The Thing That Disney Always Gets Wrong.

At the end of a Disney movie, everything is resolved the prince is married to the princess
and everyone is happy.

But life in the real world is way more beautiful and full of colour.

The sweetest moments are often also kind of bitter.
The happiest moments are often the saddest.

This is Sam Palmer’s last week in The Sports Model Project and it's totally bittersweet.

I'm super sad and yet I’m also filled with joy because of the massive physical and emotional transformation Sam has made since she joined us.

Sam has been such an amazing client she did the work she had a phenomenal transformation and she has been consistently present in the SMP private coaching forum.

But i’ll let Sam tell you in her own words.

Sam’s energy is a shining light,
she has really helped the other girls
and has been a massive leader for our whole community.

Sam bought into the vision I have for my team:
A community of competitive, driven women
who support each other to get the best possible results
and go to the NEXT LEVEL

We all believe that the process of transforming our body is physical
but after working thousands of women
I know that it's so much deeper than that.

Once girls go through my process the whole energy of that women changes and
it's not just a feeling
you can actually see it.

They radiate confidence and self-belief
their mindset is completely visible on their face and
in their body language.

Sam embodies what The Sports Model Project is all about

Setting a standard and sticking to it
Treating every thought, word and action as an opportunity to live up to that standard.

Damn Disney telling me it would be a happy ending.
I'm so sad to see Sam go but I'm so proud of her and
I know she will nail her next adventure.

Is it your turn?
Are you ready?

Click this link enter your details to be considered for The Sports Model Project.

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

The proudest leader of the world's best team of Sports Models

Sports Model Project Awarded Worlds Best Team

I’m so happy.

This means more to me than any thing else because I take my job a coach so seriously.

Nothing brings me more joy than helping women reconnect with themselves.

Nothing brings me more joy then to spark a match that
turns into a flame
that starts a fire
that never stops burning.

This award recognises the hard work that my girls put in.

Women with jobs and kids and lives and dreams.

Women who have a vision for themselves
and are uncompromising in achieving that vision.

I’m so happy because this award recognises them.
It recognises my girls who work so bloody hard!

It also means that all the work that Caterina, Nick and I put in behind the scenes has been recognised.

It means that my approach has been recognised.

Love with a full and open heart
Eat food you like and nourish your body
Live a life of discipline and personal power
Be the hardest worker in the room.

So I am over the moon and super excited because in next 12 months
The Sports Model Project is going to grow and expand.

I have been working on some new ways that you can be involved in
The Sports Project they will launch in the next few weeks.

Right now I am super focused on winning the world titles In London on Saturday.

Love and Light
Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

Ps: you can jump on the waitlist for The Sports Model Project here

Sports model project hall of fame

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Check out some of my girls progress over the last 6 months!

So proud of my girls. They work hard and they get results.



12 of my girls competed on the weekend and they all got amazing results

12 of my girls competed on the weekend and they all got amazing results.

Women with three children,
women with six children.

Women who are twenty,
women who are forty.

Women who are trainers or PT's
and women who didn't know much about this stuff at all.

Women who hadn't competed before,
girls who had competed in the past and messed up their metabolism.

So many different starting points and so many amazing stories. 

There are crazy insane transformations over twelve months
For some it was improving one place from last year for others
the story is four or five years of hard work vindicated 
with victory and recognition as the best in the country.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to tell you their stories and their photos because I want to share how inspired I am by all of my girls!

But for now here are my girls

The Sports Model Project.

I'm so proud of them!!!

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Meet Ingrid

So many of the girls I coach are frustrated when we first meet

They have been doing the right thing, dammit!
Training hard most days of the week for years on end.

Eating “healthy” with the occasional cheat day
Avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy.
Eating low calorie

Their bodies aren’t changing for the better, in fact it feels like they are losing the battle.

So when my ducklings get to me they are tired
and it’s getting a little lonely working it out on their own.

When Ingrid came to me she was a special case. A mum of three kids who is also a super high energy Zumba instructor.

She had been putting in the work.

She is also the childhood best friend of my boyfriends sister and on top of that she is married to his best friend.

She is family.

And she was frustrated.

Ingrid feared that because she had three amazing children that she would never have a flat stomach. It seemed like a small thing but her belly stuck out, in a way that made her super uncomfortable and took away from her self worth.

More than my girl wanted to rediscover a part of herself. The independent part,
the part with control,
the part of her apart from others.

Now it’s not like my girl is inactive,
she takes like 20 classes of Zumba a week,
cares for a family and never stops,
she is super high energy.

Ingrid was feeling a little defeated.

The little voice inside of her was becoming bigger and told her that
“Maybe I can’t be successful,
maybe this is it”

Doubt was rising and yet, she still felt called to go on a mission.

That mission?

To be the best version of herself,
to re-find her drive,
to carve out a new place for herself in this world recognition of who she has become and who she wants to become.

Who is Ingrid?
Independent women?

The truth is she is all of that
and beyond simple definition, but she felt the need to find out herself who she is right now.
Ingrid wanted to transform and
wanted the world to see that transformation.

So she came to me and we talked.
And she told me of the little doubts,
the little voice

“Maybe I can’t be successful,
maybe this is it”

But she also told me that hope was also in her,
so was drive,
so was passion,
so was a desire to prove herself to herself
and to the rest of the world.

Then we started our journey together.

So we started with the most important stuff.
Ingrid started my program and began lifting heavy weights.

This was a challenge at first, it seemed like the WRONG thing to do.

The little voice rose up

“This won’t work,
you’re doing it all wrong,
you will get bulky and be horrible to behold,
quit now, quit now, quit now.
So we talked about it, we cried about it and rather than quitting she committed even harder
Eventually she got stronger and loved lifting.
Her body transformed

Then we started working on what she eats.
Nothing crazy just nutrition by the numbers personalised for her body.
We gave her a foolproof method for tracking what she eats and we built some accountability into that system.

Then the the little voice reappeared.

“It’s not happening quick enough,
your eating too much,
your getting fat.”
So we talked about it, we cried about it and rather than quitting she committed even harder
She got
and leaner
and leaner
Her habits were transformed
Then we started to work on mindset.
The first part of that was joining my community, The Sports Model Project, having like minded women around her was so powerful.

First of all it gave her the support she needed to make changes, it gave her some other kick arse women that she could roe model.
It gave her a group that she could lead.
Her enthusiasm pulled the others along when they needed it.

The little voice tried to reappear

It was drowned out by the voices of her team mates willing her on,
urging her to greater heights.

Her mindset was transformed
Her date with the stage beckoned.
She didn’t realise it yet but she had already transformed so there were tears and doubts,
that’s where i held her hand and pushed her back join her path.

Even right at the end when she was victorious,
there was doubt, so i held her hand and pushed her in the right direction.


Ingrid is transformed.
In her habits,
in her mind,
and her body.
She radiates confidence.

Her true self is now transcendent,
Ingrid wants to be a guide to others a role model for her daughters and son and her community.

Ingrid IS a guide to others a role model for her daughters and son and her community.

Is that what you want?

Well here is the hard truth.

My girls in the Sports Model Project aren’t like anybody else.

We commit harder than you
We wipe away the tears and pick up the bar.
We hear that little voice and then slay it.
We live with our doubt and then confront it.
We are transformed by our efforts.

We aren’t like anybody else.
Now in Ingrid isn't either,

she is a leader in The Sports Model Project!


Two Of My Girls Won Their Pro-Card!!

Two of my girls won their Pro-Card!

They were part of my team of 12 amazing girls who competed in the biggest show in Australia.

Now they have been invited to compete professionally.

Congratulations Sally Pordage and Marijana Stojic!

Some of the girls won their first competition

For some of the girls getting on stage and looking so fit, so prepared, so beautiful was a massive achievement.

So congratulations to all of my eagles who soared and surpassed their expectations. 

The results were awesome and i'll get more details to you later this week when i get the photos back. (I'm exhausted right now, it was a really busy 3 or 4 days)

It was really special to seeing how united all of my girls were. 

We had a big contingent of the girls who weren't competing fly to the Gold Coast and support those who were competing and it made me so happy.

Because when I started this community this is what I dreamed of building.

I dreamed of building a community of likeminded, kick arse women Women who support one another

Women who compete with one another, Women who push one another to be the best version of themselves.

And thats what we are.

Most people are training on their own or with one-on-one with a trainer and it sucks.

People are always asking me for personal training.

Not my girls.

We are so lucky to have each other.

The Sports Model Project athletes inspire me and push me to be better every day.

Elite athletes train with a coach and with others competitors

Serena practiced her whole life against Venus

Usain Bolt trains with #2 and #3.

We have each other and that's why
We train harder
We prepare better
We get better results than everyone else.

That's why The Sports Model Project has

Best of all my girls
They aren't being starved on low calories
They don't do cardio
They aren't taking supplements
They don't take performance enhancing drugs
They do learn how to move
They do learn how to pose
They do get strong as f@#k
We do this the right way.

Not the way that works for Men
Not the way that old school bodybuilders taught your coach.
Not the way that feeds your insecurities
Not the way that makes you hate the process.
We do this the right way.

I have worked for years in the fitness industry
and competed as a gymnast in school and

I haven't felt the same amount of love and support from a group of women.

So I really want to thank
Tash, Bec and Sharry
and Maxine and Debbie
and Renee and Ingrid
and Tanya and Kerry McNaught
for coming to the Gold Coast
and prepping meals
and helping with outfits
and hair
and make up
and supporting the girls the emotionally.
That's why we get better results than everyone else.

Because the girls and I actually care about one another!
The (outstanding) results 
1st place Bikini 35+ and a Pro-Card Marijana Stojic
1st place Fitness Short Jess Hunter
1st place Fitness Tall Ella Martyn
2nd place bikini tall + pro card Sally pordage
3rd place bikini tall Caterina ruberto
5th place bikini 35+ Rhoda Malia
5th place fitness short Carla

Special shout out to 
Jemma Donkin,
Phillipa Hinton,
Johanna Westin,
Clair Lanev,
Lauren killey
Chantha lake and
Vanessa Stein

1st Bikini 35+ and a Pro-Card Marijana Stojic
1st Fitness Short Jess Hunter
1st place Fitness Tall Ella Martyn
Join The Sports Model Project

Gemma did so well!

Join The Sports Model Project

What do we all have in common? 
We commit harder than you 
We wipe away the tears and pick up the bar. 
We hear that little voice and then slay it. 
We live with our doubt and then confront it. 
We are transformed by our efforts.
We aren't like anybody else