✈🇺🇸 Off To LA For The WBFF La Pro Show!

✈️ Off to LA for the WBFF La Pro show!

Posted by The Sports Model Project on Saturday, April 16, 2016

I feel the best I have this whole preparation.

I have trained really, we have been working realy hard and it had started o take a bit of a toll.
I was playing a few mental tricks on myself
doubting that i was good enough and creating a few stories that weren’t true
so I focused on two things.

First I stuck to my process of training and nutrition
More importantly I loved myself enough to work hard on my mindset.

I took some time out, controlled my thoughts
and now i have been able to drive positive energy and emotion over the past two weeks
and it's really paid off!

Thanks for all the love and support!

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing over here.

Love and light Hattie


Sydney --> Bali--> Photo shoot --> L.A --> Rock and Roll Wrestling?

Since I got good with myself and started speaking to you and everybody else in my own voice, amazing things have started happening to me.

This week is really out of the box

I flew to Bali on Sunday for a photo shoot for two days with Taz K, Shannah Baker and Camilla Ackerberg.

It was really cool to spend some time in Ubud and time with we took some beautiful shots and I can't wait to see how Taz's collection does. (My prediction: Amazing)

Hattie bali

Then I flew back in to Sydney on Wednesday and saw my Grandmother who had just arrived from the UK then I went and trained, hard had a swim in amazing glorious Bondi with my lover.

Dived in reviewed the girls results (more on that in a second) and then met up with the genius.

We are developing a collection of amazing clothes together.

I love training I love fashion,
I love movement
I love colour
and I want to feel sexy all the time.

My clothes embody all of that and they don't make me feel like I'm dropping the kids off to school before yoga. (Sneak peek coming in the next few weeks.)

I flew out yesterday (Thursday) got to Golds Gym in my favourite place in the world:
Venice Beach. I trained like a demon,
I saw Arnie and was to shy too say hello. (Damn It!)

Had dinner with my Burning Man buddy Jake, got on a plane this morning to Detroit sprinted for my connection to Ohio, It's snowing, it's freezing just getting on this plane.

Just one more flight then....
Deep breath In
Deep breath out

Tomorrow I have try outs for the WWE.
Yes that WWE
The one the Rock was in.

I'm not sure how It will go,
I'm not sure how I will go
but I'm going to give it my all and see what (amazing stuff) can happen.

One thing I am sure of is how my girls are going.
The girls in The Sports Model Project are crushing at the moment.

We are getting close to competition season,
heaps of the girls are 11 weeks out and the nerves and doubts are kicking in,
but this is without a doubt the best my team has ever looked this far out from competing.

My girl Jess can probably get one stage and win now,
the more food we give her the leaner she looks.

I actually don't have the space to list all the crazy good results that we are seeing (I will soon) but I want to single out one of the girls in my in house program.

Phillipa Hinton trains so hard
and she can be so hard on herself.

In the past that was counter productive.
Now there is unity between
her powerfull drive,
her goals,
her training
and her nutrition.

This month she got her best result since starting with me.
Phillipa is eating more food than ever and training in a much more controlled fashion.

More food, less training and this month Phillipa dropped 1.1kg of body fat

In two months time she is going to rock the stage
she is an absolute assassin in heels, look out world.
I can't wait to tell you the story.


The WBFF released this awesome flyer and featured my girl Marijana
who trains in my in-house program and has also had a crazy, amazing journey that I have spoken to you about before. I can't wait to her transformation as we get towards her show.
She looks so ridiculous in this shot (I think sexy mermaid)

You want this too, right?

I still have a couple of spots in my in house program for women in Sydney.
It's not just for girls who want to compete. It's only for women who want to go to the next level.

But The Sport Model Project Is not for women who want to focus on their problems
The Sports Model Project is for women who find solutions and do the fucking work,
women who love doing the work.

It's such inspiring group of people mentor and to train with
I love throwing down with all the girls on Saturday at Absolution.

We handle everything for you,
you just roll up and apply effort.

All of your training is done with me and my coaches,
we do your body fat scans each month,
we re-do your macros (nutrition) each month,
we teach you how to lift (my girls are strong),
we teach you gymnastics, we support you, we guide you, we kick your arse.

Are your ready to do battle next to the valkyries in my female fit army?
Are you ready to soar with the eagles?

If your ready,
to actually get what you want.

Click this link
enter your details
and we will begin

Who are we?

We commit harder than you
We wipe away the tears and pick up the bar.
We hear that little voice and then slay it.
We live with our doubt and then confront it.
We are transformed by our efforts.

We aren't like anybody else

Love and light (and snow) Hattie.


** 2011 vs 2015 *** 6kg Of Muscle Added In That Time.

** 2011 vs 2015 *** 6kg of muscle added in that time.

12662042_651595598312910_5815710660017001169_n (1)

I trained 5-6 days a week for pretty much 4 years between these photos.

People (especially women) underestimate how much work and time and commitment it takes to build muscle.

I always ask my clients to send me a photo they aspire to look like... Unfortunately the bodies they send back don't happen in 12 weeks, or 6 months. They take years of discipline and commitment.

I like to think my body responds pretty damn well to exercise and I bust my arse 6 days a week to hustle for that muscle. What I am getting at, is to be realistic. It's not out of your reach to look like someone you see on Instagram but be realistic in the time frame you are giving yourself.

Understand the process you need to go through and know that the temporary discomfort is worth the long term satisfaction. You too can get there if that's what you truly want,
but know this
between these photos were multiple 'bulking' phases where you know what,
I didn't feel as sexy or as comfortable as I would have liked.

But to get to the physique on the right I had to spend that time under the bar, and eat food. This is what I teach to the women in The Sports Model Project​ the soldiers in my FemaleFitArmy.

My girls doubt
My girls start any way
My girls grow.
They develop.
They shine.
They are transformed.

And if you are the right person,
you can join The Sports Model Project too.

Click this link
play the game
and we will see if you have what it takes.

'What do we all have in common?

We commit harder than you
We wipe away the tears and pick up the bar.
We hear that little voice and then slay it.
We live with our doubt and then confront it.
We are transformed by our efforts.

We aren't like anybody else"

Now click the link

You Are More Than Just A Number

It's important to track your progress,
but don't get caught up on numbers. 
Look at the whole picture.

Yeah, we all want to see our numbers going in the right direction, 
but it's also nice to look at the changes you are seeing in your photos, 
as well as the numbers you are hitting in the gym.

Your progress is going to come in many shapes and sizes,
in physical, mental and spiritual ways.
Make sure you take notice of the changes, 
and give yourself a big pat of the back for your effort .

Slow progress, is so much better then no progress 
and if you are sick of starting over,
then stop giving up ! 

This is what I teach to the women in
The Sports Model Project the soldiers in my #FemaleFitArmy.

Every Friday I host a chat for all of the girls in The Sports Model Project. This week we focused on what we can measure, what we can change and what we can't.

I'm focusing more and more on my behaviours
(which i can control)
and accepting the outcomes
(Which i can't control)

I have been using a really simple app that has been helping me improve my habits its called "Way Of Life"

Im using to ingrain habits like

Learning Spanish (I'm struggling with this ATM)
My movement practice
Tracking macros.

It can be hard for all of us to let go of numbers,
to surrender to the truth that we can't control the outcome.

We can on only control our
and actions
and funny enough
thats when you get crazy good results.

The girls in The Sports Model Project nail this
but at the beginning.

My girls doubt
My girls start any way
My girls grow.
They develop.
They shine.

They are transformed.

And if you are the right person, 
you can join The Sports Model Project too.

Click this link 
play the game and we will see if you have what it takes.

What do we all have in common? 

We commit harder than you
We wipe away the tears and pick up the bar.
We hear that little voice and then slay it.
We live with our doubt and then confront it.
We are transformed by our efforts.

We aren’t like anybody else

Now's the time to click the link 


Story This Is The Story Of My Journey.

This is my journey. I really love the way the Huffington Post has told my story.From an unhealthy obsession and...

Posted by Hattie Boydle Performance Coach on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Warning: Your Coach May Not Care.

How can you tell?
By your results so far.

How do you know?

If your your “nutrition coach” or “transformation expert “ doesn’t know exactly why you can only “kinda see a change” after the last three months

Either they don’t care---> or you don’t

If you don’t care about actually transforming your body,
keep wasting your money

But if you do…
check this out

-8% body fat is a typical result over 12 weeks
- Actually understanding what to eat for your body for the rest of your life is what you should expect
If you do the work, I guarantee you will get results.

I’m usually shy about saying that
But I can because we just keep getting results year after year.

Not only that, our girls stay in amazing shape, ALL YEAR ROUND
Not only that, our girls stay in amazing shape, AFTER THEY ARE DONE TRAINING WITH ME
Not only that our girls get super lean WITHOUT STARVING THEMSELVES AND DOING CARDIO
Not only that, our girls have healthy hormones AND DON’T YOYO THE WEIGHT BACK ON

The truth is most coaches don’t give a shit,
they haven’t done the work,
they don’t care about the science,
it’s just easier to starve you ( your eating under 1500 calories right?)
and make you run like a hamster on a wheel (treadmill)

then to actually do the hard work of coaching you to greatness.

To do what I do
you have to actually give a shit.
I love my girls, i die for them.
If they don’t get a result,
I stay up late at night obsessing over it until that needle moves and moves drastically.
If they don't do the work, ill have the hard conversation.
If they are unrealistic ill set them straight.
because I give a shit they always know where they stand.

I hear this all the time on the phone.
My coach is the “The Countess of calories” “ The Queen of Carbs” yadayadayada
Truth is there are so many pretenders who won a comp at the regional xyz show.

None of them are top 4 in the world.
And guess what?
This year I'll be number one.

And the bigger, uglier truth is they don’t give a shit about their clients.
I do.

And I know this is true because I have so many girls come to me and I have to nurse them back to health

and spiritually.

They have disordered eating patterns,
they hate training and even though they got to their competition,
they didn’t look amazing and hated the experience.

Doing it that way?
It’s not worth it.

My girls doubt
My girls start any way
My girls grow
They develop.
They shine.
They are transformed.
The climb right to the top of the mountain and gaze down at us with serene expressions.

They kill it on stage.
They are examples off it,
role models to friends,
They can tell their coach cares

So stop avoiding.
Make it easy on yourself.


Because if you're not getting these kinds of results,
when WILL you?

When will it by your time?
Why will "the right time suddenly appear, if it hasn't already?
How will you?
Not by avoiding.
Not by playing with amateurs.

This is the last week that I am taking on girls who want to compete in May.
There are 6 spots left, 6 were taken last week.
You are ready to start
so click the link and enter your details.

And if you are the right person, you can join
The Sports Model Project

‘What do we all have in common?

We commit harder than you
We wipe away the tears and pick up the bar.
We hear that little voice and then slay it.
We live with our doubt and then confront it.
We are transformed by our efforts.

We aren’t like anybody else

This Is Me And My Killer Girls After Training Together.

This Is Me And My Killer Girls After Training Together.

What's The Secret To Being Positive? Hint: It's The Grand Canyon.

People are always asking me how am I so positive?

People assume that being positive is the easy choice,
that positivity is much more simple than negativity.

Who doesn’t want to feel good about stuff right?
Just have positive frame of mind,
its just an attitude.

I mean it’s really tough to be in a negative frame of mind,
to have all those thoughts and scenarios whirling around in your head.
It’s exhausting and way harder than staying positive.

But the truth is that being negative is easy the option,
it definitely hurts more and is emotionally tough but it’s the easy option.

Negativity Is a bit like the grand canyon.
the grand canyon is amazing to behold,
but it’s just a groove that water once found in solid rock.
Over millennia the water continued to run over that groove carrying imperceptibly small pieces of rock and silt away.

Our negative thoughts and emotions are the same.
They dig a groove in our mind and it is  much easier to allow those thoughts,
feelings emotions,
deeply held beliefs,
and mental pictures to continue unchecked and unrestrained.
To allow negativity to keep digging out a grand canyon in our mind,

One of the worst, most horrible examples of this is fat talk.
You know the talk that we girls do to each other where one of us says

“Aghh I hate my fat arse”
and then our best friend says right back
“your arse is hot, it’s my horrible non-existant top lip that needs to get fixed, I'm getting fillers”
and so on in a spiral.

The first negative comment starts digging the groove and the other comments follow creating an interpersonal grand canyon of negativity.
That particular grand canyon leads to contagious eating disorders,
a reliance on cosmetic surgery and painful gaping wound in our picture of ourselves,
a Grand Canyon of self hate.

So weirdly,
negativity is easy,
start with a small groove and the thoughts that follow continue to dig out a Grand Canyon.

On the other hand positivity requires work.
It is actually a series of practices.
It requires focus it require that ability to pull yourself back from negativity,
to examine that thought and to counter it with a positive or neutral thought.

When I started dating my boyfriend 6 or 7 years ago I wasn’t that far from the depths of my eating disorder. I was past the worst but the negative groove was still so deep.

One day he challenged me to say one nice thing about myself.
I couldn’t.
I couldn’t find anything.

Anything about the way I looked.
Anything about the way I was.
Anything about what I could do.

So he challenged me to start saying one thing nice about myself a day.
It was the start of something amazing.

It was also the start of a realisation that being positive was a practice.
That to dig out a Grand Canyon of happiness
I would have to do the work

Seeing my therapist and engaging in that process is work and when I do it right I’m exhausted.

Mediation is a practice,
I have to clear space in my day and sit down with myself.
Mediation is like training it allows you to do enough reps so that when your mind jumps to the negative you can pull it out of that groove you are building before it becomes the grand canyon.

It’s crucial

Making sure that I use the right thoughts,
the right words
and take the right actions is key
and it requires constant vigilance.

In this whole world the only things I can control are my
and actions.
and that control takes discipline.

So many times people come to me talking about how the want to transform their body.
I’m one of the best in the world at that.
But in truth
you actually want liberation
from deeply held negative feelings,

You want to lose 5kg
so that you can “feel more confident”
which means to look in the mirror and be happy with the reflection coming back at you
But you are still a prisoner in your own mind.
You think/hope/guess that actions will annihilate your pain.

“I ate more then i was supposed to yesterday,
I’m never going to lose weight,
I have to lose this fucking fat
I’m so horrible to look at and because of my disgusting body,
I’ll never have someone to love me,
I’m more horrible then they can even guess anyway
I’ll be alone,
I’ll never have children
and it’s all because I’m so weak and lazy
So I’ll go to the gym and do a weights session and two hours on the treadmill.”

You believe that you can out-exercise your pain.
But actions are only a part of the solution.

I see it all the time when girls start in The Sports Model Project
and they refuse to believe that they need to eat more and exercise way less than they have been.
They have internalised that liberation must only come from action


Liberation comes in this order
Right thoughts
Right words (especially to ourselves)
Right actions.

Positivity takes work
Start now and dig out your Grand Canyon of happiness.

Love And Light

Something Amazing Happened To Me Today!

It has really got me thinking,

because I have been speaking with heaps of women over the last few weeks and I picked a few things up in all the interactions i have had.

Allot of women expect that things will happen straight away.

That goals get knocked over in 12 weeks.
That quick is best.
They favor speed over execution.

In fact there is an epidemic of people setting their sights too low and and their time frames to short.

I hear it all the time.

“Oh I have a goal of being a sports model”.
“So I'll start training with you 12 weeks before the competition.”

“I have never managed to shake the weight,
everytime I start nothing happens,
I get frustrated and I stop after six weeks”

And then there is the continual question of why they don't have what they want.

Well something amazing happened to me today,
and it it has really got me thinking.

The truth is almost nothing that is worth doing or is that is difficult gets done in 12 weeks.
Especially not in six weeks
Especially not if you’re just starting.

I mean people often do amazing things in a short space of time but they have been practicing in that area for much longer.

They have had their business for ten years learning their trade, building the hustle muscle and then suddenly do millions of dollars in sales.

Like my girl Nikkita a who's business Nookie is killing it.
Best dresses ever for a night out.

But Nikkita was in the trenches for ten years.
Now she's the hottest thing in town,
but it took time.

I'm so inspired by her,
and today something amazing happened to me!

It’s the start of the year, set your sights high.
If you have only set aside 12 weeks for everything
either that goal you set is not hard enough
your not hard enough.

But the truth is everything takes time.

I did my first competition in 2011
I was a trainer for 3 years before that and I trained hard everyday for those three years.
Most of the time twice a day.

I won my first international comp in 2013
In 2014 I got my WBFF Pro Card
Two years ago I came 12th in the WBFF worlds.
(I was just happy to be on the stage with the big girls.)
Last year I broke my foot twelve weeks out from the WBFF worlds and I got in the best shape of my life (I came 4th)

And that whole time I wanted to get in the cover of Oxygen magazine.

Well today something amazing happened:
I'm on the cover of the first Oxygen magazine of the year.

Hattie Oxygen Cover

Please have a look in the newsagent and buy yourself a copy.

If it does well, I do well and I would love your support!

It’s crazy!!

Five years ago I was just a 21 year old personal trainer working in a gym and partying on the weekends.

Now I'm 4th in the world
On the Cover of the biggest fitness magazine in the world
I have an amazing team that i coach
We have an amazing system for developing women's bodies’ and minds.
I have a beautiful relationship and I’m true to myself and my love.

I couldn’t be happier.
Because I know what it took.

It took 5 amazing years.
I had to expose my demons to the world.
I had to network with smart people when
I was scared and anxious.
I had to train harder than everybody.
I had to be confident when I felt the exact opposite.
It took work. So much work.

Because that’s what it takes.

This is such an amazing time of year because we re-focus on our greatness. It’s a huge opportunity to remake ourselves, to remake our vision for ourselves.

In February I am taking a group of women on a retreat.
You get welcomed right into my inner circle,
where great things happen.

I am going to teach you how to do what I have just done.

How to build your dream life.
How to build your inner power
How to train.
How to market yourself
How to sell yourself.
How to build that hustle muscle.

How to be on top of the world.

Oh, and then I coach you for three months after that.

Message me back if you you want in.
There are only 6 spots left.

Love and light Hattie.

Happy New Year!!

PS: Set your sights as high as possible and be ready to do the work, it’s so worth it!

Success Comes In Steps!

Thankfully There's Only 1 Step

Step 1: Get Started

This time last year I took a leap and got started, and had such high hopes!


But for the first time in my life I didn't win,

I didn't even finish on the podium.
In fact I was right back in the crowd.

I came 12th... and it made me want it so much more. So this year  I competed again and I came 4th in the world


Next year I will come first.

But i'll only come first next year because i took the leap and started last year.


If I took one thing of this season it's this:

Success happens because you start.

After that the steps to take become so clear.


The thing stopping us from being a genius is waiting till we see "the right opportunity".


We need to leap,

to be bold,

to have faith and make it happen.

to start right now...
Love and light Hattie. xo

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