The Power Law You Must Use To Get Killer Results.

The last two months of my training have been very much strength focused.
There is only a small window of the year where this can be my focus.

I have been doing the least amount of training I think I have ever done in my life..
However I have still maintained the number one rule for results.

This rule has allowed me to progress in all my lifts whether it has been to add weight to the bar and/or add reps which has resulted in me hitting new PB’s every second week.

This is what I can achieve using Progressive Overload: the power rule,
by doing the bare minimum.

Get ready to see what I can achieve when I take it to another level ... It’s coming

PB 140kg (308lbs) x 2 x 2

I’ve hit 140kg for singles twice in my life.
Today I managed to get out 5 reps.

Warm up 140kg x 1Top set 145kg x1 - I haven’t hit this number since 2017
Then 140kg x 2 x 2 sets PB
Then 120kg (double my body weight) x 8 reps
My aim is to hit double my body weight x 10 reps

Often when women are asking me how I have attained elite strength and body composition they assume that it’s all from heavy lifting that to get in shape you need to be pushing big weights.

They also assume that to push big weights on the squat you just… keep pushing big weights and thats what they are doing day in and day out without always making a heap off progress. They feel like if they just try harder and harder they will get there. Until they don’t and their progress stalls or they get injured.

But Hattie, I see you pushing heavy weights all the time, isn’t that what I should do?

The truth is a little more complicated.
Your body is series of interconnections. When you squat, load goes through all of those connections.

It’s not just your glutes and quads working but its the ligaments in your feet, its the cartridge in your rib cage it’s the muscles inn your shoulder blades it’s your calf which are keeping you upright it’s all of the muscles bones and ligaments in your body, it your blood vessels and heart as your blood pressure shoots up under all that load (it’s even the veins in your eyes)

All of that force is distributed through your body and If you have muscular imbalances or a lack of strength in one spot, another spot will start to get beaten up. So if your calves are weak your back will get sore or if your hamstring are tight you will beat up your knees and a thousand other possibilities (your body is an amazing adaptation machine)

Do you know whats crazy about the numbers I’m pushing right now?

I have completely dropped back the amount of squatting I am doing in fact I’m doing a whole heap of single leg exercises and working on muscular imbalances that means that when I’m hitting the gym and going for the big numbers all of my muscles are synchronised in their efforts and I can drive the bar better.

So how do you get stronger in the squat? What is the right combination of load, technique and muscular balance?

Well technique is everything and load is king.

Which means that to move a big weight you must practice perfectly every time. You must also be adding weight progressively to the bar but this progression can be was slow as you like.

However to perform perfect technique and for your body to accept load you must have developed balance between all of the muscles in your body. Think of developing strength in the squat as a stool with three legs. Technique, load and muscular balance. Without any of legs eventually the stool will topple over (and so will you, literally)

So to help you I have developed a workout planner that will give you a really good guide to the types of exercises you could select to develop muscular balance.

It's the foundations of all the workouts we put together for our girls.  Click the link below, enter your details and we'll send it right out.

Sophie Places 3rd In Las Vegas

Show update….

Our girl Sophie just placed 3rd in the WORLD BIKINI DIVA in Las Vegas
… and she scored her pro card which she’s been working on for over a year.

Congrats Sophie - your hard work has paid off

2 hrs until we find out the results

Right now, I’m over in Las Vegas competing in the WBFF World Titles.  This time around I think this is the calmest I’ve been.  As could imagine there is a lot of tension and stress during the show - but like I always say - you can only bring your best and I really feel like I’ve done just that.
So I made you guys a little video on my thoughts so far - check it out here:

[video_player type="url" placeholder="" url1="" url2="" style="1" dimensions="640x360" width="360" height="640" align="center" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="20" ipad_color="black"]aHR0cHM6Ly9zMy1hcC1zb3V0aGVhc3QtMi5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2hhdHRpZXN2aWRlb3Mvc2hvdy1kYXktMi5NUDQ=[/video_player]

Final judging should be happening around 10am Melbourne time.  If you’d like to show your support, jump on over to the WBFF official instagram page and check out all the action here:
and if you'd like to watch the show live, head on over to the WBFF shows page where they'll be streaming the show from around 10am.
Love and Light

The Key To Inspiration Is Transformation

I'm so proud of my girl Caterina.

She is about to be featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine which has been the goal since she applied to join The Sports Model Project two years ago.

The best part?

It's legitimate, Caterina Ruberto is the real deal.

Cat has truely transformed her mindset, her body, her career and her relationship by starting our process, putting in the work, turning over the rocks and not quitting till it was done (country girls work hard!).
That's why I love this quote from her feature

"Never in my life would I have thought I could be this proud of who I have become and this happy when I look in the mirror because I love who I see looking back at me...every girl deserves that."

Since April Cat has:

How did she do it?

Of course the hard work started before April. The first step was taking the plunge and applying to join The Sports Model Project. Results like this take time. They take a lot of hard work and dedication - but it starts with taking the first step.

You can apply by clicking this link.

Once Cat applied she put her head down and bum up and just just worked really hard. She didn't quit when she got sick before shows or when life got busy or when she was working heaps, in fact if anything she worked harder.

The rest is a longer story so keep your eyes out, over the next few weeks I'm going to bring you more details on Cat's journey, how she became a part of my inner circle, what she learnt and how you can enjoy the same transformation.

For now, Caterina, my heart just overflows with love and deep sense of pride in how hard you have worked to overcome old beliefs, doubts, fears, illness and injury to get where you are.

Here's to Gluey and Shoey!

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

Apply to take the first step in Caterina's journey by clicking on the image below.

She Grow Grow Grows In Confidence

Watching my girls grow, and grow and grow in confidence is the best part of being the leader of The Sports Model Project.

I want share one of those stories today.

Luãna Carolina was a great person to have in my team and massive success because she worked hard on her mindset and then on her habits and then in the gym. She placed 3rd in the WBFF BIKINI DIVA 2017 in her first big show.

Check her out here on Insta

Like all my birds, she has flown away and is crushing it standing on her own two feet. Luãna is super independent and has just started her own business.
After all: The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.

I wanted to share her story with you because she encapsulates exactly what The Sports Model Project is about!

This is my 11-month progress when I decided I wanted to compete vs Comp day! '14th Nov 2016 - 14th Oct 2017'

"My goal was to compete in a Bikini Fitness Competition."
"I achieved way more than what I expected!

Most of all I changed my mentality from

"I can't do this", "I am not enough"


"I can make any goal a reality",
"I am strong, fierce, powerful"

"I competed In Two Shows." 
"ICN-where I entered Sports Model First Timer and I came 1st!" 
"I also entered Ms Fitness Model First Timer (I placed 4th),Ms Fitness Model Novice, ) and Sports Model Novice."
"Then I entered The WBFF" 
"- I came 3rd in Bikini Diva Tall!! " 
"I also did 5 photo shoots and I improved my PB in a number of things at the gym such as being able to squat 97kg and doing 8 pull ups."
"I have come a long way with my mental health." 
"My biggest challenge going through the process was believing in myself." 
"I learned how to love myself, how to live a balanced life, how to deal with my inner bully and that there are people out there who support each other and truly care about others." 
"I am more positive and truly believe I have the potential to do many great things if I work hard, am consistent and focused!" 
I believe I am good enough and worthy, that is such a big thing for me to say!!
"I learned so many skills to keep me fit and healthy and how to progress at the gym as well." 
I loved listening to webinars and learning more in depth about the psychological side of things and goal setting and positive thinking." 
"My journey was life changing."
"It made me a different person, I still have some things to work on but I definitely would say I view life differently now and the way I think of many things has changed to positive."
"Everyone is so supportive and there for each other no matter what it is. 
They share stories, tips, food recipes, motivational quotes, they are super friendly and I felt so comfortable sharing personal things I have never shared with others." 
"The SMP girls are an amazing team! " 
"You become like sisters!!"I would trust them with anything!" 
"Hattie is honest, super-positive, energetic, hands on, happy, strong, inspiring and a super dedicated coach." 
"She will go above and beyond to teach you and guide you." 
"It is way more than just fitness with Hattie." 
"It's the whole package, you gain a coach but also a friend." 
"I am going to continue working on myself and have some goals I have set myself that I know I CAN achieve. I will definitely be competing again some time in the near future."
"I am so proud of myself but also feel so lucky to have had an amazing coach, team and support behind me." 
"My life has literally changed, I never knew I could achieve everything that I have in such a short time.": 
Thanks Luãna we miss you! 
The Sports Model Project is for women who want to go to the next level or are ready to work really hard on the their mind and body. You also have to have been training, hard in a gym for the last two years. 
It's your time to be the one who grow, grow, grows in confidence. 

Click this link or the image below to apply for my team. 

Love and light, 
Hattie xoxoxo

The One Direction You Must Fail In

I take pride in training hard.
In fact I live for it.

It's not about "crushing goals".
I like to set incredibly high challenges for myself because I know that when I fail, I’m still failing forward.

I learn from every mistake, get back up and try again
because each time I TRY and I fail,
I begin ahead of where originally started.
There is progress in each and every failure.
So stretch yourself!
Create goals that make you uncomfortable.
All of the good stuff happens at the point where the challenge is greater than your current level of skill.

That's why you must aim to fail,

because failure is the exact point where lessons are learnt,
it's also the point where your resilience grows stronger.
Resilience is the ability to keep striving no matter what the outcome
and you can train it like a muscle.
Eventually you will triumph!
When the challenge at the is greater than your skill level,
the eventual success is sweeter
and the breakthroughs are far greater.

You must be willing to fail forward in order to succeed.
Set your goals high!

For me a big part of successful failure is constantly applying the best principles and latest techniques to everything I do.

That's why I'm super excited about the upcoming masterclass that I am running with Bret Contreras.

Bret ls one of the few people who we can say revolutionised the fitness industry.
But he didn't do it with marketing or gimmicks. He did it by years of study and cutting edge research which he then applied in the field.
In our masterclass will help you understand the art and science behind glute training.

It's a unique chance to understand how world class research is applied by world class athletes to produce outsize results.

We are going to get right into the detail and then drill you through the practical application. It will be HARD but super rewarding!

Naturally, my sports model project girls have had first access to this, and half of the tickets have been sold already.

As a result, there's only 20 spots left - they'll go quick.

Key Event Details:
Date: 28th & 29th of April
Location: PCYC Sydney, Woolloomooloo NSW 2450
Price: $1500

These are guaranteed to go fast - get in quick to avoid disapointment.
There's no guarantees we'll run this event again or in other locations.

So, if you'd like to join us on this intimate workshop simply click on the link below to secure your place.

How to Build Glutes The Right Way

See you at the event!

Love and Light
Hattie xoxo


What's At The End Of All Those Negative Thoughts?

What could you achieve if you changed your focus?

What would happen If you shifted from only seeing what you don’t like or don’t have, to seeing what you do like and you do have.

Focusing on what you don’t have
or what you can’t do
will get you exactly what you're focused on
You will keep on not having it and not being able to do it.

Where your focus goes your energy flows.

What would happen if you focus on who you want to be
and the characteristics you will take on to become that person?

Instead of going on social media to “validate” how far away you are from your dream physique, go to the gym, read a book, write out your plan, reflect on your process, IMPROVE your process, meditate, spend time with people you love.

Start acting like the person you want to become

then as soon as you do
in that instant,
you are.

The Sports Model Project was designed to completely refocus you.
To reframe all of your current beliefs, habits and process and place them in service of your big scary, secret goals.

The goals that you only whisper, even to yourself.

"One day I'll be the best version of myself:"
"One day I'll be strong, lean, eating food and happy at the same time"
"One day I'll put that dress on and feel confident"
"One day I'll compete, and I'll win"

But instead of you whispering them, and instead of them being "goals" my Sports Model Project makes them a reality.

I am the best version of myself!" 🙂
"I'm strong and lean, I'm eating all of the food and I'm so happy"
"I look SO good in this dress!"
"I got on stage and... I won"

So I'm always getting little messages like this from my girls:

Are you ready to be the hardest worker in the room?

Have you been training hard in the gym for the last two years?

Are you willing to work on your habits and mindset as well as your nutrition and exercise?

Are you must prepared to support other women and be open to them supporting your success too?

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?
If you answered yes to all of these questions you can apply for my program by clicking on the image below.

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxox

You Are Allowed


Love and Light,

You can apply to join my team by clicking on the image below. 




Hattie The Vampire Training Slayer

I love the the art and science of coaching.

That's why I hate hearing that girls are still doing old school body-part splits, vampire programs that steal your results and your vitality from you.

You know,
Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Chest and back
Thursday - Shoulders and arms
Friday - Abs and calves

Or whatever vampire program that performance enhanced, male body builders have convinced the fitness industry you should do. Mindlessly "going heavy" or doing fasted cardio until your exhausted.

So I was so excited to see an message in our forum the other day from the awesome Leah Galbraith.

Leah has faced a whole lot of adversity at the exact time she has been in the team and has got amazing results and more importantly has kept going and inspired the rest of us, what she says means allot to me as her coach!


It's crazy: If you apply the science and use weights properly you can re-balance your body, become more mobile, radically transform your physique and develop rock solid confidence from the inside all the way out. 
This can be your story if ...
You're ready to go to the next level
You can support other women and are prepared to be supported in return
You have already been training hard, at the gym for at least 12 months
Are prepared to always be the hardest worker in the room
You are coachable.
Light and loving kindness,
Hattie xoxox
(Super proud coach of the best team in the world.)


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