is challenging.

How do you go to the next level?

How do you achieve elite body composition.....

Without burning out?

How do you fit it all in?

How do you bring it each and every day

Then pack it away and get some rest?

It’s so easy to say

“Beyoncé has 24 hours in the day”

But she has support.

A team.


It’s worth thinking about.

She has support.

Because there’s two parts here.


YOU decide to turn pro.

In your thoughts

Your words

Your habits


You get support.

You build a team

Find community

Lead and be lead.

Because greatness starts within

but it’s supported and magnified by your team.

That’s what’s happened in The Sports Model Project.

We are a community of resourceful women powerfully supporting one another.

We are super competitive.

We are super supportive.

Because a good life

Has love



Striving for excellence.

It’s hard work

And it’s deep rest

It’s deep work

It’s light and playful.

In SMP you will learn

--> How to organise a high performance lifestyle

--> How to be a champion in the gym

--> How to have a more beautiful experience of this present moment

How to have a more loving relationship with all of the parts of you.....

Would you like some help with that?

We’ve got free resources to show you how we do exactly that.

It’s everything we have learned coaching thousands of women on their quest.

The quest for elite body composition

The quest to compete

The honourable quest to live as an athlete

Grab a copy of our Elite Body Composition webinar recording and we’ll walk you through it.

To experience a team of master coaches focused on you and the vision you have for yourself.

Access the webinar recording here.

See you Monday

Besos 😘

The SMP coaching team

How to get your own work done without other people feeling neglected

This is the key to getting everything done without neglecting others.

It’s scary to step into your own light.
A common worry is that it will make the people you love feel left behind or in your shadow.

A small percentage of freedom doesn’t feel liberating.
Especially when those around you don’t get it

For most of our clients: 70%+ of their time is spent on everyone else but them.

And even when you have 30% of your own time, it feels like you still need to spend it on taking care of others… Your dogs, your kids, your partner, your family.

But life is not an either / or situation.
The key is how to excel at both.

Because there’s so many things for you to be in this world:

A daughter.

A partner.

A high powered executive.

A wife.

A friend.

A mum.

A lover. 

But you are also a woman with a BIG vision for yourself.
(and you’re allowed to want things for yourself)

Girls come to us with a lot of different visions:

Be in the best shape of their life

Feel confident and powerful

Get back to their athletic roots

As widely as they are varied.

All of them are powerful.

But the power of a vision is in the doing.

This is why we focus on a process of transformation and personal mastery.
Because it’s about doing. Not the endpoint.

It doesn’t matter if it’s:

Slaying your training, 

Nailing your macros,


Being on stage

The key element is: can you be devoted to yourself?
It’s a challenging question if you think about it deeply — because it requires empathy.
(for others AND yourself)

My girls in the Sports Model Project have felt that too.

Like you, they are full-time mums, with full-time jobs, run businesses, work night shift...

So how did they make this work?

#1: Organisation.

They follow through a process of transformation and personal mastery along with a community of women who powerfully support one another.  They get organised with everything in their life so they can do the things they want to do.

#2: A solid support system.

We have a team of elite coaches, world-class athletes, a neuro-psych, a heart coach, who take care of them as they take care of themselves and allow their loved ones to also take care of each other.  They don’t pretend to know everything — they ask for support regularly and consistently.

#3: Principles to live by.

And one of them is this:

“Radical Resourcefulness.

I am a bright shining light!

As I let my light shine brighter I give space for others to do the same.

I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-compassion.

I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-love.

I am inspiring others to do the same.”

Do they get it right all the time? Of course not.
And that is part of the journey. That is what the quest is all about.

And it’s why devotion to yourself is key.

It’s time.

Live your spirit,

Be your vision.

SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room.

If you’d like to learn more, click this link and have a chat with the team.

Love & light,


5 Rules to Make Nutrition Less Frustrating

Nutrition is made complicated by the volume of information shown to you at once.

It’s hard to work out what to do. And you’re not alone. Even fitness pros get frustrated as you.

Here are some simple places to start:

1: Take a step back from fads.

Buzziest fads like keto, intermittent fasting, low carb, detox, paleo, keto…

The problem?

Not that they don’t work (not everything that works is good for your health either). But they actually cut out the key nutrients your body needs, which results in health problems, hormonal and metabolism issues, stress, anxiety.

In short, it’s not practical.

2: Ask yourself, “What am I doing this for?”

Are you doing this for body composition? For overall health and well-being?

Everything boils down to your vision. Make sure you’re doing this for a certain purpose.

3: Keep a food diary: the #1 intervention

Your food diary is a daily record of what you eat and drink every day. It helps you understand your eating habits and give you insights on what needs to be improved.

4: Calculate your baseline

Putting in much work but seeing no changes at all? That’s where calculating your baseline comes into play.

Your baseline tells you your unique body makeup.

So before spending so much time on getting yourself in a complicated process of working towards where you want to be, it’s best to know and understand where you are currently.

You can download my Ultimate Macro Plan calculator here:

5: Monitor your thoughts

It’s so easy to turn nutrition into a form of punishment. We try to ease our negative self-talk by denying ourselves food or by overeating.

But in reality, food is there to nourish your body. It’s there to support you on your goals.

Use techniques for your thoughts instead of using food as a method for dealing with those thoughts.

Now that you have some basis to start, another problem that’s coming up is, how can you proceed?

That is why I created a process for you called: The Sports Model Project.

It’s everything I have learned becoming a fitness pro, a world champion, a natural athlete, and a coach to thousands of women from all over the world in the last decade.

Our specialist team of coaches, nutrition experts, and neuro-psych and I will teach you elite skills and techniques in your training, nutrition, and mindset.

Our process works. But ONLY for the hardest worker in the room.

If you'd like some free resources to help you on your way, you can find them at this link.

Love and light,

Hattie x SMP Team

Amateur In The Morning. Pro by lunch.3rd In The World By Night

Imagine going home this “lucky”…

You finally made it to the stage, brought out your best package in front of your loved ones, coaches, and friends.

You saw everyone cheering up for you as your name got called among the champions.

You went home taking with you your OWN pro card, and your World Championship medallion, all earned on the same day.


It literally happened to my girl Crystal last weekend. In fact, that’s her story.

This could be luck, but the thing is:  this happens to a lot of our girls in The Sports Model Project.

Because the truth is…

You don’t “become pro” in just a night.

Day in and day out you earn that title for yourself.

Crystal was already a pro WELL before the competition day.

If the judges were anything to go by,

She was already doing what pros do.

Like you, she had a goal.

She trained hard.

She tracked her nutrition.

She was already embodying the mind and the spirit of a world champion.

But what made the difference?

She asked for help.

She worked with a specialist team of coaches and world-class athletes.

She surrounded herself with a tribe of resourceful, powerful women, all striving towards greatness, and supportive of each others’ ongoing and never-ending growth.

She devoted herself to the process of transformation and personal mastery.

She took the steps forward when she had every reason to stop.
Because that is the true mark of a professional.

They show up like it’s their job. (because it’s is).

Want to learn the same blueprint we taught Crystal?

To finally move towards the big vision you have created for yourself?

It’s time.

Live your spirit.

Be your vision.

Click the link to have a chat with my team and we’ll walk you through it.

Love and light,

Hattie x The SMP Team

The Secret To Smashing Your Goals

The Secret to Smashing your Goals

Hard work should be rewarded - everyone can agree with that. It doesn’t always work out like that though, does it? Sometimes you can work really, really hard and still not achieve what you wanted to.

Of course, when you’re not achieving your goals the first thing most people ask is WHY?! I can’t tell you how many women I’ve spoken to who are frustrated beyond belief because they’re working harder than ever but not seeing the results the way they want to. 

When you have a vision for yourself, you want to be more than someone who just puts the work in (though you’re no stranger than that) - you also want to be the person who is smashing your goals and getting the rewards you deserve. 

The big secret?? An “all or nothing” approach gives you all or nothing - to get incrementally better and have consistency, you have to get ORGANISED.

How do you get organised?

Pre-plan your meals. You don't plan what you're eating for lunch while you're standing in the lunch line.

Plan out your training week. Take into account what you want to achieve and how much time you’ll have - make sure you’re seeing those incremental achievements along the way that will give you your big wins. 

Now it’s easy to just tell you to be organised, and you have to make sure that you’re not just following “any” plan but the right one for you as well. You need to know WHAT to do and WHEN and HOW. 

Nobody achieves truly extraordinary things all by themselves. They need help.  That is why I created the Sports Model Project.

It’s everything I have learned becoming a World Champion, a Pro Athlete, a Sports Model, and a Coach to hundreds of amazing women across the globe in the last 11 years.

It’s the same process that our SMP champions have used to achieve elite body composition and get from amateur to pro.

You will gain access to all the tools, techniques, skills that I and my world-class team of Elite Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Athletes, Naturopaths, Nutrition experts, WBFF Pro Divas, Heart Coaches, and Neuroscientists have used and developed to teach the most refined process in the world.

Best of all, you will learn all of these along with a community of resourceful women who powerfully support one another.

Ready to step up and finally reach your goals?

It takes a process of transformation and personal mastery. The Sports Model Project is that process - it’s not for everyone though. It’s ONLY for the hardest worker in the room.

Ready to smash some goals?

Click this link to get some expert guidance from my team.

Love & light,

The SMP Team


Hattie x

The World Champion's Advice To Sustaining Elite Body Composition

For years you’ve been training hard, yet the results you see don’t reflect the amount of hard work you’ve put in.

In the depths of your heart, you say, “I could have achieved more by now. I could have gone further.”

You know so oh-so-well you want to be more than someone who just trains hard in the gym…

Because when you stepped into this journey, you were not only aiming for the moon; you were here for the stars.

But it’s been years… The stars seem so close but still out of reach.

Here’s what you need to know.

There’s a foundational training principle that you’ve been missing out on. 

And that is: Progressive Overload.

Simple in theory. More complex in reality.

Let’s put it this way:

In a game, there are levels you need to unlock before you can finally reach the desired end. As the level goes up, the game gets harder. You need to improve your strength to defeat the stronger enemies, and harvest some crops to increase your capacity.

You need to step up with your strategies, techniques, and skills every time, so you can keep up with the challenge and take yourself from one level to another.

Same goes with achieving elite body composition…

You need progressive overload so your body adapts (i.e grows) to the increase in workload.

You do this by increasing your rep, frequency, volume, or weight to increase your muscle gains, strength, and endurance over time.

And for you to achieve that in a sustainable way, you need a long-term game plan. 

The good thing is that… you don’t need to figure everything out all by yourself.

The Sports Model Project is a process of transformation and personal mastery.
And it’s only for the hardest worker in the room.

Our specialist team of expert coaches, elite athletes, exercise scientist, naturopath, neuropsych and WBFF pro divas will work around the clock with you so you can finally live the vision that you have wanted now for years.

You will learn the exact blueprint used by my girls and myself on achieving elite body composition in a sustainable way.

Ready to step up your A-game?

Click this link and grab some of our free resources.

Love and light,

The SMP Team x Hattie

Are you listening to your body?

The question might seem a bit silly - until you really think about it.

There’s plenty of people out there who take pride in their “healthy” lifestyle. They’re training hard, watching everything they eat, they’re doing everything they think they ought to be doing. 

And they’re exhausted.
Their body is screaming at them the whole time
but they’ve forgotten how to listen. 

We’re often told that the key to success is to push
push through your physical limitations,
push through the pain,
push through all the signs your body is giving you.

In the pursuit of physical excellence women are pushing their bodies right into “survival mode”.

Their energy dips,
their periods stutter or stop,
their moods take a hit.

They’re doing everything “right” but feel oh so wrong. 

The truth is - if you concentrate on punishing yourself and “pushing through”
and continually ignore your body’s needs,
sooner or later, you’ll pay the price. 

A true path to excellence is one that nourishes and honours your body’s needs while achieving your transformation goals. It’s a plan that takes the joy of life into account - one with rewards, ease and grace, not just endless punishments. 

Muscle repair and growth primarily happens when the body is at rest. Physical transformation happens more quickly when your body has everything  it needs for optimum health (including rest)

When you really start to listen to your body, that’s when everything falls into place. You can achieve what you want and live with a sense of joy and grace, too. 

You don’t have to work all this out on your own - we’re here to help.

You will learn from myself and my world-class team of elite coaches, strength athletes, WBFF Pro Divas, heart coaches, neuro-psych, and daring communicators.

You will learn
- how to train

- how to rest

- how to eat

- how to think

Along with a community of resourceful women powerfully supporting one another

So you can live in the best shape of your life, but also the most vibrant shape of your life.

Both physically and mentally.

If you’d like to learn more

Check out this link where we'll hook you up with some free resources


Hattie xoxo

My Philosophy On Nutrition

Personal mastery comes from consistency.

It’s as simple as that.

We’ve heard since childhood that “practice makes perfect”...
And another word for practice is consistency.

Consistency over time leads to small improvements that compound exponentially.
This is the journey to personal mastery.

Something that people often struggle with is consistency in food and nutrition. The concept of “yo-yo” dieting is a tricky trap to get out of, and times of celebration, like Christmas or birthdays, can also make it hard to stay on track.

While it may be hard to stay consistent with what you eat, staying consistent with how you eat may help.

Enter: nutrition philosophy.

A nutrition philosophy is a set of personal guidelines to live by that govern how you eat. It’s not rules of what you can and can’t eat - more like values of consumption.

Throughout my years training as a professional sports model, I worked with many coaches and nutritionists.

My food philosophy has been developed into what it is today through the invaluable lessons I’ve learnt over the years.

Of course, everyone’s nutrition philosophy is different - depending on your lifestyle, your goals, your values, your likes and dislikes.

To help get you started on creating your own, here are some key points from my own food philosophy:

80% whole foods, 20% soul food.

Restricting yourself to the point where eating is more of a chore than enjoyment? You’re actually not doing your body - or your mind - any favours.

To me, food represents love, warmth, and family. It’s always something that should bring joy! Find healthy ways to include the flavours you love in every meal.

Mix it up!

Always consume a variety of food groups - protein, fat, and carbs. I don’t exclude anything from my diet.

Fruit and veggies should make up the bulk of your daily food. I’m talking 5-7 varieties of veggies and 2-3 varieties of fruit every day. Eat the rainbow!

Plan, plan, plan.

Planning your meals isn’t just about meal prep. Planning your meal times is also important, especially when you’re training.

Carbs are best consumed close to training times - before and after sessions - to support performance and recovery.

Also, when you’re planning your meals in advance, it gives you something to look forward to.

Consider your sleep.

Having a hard time sleeping straight after a big meal? You’re not alone. Your body uses a lot of energy to digest meals, so it’s not wise to promote that boost of energy right before it’s time to unwind.

I never eat more than three hours before bed, and dinner is generally my lightest meal. Eating your bigger meals during the day and tapering off towards the evening ensures good digestion and promotes better sleep.

Water (duh).

This is the most talked about tip for overall health - but some of us still aren’t drinking enough water.

I have my huge 1.5L bottle with me all day, every day. Sometimes, I don’t even realise I’m drinking from it - it’s second nature to me now!

Drinking plenty of water is key to boosting literally every part of your health - hair, skin, digestion and mental clarity, to name a few.

By implementing all these elements in my day, every day, I know I’m going to feel my best and have no fear of falling off the wagon.

Developing good nutrition habits leads to long-term benefits.

Nutrition is something that should support your training - training and nutrition work hand-in-hand to make you feel the best you can every day.

The third element, and one of the pillars of my program, the Sports Model Project, is mindset.

With these three working in unison?

You’ll be unstoppable.

Love & light,

Hattie xo

PS: If you'd like help with your nutrition — check out this think where there's a number of free resources you can grab to help you out.

The problem with goal setting

Are you casting your mind back over the year that has passed
and towards the year that is beckoning us?

“It’s been a year. I haven’t got onto stage yet.”
“I still have to be more confident.”
“I want to win a fitness show.”

You’ve done HEAPS of goal setting exercises,

Only to feel like you're falling short constantly.

This is actually a common theme amongst high performers.

They're working SUPER hard, in the eyes of their friends and family
they're crushing it.

But deep down they know something is missing.
and goals are part of the problem.

Yes, of course it is nice to have some goals,
To surround yourself with positive thoughts,
To cultivate yourself with positive affirmations,

Then project them into the future you want for yourself.

But high achievers often use those goals as an endless driver.
Each goal achieved triggers the next, more difficult goal.

Happiness and satisfaction is delayed for another day.

And the affirmations and positive thoughts become propaganda
rather than a honest vision of the person you want to become.

Making your goals happen is NEVER ALL about sunshine and rainbows.
On the flip side, there are struggles. There is discomfort.

They key is to be able to enjoy those moments as much as the pinnacles.

So what to focus on instead?


The smallest things create the biggest impact.
The smallest things can drive the highest levels of satisfaction and joy.

It’s about when you sleep,
How you rest,
What you eat,
What you think,
What you do in the gym.

Making your goals happen takes rewiring new thought patterns,

Refining your skills,
Developing good habits.

It takes a PROCESS of transformation
and personal mastery.

The only thing left to do to make
that vision happen?

Taking the right actions

Notice how you think:

Your mindset,
Your habits,
Your routines.

Are they aligned with your goals?
Are they aligned with your vision?
I know it’s hard to have everything figured out by yourself.

But that's what we're here for.
We can show you the blueprint to success.
We can help you avoid the pit traps.

Nutrition experts,
Heart coach,
World Champion (myself)
and a Daring Communicator.

You will learn the techniques, skills, habits, experiences, knowledge
that we have acquired and developed in achieving ELITE body composition
and becoming the BEST in the world.

Want to learn from the best of the best?

All you have to do is take the first step to start living your vision and have a chat with the team.

Love, light, & celestial rainbows,

The SMP Team


Hattie xoxo

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