Sports Model Project Awarded Worlds Best Team

I’m so happy.

This means more to me than any thing else because I take my job a coach so seriously.

Nothing brings me more joy than helping women reconnect with themselves.

Nothing brings me more joy then to spark a match that
turns into a flame
that starts a fire
that never stops burning.

This award recognises the hard work that my girls put in.

Women with jobs and kids and lives and dreams.

Women who have a vision for themselves
and are uncompromising in achieving that vision.

I’m so happy because this award recognises them.
It recognises my girls who work so bloody hard!

It also means that all the work that Caterina, Nick and I put in behind the scenes has been recognised.

It means that my approach has been recognised.

Love with a full and open heart
Eat food you like and nourish your body
Live a life of discipline and personal power
Be the hardest worker in the room.

So I am over the moon and super excited because in next 12 months
The Sports Model Project is going to grow and expand.

I have been working on some new ways that you can be involved in
The Sports Project they will launch in the next few weeks.

Right now I am super focused on winning the world titles In London on Saturday.

Love and Light
Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

Ps: you can jump on the waitlist for The Sports Model Project here