The BIG Upgrade To My Training For The WBFF

For many years I didn't train my abs.

Out of all the body parts there is to train, abs is my least favourite

The only time l enjoy training them is when I can see them. 🙂

However, in preparing for the WBFF World Titles I’ve given them a priority. I also made any rehab, priority. I wasn't allowed to do the "fun" stuff 'til the foundation work was done or pre lifting activation work.

Funny enough, once I found my routine, I really enjoyed doing it because I could feel and see the results. In the past, if I was time poor, I would skip past the pre-lifting work and the abs (because they were always done at the end) and my excuse was that the other work was priority.


This year I made time and effort to get it all done.

The results?

Well, a much greater and better looking abdominal wall.

Not once this year have I had back pain of any kind during my training which used to be a recurring thing that would happen.  I stuck to the basics: plank, side plank and dish work in, plus some flexion and extension work.

This is by far the best my body has moved and felt.

Who would have thought putting time and effort to the foundation work makes all the difference!

There is a big lesson here, you are never too advanced to be doing the basics really well, but sometimes you can get advanced and forget that. 😉

It’s crazy because I build foundational work in for all of my girls in The Sports Model Project.

And I’m glad because it’s so worth it.

You can apply to join my team by clicking this link.

Love and light

Hattie xoxo

From Trauma To WBFF Champion

How long have you been working with SMP?
"For over 6 months now" 

What got you started on this journey?
I have always wanted to be the athlete that is coached by the best coaches.

Hattie Boydle and the SMP have always impressed me with their athletes and how much I would hear about their support team being all about mindset and support!
What result did you achieve? 

I won my Pro card with the WBFF !

I feel confident again and I feel like I’m on the right road with my mindset and how I have learned to create rituals that make my journey move towards my dreams!
What was your biggest challenge(s) at the start?

To become confident again, after having my first child and then having passed through some difficult, traumatic events I kind of forgot who I was and who I wanted to be!
What was your goal?

To bring back the athlete in me and to be a champion, by bringing back my confidence and the balance with my mindset and inner energy!
How have you changed?

I have clarity in my mind and I’m focused! I proved to myself I can do anything I set my mind to do!
What were your biggest challenges going through the process?

In the beginning, was too hard to believe I was heading in the right direction and being able to stay motivated again!
What did you learn?

I learned to have more autonomy with my nutrition, truly get to know the tricks of the mind and staying accountable, resourceful and active within the community of woman that are so supportive in the SMP group!
How would you describe your journey?

A mix of rediscovering myself and success within my goals, alongside connecting with like-minded woman!
What was it like working with the Sports Model Project and the other girls in your team?

Outstanding! I found support and answers to anything I needed, I made friends and from the coaches and Hattie I had the best program structure I have ever had which truly changed my physique!
What is it like working with Hattie?

It’s motivating and inspiring! She’s no different than anyone, she shares her thoughts openly and applies to us what she works with herself!
What is next for you?

Continue to work on my mind & body and do my first Pro show in October with WBFF Australia.

(NOTE: Nathalia has just joined SMP as a coach)
Is there anything that you really want to say? 

I’m extremely grateful to have been able to take on this journey when I did! Timing could not be more perfect, I have always believed things happen for a reason and you attract what comes next , I’m so happy I have met Hattie and Cat and Nick and that I have been on this community driven team that takes coaching beyond just body transformation but a soul changing experience!
I'm so proud of Nat and I'm so happy to have her on my team as a coach in the Sports Model Project.

Watching women ascend, develop themselves, compete, grow and then learn to contribute back to other women has been my dream since I started this team and built this community.
If you are ready to rise you can apply to join my team by clicking this link and book a call to speak with my team. 

Nathalia might even be the one who calls you back!

Love and light 
Hattie xoxo

Nathalia Won her WBFF Pro-Card!

Nathalia won her WBFF Pro Card!!! She won first place fitness model and she is now a pro-athlete and can compete on the biggest stage in the world with the worlds best athletes and competitors!

Nat has worked so hard to achieve this result, it didn't just happen.
Nat's biggest challenge when she set out was 

"To become confident again, after having my first child and then having passed through some difficult traumatic events I kind of forgot who I was and who I wanted to be!"

- Nathalia Burmann 

It just makes me so proud to have coached Nat and to watch her grow and develop her mind and her physique from heart, hard work, and determination.

Tomorrow I'm going to bring you more of Nat's story and what she had to do for this phenomenal level of success and personal growth.

It even gets better, Nat is joining The Sports Model Project as a guide, coach and leader for other women who are ready to go on this journey of transformation and self-mastery.

Is it your turn?
Are you ready for transformation?
Is it your turn to get on stage?
Maybe it's time to really take control and master your mindset and habits.

Entry into The Sports Model Project is via an application call with Caterina who is also a WBFF Pro Athlete and is the gate keeper to our team.

If you are a good fit Cat will offer you a spot in our team and we will get to work coaching you.

You can book your call with Cat here

I'm floating on a massive high, The Sports Model Project has never been more full of love, support, success and personal transformation. 
I'm so happy for all my girls!

Congratulations Nat!

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

Crazy, Sexy, Cool

When I was little, my sister and I loved to transform into TLC.

Emma would be T-Boz and I would be Left-eye, dancing around the living room, singing into imaginary microphones. 

So I love Crazy, Sexy, Cool it's my second favorite album 
(Aaliyah will always be #1)

I also recognise "crazy, sexy, cool" perfectly describes Julia,
one of my amazing Sports Model Project girls. 

Here is Julia's story.
Hi, my name is Julia, and this is my SMP story, a story that has changed me and my life.

This January 2019 marked 1 year of me being a part of a strong, powerful and loving tribe.

I have always been active, since I was a 4-year-old kid I was into dancing, swimming, and skiing. I never was overweight, but neither was I skinny.

At the age of 22, I started doing CrossFit and from skinny 47 kg I turned into a fit 55 kg girl and I absolutely loved that change.

But I exhausted myself with workouts and training that after 9 months of nonstop activities: CrossFit, running, gym and then my body crashed.

Then for the next 6 – 7 months, I didn’t do anything but cardio…. I got kind of obsessed with it. But looking back now I realize that even though I religiously did it every day I didn't get results…?

I had neither an amazing physique, no muscles…nor a good feeling of achieving and improving…

I started to do bodybuilding style training almost 3 years ago….
I competed 3 times in these 3 years. 

The first two competitions and preps were totally different from my recent one with SMP in October 2018. Long story short, 8 months prior to joining SMP and after 2 of my comps I didn't look or feel good.

I trained, I tracked macros, I didn’t have any cheat meals and I was still obsessed with cardio but nothing was moving, and my body was always inflamed.

My coach at that time blamed it on the dairy! 

I love dairy so much but I stopped eating it for 6 months. All I had was plant-based milk in my coffee. And nothing changed even after. Then he found something else to blame it on….

So in my head cardio was the only thing that could keep me more or less fit and I thought as soon as I stop I will get fat it's also worth mentioning that I was dancing on top of all the gym and cardio and I ate nowhere close to enough.
I was feeling depressed for the good 8 months.. hating my body….didn’t enjoy dressing up and always tried to cover it up.

Because of this wrong approach I was so hung up on cardio that for me in SMP this was the hardest challenge – to stop it and start eating more. 

I love food but I was afraid to eat – how screwed up is that??? 
Suffering every day and being afraid to enjoy life and simply have a piece of cake? 

Of course, sometimes it leads to me eating a chocolate bar and feeling so guilty about it. This feeling is also not a nice one…consumes you… I needed a change!!!

I was tired of being unhappy with my body…. I needed someone I can relate to, someone I can trust, someone who has been there, who can guide and teach me, that was the moment SMP came into my life which by the way was a miracle, thank you Universe and law of attraction)
The first thing Hattie told me was that I was not eating enough, and I was doing too much exercise.

That was a recurring theme by now and so I decided “I am trusting every word she says…I trust her and her team knowledge and I am going to do what she says…. Otherwise, what is the point.? I already did it the other way.

Since I was a small kid I always needed to be first. The best. I always tried to be the best for my mom and make her proud. Be the best for my teachers to make them proud and I always was competitive. So for me being a part of the team, representing someone as Hattie was an honor and I decided that I will make her proud and I won’t fail, because I cant. Failure wasn’t and isn’t an option.

Needless to say, 10 next month leading to my first wbff show was INCREDIBLE! Taking a leap of faith was the best decision in my life….. I stopped doing cardio!! At all. for 8 months…carbs came back into my life… I started to love my body because it was changing for the better and I loved it.

My goal was and still is – to have the body I love (not the other ppl or judges at the show) to have the body I have in my mind and body I feel comfortable in for me it is about being strong, fit and toned.
How did I change…?

I have experienced a 180 degrees turn in mindset, physique and in how I see the world, how I react to things how I accept challenges and hardships.

It might sound silly to someone but this is not just a Weight loss program for 99.99% it is alife changing opportunity …but! There is one big BUT: it will only work WHEN you stop making excuses, when you stop blaming someone else for problems in your life, when you start taking responsibility for your own actions, when you stop being a victim. OWN your life. Create your future (as cliché as it sounds)

Hattie and team can only do that much, they give us tools, help, support, knowledge but you have to put in work.
A lot of work. And I did. I am very organized and disciplined and I was ready.
Of course, it is impossible to be full-on 365 days a year and only with Hattie and her team I learned how not to beat myself up for it, how to LEARN from it, how to use it for the better and how to move on!!!!

That realisation was incredibly enlightening!!! 

I realized that I don’t have to be unhappy, or depressed or guilty…I only have to be compliant, honest to myself, consistent and most important coachable!

During this year my life went from good to better and so many things happened that I could have only dreamed of!!!! 
And the biggest thing is now I know – I can have everything I want, and I can be who I want to be. 

But you have to let go of the negativity and bitterness…. Accept your failures…. Do the work and move on…Hattie…what I can say… - SHE is the woman behind all these changes….. she is an angel… I don’t know what words I can use to describe her.
I don’t know where she gets the strength and the power to help all of us and be the light that she is…? I can't find words to describe how she makes me feel, when I speak to her on the phone…and especially when I saw her in Australia for the first time….She gives you this warm feeling …as you feel when you hug a mom.

She makes you feel calm and empowered… she makes you feel superhuman. 

Hattie lights up the room!!! 

I want to hug her all the time and I want her to know how I appreciate all she does, how grateful I am that she puts so much time in us…. It is unbelievable

But Hattie is not the only one I want to thank. There are Caterina and Nick. Nick is part of the brains behind it and I can honestly say that it won't be the same if he wasn’t there…He never sugar coats anything and this is so sweet!

He wakes you up and makes you face the reality which is not the best all the time. He makes you do the work and makes you realize what you doing wrong and step by step he helps you to free yourself up from all the excuses you been making all the time.
I can’t say anything more but that I love you with all my heart and I will be forever grateful for this experience, which I believe the Universe sent me to fulfill my potential and I know that each and every woman there is capable of this. 

Don’t try, don’t see, just do it. 

Thanks Julia! I'm so proud of you and how far you have come.
I love the energy you put into dancing and training and your whole life!

Are you ready? Is it your turn to experience what Julia has?

You can apply to join my team via a discovery call with Caterina.
Click this link to book your slot. 

Love and light 
Hattie xoxox
You can check out Julia and her amazing dancing at her Instagram

The Power Law You Must Use To Get Killer Results.

The last two months of my training have been very much strength focused.
There is only a small window of the year where this can be my focus.

I have been doing the least amount of training I think I have ever done in my life..
However I have still maintained the number one rule for results.

This rule has allowed me to progress in all my lifts whether it has been to add weight to the bar and/or add reps which has resulted in me hitting new PB’s every second week.

This is what I can achieve using Progressive Overload: the power rule,
by doing the bare minimum.

Get ready to see what I can achieve when I take it to another level ... It’s coming

PB 140kg (308lbs) x 2 x 2

I’ve hit 140kg for singles twice in my life.
Today I managed to get out 5 reps.

Warm up 140kg x 1Top set 145kg x1 - I haven’t hit this number since 2017
Then 140kg x 2 x 2 sets PB
Then 120kg (double my body weight) x 8 reps
My aim is to hit double my body weight x 10 reps

Often when women are asking me how I have attained elite strength and body composition they assume that it’s all from heavy lifting that to get in shape you need to be pushing big weights.

They also assume that to push big weights on the squat you just… keep pushing big weights and thats what they are doing day in and day out without always making a heap off progress. They feel like if they just try harder and harder they will get there. Until they don’t and their progress stalls or they get injured.

But Hattie, I see you pushing heavy weights all the time, isn’t that what I should do?

The truth is a little more complicated.
Your body is series of interconnections. When you squat, load goes through all of those connections.

It’s not just your glutes and quads working but its the ligaments in your feet, its the cartridge in your rib cage it’s the muscles inn your shoulder blades it’s your calf which are keeping you upright it’s all of the muscles bones and ligaments in your body, it your blood vessels and heart as your blood pressure shoots up under all that load (it’s even the veins in your eyes)

All of that force is distributed through your body and If you have muscular imbalances or a lack of strength in one spot, another spot will start to get beaten up. So if your calves are weak your back will get sore or if your hamstring are tight you will beat up your knees and a thousand other possibilities (your body is an amazing adaptation machine)

Do you know whats crazy about the numbers I’m pushing right now?

I have completely dropped back the amount of squatting I am doing in fact I’m doing a whole heap of single leg exercises and working on muscular imbalances that means that when I’m hitting the gym and going for the big numbers all of my muscles are synchronised in their efforts and I can drive the bar better.

So how do you get stronger in the squat? What is the right combination of load, technique and muscular balance?

Well technique is everything and load is king.

Which means that to move a big weight you must practice perfectly every time. You must also be adding weight progressively to the bar but this progression can be was slow as you like.

However to perform perfect technique and for your body to accept load you must have developed balance between all of the muscles in your body. Think of developing strength in the squat as a stool with three legs. Technique, load and muscular balance. Without any of legs eventually the stool will topple over (and so will you, literally)

So to help you I have developed a workout planner that will give you a really good guide to the types of exercises you could select to develop muscular balance.

It's the foundations of all the workouts we put together for our girls.  Click the link below, enter your details and we'll send it right out.

Sophie Places 3rd In Las Vegas

Show update….

Our girl Sophie just placed 3rd in the WORLD BIKINI DIVA in Las Vegas
… and she scored her pro card which she’s been working on for over a year.

Congrats Sophie - your hard work has paid off

2 hrs until we find out the results

Right now, I’m over in Las Vegas competing in the WBFF World Titles.  This time around I think this is the calmest I’ve been.  As could imagine there is a lot of tension and stress during the show - but like I always say - you can only bring your best and I really feel like I’ve done just that.
So I made you guys a little video on my thoughts so far - check it out here:

[video_player type="url" placeholder="" url1="" url2="" style="1" dimensions="640x360" width="360" height="640" align="center" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="20" ipad_color="black"]aHR0cHM6Ly9zMy1hcC1zb3V0aGVhc3QtMi5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2hhdHRpZXN2aWRlb3Mvc2hvdy1kYXktMi5NUDQ=[/video_player]

Final judging should be happening around 10am Melbourne time.  If you’d like to show your support, jump on over to the WBFF official instagram page and check out all the action here:
and if you'd like to watch the show live, head on over to the WBFF shows page where they'll be streaming the show from around 10am.
Love and Light

The Key To Inspiration Is Transformation

I'm so proud of my girl Caterina.

She is about to be featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine which has been the goal since she applied to join The Sports Model Project two years ago.

The best part?

It's legitimate, Caterina Ruberto is the real deal.

Cat has truely transformed her mindset, her body, her career and her relationship by starting our process, putting in the work, turning over the rocks and not quitting till it was done (country girls work hard!).
That's why I love this quote from her feature

"Never in my life would I have thought I could be this proud of who I have become and this happy when I look in the mirror because I love who I see looking back at me...every girl deserves that."

Since April Cat has:

How did she do it?

Of course the hard work started before April. The first step was taking the plunge and applying to join The Sports Model Project. Results like this take time. They take a lot of hard work and dedication - but it starts with taking the first step.

You can apply by clicking this link.

Once Cat applied she put her head down and bum up and just just worked really hard. She didn't quit when she got sick before shows or when life got busy or when she was working heaps, in fact if anything she worked harder.

The rest is a longer story so keep your eyes out, over the next few weeks I'm going to bring you more details on Cat's journey, how she became a part of my inner circle, what she learnt and how you can enjoy the same transformation.

For now, Caterina, my heart just overflows with love and deep sense of pride in how hard you have worked to overcome old beliefs, doubts, fears, illness and injury to get where you are.

Here's to Gluey and Shoey!

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

Apply to take the first step in Caterina's journey by clicking on the image below.

She Grow Grow Grows In Confidence

Watching my girls grow, and grow and grow in confidence is the best part of being the leader of The Sports Model Project.

I want share one of those stories today.

Luãna Carolina was a great person to have in my team and massive success because she worked hard on her mindset and then on her habits and then in the gym. She placed 3rd in the WBFF BIKINI DIVA 2017 in her first big show.

Check her out here on Insta

Like all my birds, she has flown away and is crushing it standing on her own two feet. Luãna is super independent and has just started her own business.
After all: The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.

I wanted to share her story with you because she encapsulates exactly what The Sports Model Project is about!

This is my 11-month progress when I decided I wanted to compete vs Comp day! '14th Nov 2016 - 14th Oct 2017'

"My goal was to compete in a Bikini Fitness Competition."
"I achieved way more than what I expected!

Most of all I changed my mentality from

"I can't do this", "I am not enough"


"I can make any goal a reality",
"I am strong, fierce, powerful"

"I competed In Two Shows." 
"ICN-where I entered Sports Model First Timer and I came 1st!" 
"I also entered Ms Fitness Model First Timer (I placed 4th),Ms Fitness Model Novice, ) and Sports Model Novice."
"Then I entered The WBFF" 
"- I came 3rd in Bikini Diva Tall!! " 
"I also did 5 photo shoots and I improved my PB in a number of things at the gym such as being able to squat 97kg and doing 8 pull ups."
"I have come a long way with my mental health." 
"My biggest challenge going through the process was believing in myself." 
"I learned how to love myself, how to live a balanced life, how to deal with my inner bully and that there are people out there who support each other and truly care about others." 
"I am more positive and truly believe I have the potential to do many great things if I work hard, am consistent and focused!" 
I believe I am good enough and worthy, that is such a big thing for me to say!!
"I learned so many skills to keep me fit and healthy and how to progress at the gym as well." 
I loved listening to webinars and learning more in depth about the psychological side of things and goal setting and positive thinking." 
"My journey was life changing."
"It made me a different person, I still have some things to work on but I definitely would say I view life differently now and the way I think of many things has changed to positive."
"Everyone is so supportive and there for each other no matter what it is. 
They share stories, tips, food recipes, motivational quotes, they are super friendly and I felt so comfortable sharing personal things I have never shared with others." 
"The SMP girls are an amazing team! " 
"You become like sisters!!"I would trust them with anything!" 
"Hattie is honest, super-positive, energetic, hands on, happy, strong, inspiring and a super dedicated coach." 
"She will go above and beyond to teach you and guide you." 
"It is way more than just fitness with Hattie." 
"It's the whole package, you gain a coach but also a friend." 
"I am going to continue working on myself and have some goals I have set myself that I know I CAN achieve. I will definitely be competing again some time in the near future."
"I am so proud of myself but also feel so lucky to have had an amazing coach, team and support behind me." 
"My life has literally changed, I never knew I could achieve everything that I have in such a short time.": 
Thanks Luãna we miss you! 
The Sports Model Project is for women who want to go to the next level or are ready to work really hard on the their mind and body. You also have to have been training, hard in a gym for the last two years. 
It's your time to be the one who grow, grow, grows in confidence. 

Click this link or the image below to apply for my team. 

Love and light, 
Hattie xoxoxo
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