Ambitious Body

Today I wanted to share an interview with my girl Izzy Beetson. Izzy is a PT in Perth, Western Australia, her business is called Ambitious Bodies which also describes Izzy.

Super ambitious with a crazy body.

When we meet Izzy was borderline not going to start. Money was an issue for her and so was trusting that the Sports Model Project could deliver her what she wanted. 8 months later her body is transformed and she has really grown as a person. Izzy has such a great spark and she threw herself into her preparation with enormous drive. Such a great energy to have in our team

Here is my interview with Izzy
How long have you been working with SMP?

8 months

What got you started on this journey?

I've always wanted to take my fitness to new heights, and the SMP opportunity arose. Hattie is a beautiful role model from strong women, so i jumped on board!

What was your biggest challenge(s) at the start?

Affordability. But health and fitness are my priorities over new clothes and brands. So I make it work.

What was your goal?
Build muscle. Compete for the first time ever. Learn and learn and learn <3
What result did you achieve?
All the results I could ask for! *glutes pending* I have learnt far more about my body and its capabilities than I would have with my previous knowledge and teachers.
How have you changed?
I'm stronger, leaner, far more shapier and live off a crazy amount of food i would have never given myself prior - hence the previous lack of progress.
What were your biggest challenges going though the process?

Wrapping my head around eating rice and potato, and cereal, and bread :O

What were your learnings?

More on Nutrition, Program writing, Periodisation, the crucialness of consistency, and tempo. As a Personal Trainer I pay close attention to how I can improve my teaching skills to my clients. A lot so on mentality of people - and how to overcome/connect with individuals.

Izzy Featured In Oxygen Magazine

How would you describe your journey?
Its been sweet. Ive learnt so much, and have far more skills to share and teach to my clients. It as opened so many doors for my career and personal growth. Hattie connects with your mentality, not just physique. My journey with SMP is just beginning 🙂
What was it like working with the Sports Model Project and the other girls in your team?
Awesome! Fun and interactive with like-minded ladies all so encouraging and friendly. Such a close-knit team to be part of.
What is it like working with Hattie?

She's a compassionate, no-BS coach. She genuinely cares for us, and remembers the finer details of each client - impressive! 

What is next for you?
Ima keep doing what I'm doing with SMP
Is there anything that you really want to say?
You get out what you put in, and it has been a life-changing experience for me!

The Only Thing You Can Control

Well, actually there is three you can control.

We all have the ILLUSION of control. We want to try to control what happens to us, how our partners will act, what our bodies look like what your girlfriends will say.


We can’t control any of these things.
We can’t control anything really.

We seek control because we want to avoid pain.
This is wired right into our nervous system,
we want to avoid pain at all costs.

So our brain tries to control all of the things around us to ensure that we are never hurt.

In the long run, this is a recipe for disappointment, dissatisfaction and fractured relationships.

We can’t control what other people do,
there is literally no way to do that.

As much as it hurts we can't control what people say to us or about us either.

We can't even control peoples thoughts.

We can only control
our thoughts,
our words
and our actions.

True happiness comes when we surrender the illusion of control and instead accept responsibility.

True happiness comes that we accept the responsibility to do what is right regardless of the outcome
to take and action purely because we know it is right.

This principle permeates everything.

You do a good job at work not because you want a raise or praise in your next review. You doing a good job because you are the type of person who always does your best because you haver accepted the responsibility of being awesome.

If your a competitor it means committing to your process without any guarantee that your will win.
You commit and execute perfectly because it’s the right thing to do.

Weirdly this is also the blue print for success:

Develop a process, commit to it and implement like crazy.

All the great ones in sport, the arts, business, and leadership practice their skill,
develop a process and then commit to implementing it until they are successful.

So strangely getting the result you want requires that you let go of that result and focusing on the only things you can control

YOUR thoughts
YOUR words
YOUR actions.

This is the cornerstone of my success and the success of my girls in The Sports Model Project.

Are you are ready to commit to a process,
implement it like crazy
and be successful,


Click this link and apply to join my team

Love and light

Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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Paid The Cost To Be The Boss

Here is an interview with my girl Morgan who had an amazing change of mind, body and life in the time I have known her.

Morgan is an osteopath and is running an awesome business called Balanced Bods Health In North Sydney. Check her out at

I love women in business! Morgan is super cool and a real inspiration to me!

This is Morgan's story

How would you describe your journey?

This journey has been incredibly healing, grueling, scary, necessary, and so much fun! It started when I was at a low coming out of a breakup and still mourning the passing of my mum.

Training and having a routine to stick to gave me focus and started to build my drive. With the drive and routine, I started to progress in strength which built my confidence.

Setting the intention to compete was scary at first because there was no hiding in my doubts and fears around being good enough to get up on stage but I look back and have no regrets and I actually feel so motivated to keep pushing, experimenting and setting new health and fitness goals to work towards.

I would highly recommend this experience if you feel like you're in a rut and want to change for the better.

How long have you been working with SMP?

7 months

What got you started on this journey?

It was a goal on my bucket list, something I aspired to do but didn't really know if I had in me to accomplish.

What was your biggest challenge(s) at the start?

"The biggest challenge for me was being organized and tracking my food. I love training so that has been the easiest aspect of the journey, what challenging is being totally accountable for what goes in my mouth."

What was your goal?
My goal initially was simply to get up on stage and compete. I've done that now and love the feeling of achievement; all the hard work, sweat and tears that goes into comp prep and being able to stand up and express that sense of achievement with pride and confidence.
What result did you achieve?

I placed 2nd and 3rd in my divisions in ICN and top 10 for my divisions in WBFF. I hope to place top 5 for my next WBFF comp.

How have you changed?

I have more confidence and trust in myself. I now know I'm capable of achieving anything I set my mind to and understand the value of consistent, hard work if you want a result or to change your mind set and body. I value and love myself more.

What were your biggest challenges going through the process?

Fitting in training, meal prepping and tracking my food as well as running my business has been a big challenge. I'm not going to lie, comp prep is time-consuming; physically, mentally and emotionally so finding a balance between my fitness goals and my work has been challenging.

What Have You Learned
There have been so many! Firstly, what you put in you get out. If I train half-assed I'll get half-assed results. If I don't track my food; I'll risk an unwanted number on the scales. At the end of the day I am totally accountable for my results. That's very empowering but annoying at times when I know I've slackened off and have no one else to blame but myself.
What was it like working with the Sports Model Project and the other girls in your team?

To connect with an army of like-minded women and a power couple Hattie and Nick, supporting you, all working towards a similar goal is inspiring! I have had so much fun catching up with the SMP girls during comp prep at the posing workshops and shoots we've done.

There have been lots of laughs!

What is it like working with Hattie?

Hattie's full of energy, inspiring and no bull shit! She expects the best from you, motivates you to train hard and push through your excuses. There have been times when I've fallen off track and I've looked for her to validate my bull shit but she has pulled me up every time! If you want to work to become the best version of yourself, to get training and personal development coaching by a world number one then I would highly recommend Hattie to coach you.

What is next for you?

I'm competing next week in the WBFF comp in Sydney.  I hope to place top 5 and then we'll see what next year has in store!

Is there anything that you really want to say?

Thank you!!!

Is it your turn?

Do you want to be the one to shine?

Do you want to do the work?
Are you driven by the process?

Have you been waiting all this time for a place to call home, for a team to love and support you?

Are you ready to go to the next level mentally, emotionally and physically?
Then click this link and jump the queue to join The Sports Model Project.

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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The Sports Model Project Wins Pro-Card, 1st, 2nd & 3 Top Ten Places.

Congratulations to all the girls who competed around the world on the weekend.

The Sports Model Project had some awesome results we had heaps of fun and we did a super fun photo shoot on Sunday with Dallas Olsen. I'm also really proud that ten of the girls who weren't competing came to the Sydney show and supported their team mates.

Won Pro-card in Bikini+ First Place in Bikini Division
Alessandra Orhek

Second Place In Fitness Division
Sophie O'callaghan

Back Stage With Sophie


Kat, Sam, Sophie Back Stage WBFF Sydney 2017

Top Ten Placings for
Morgan Langford, Tahlia Twomney and Sam Palmer

Morgan & I Backstage WBFF Sydney 2017

Stepping into WBFF Competition for the first time
Kat Gundry and Winne

A special shout goes out to all of my girls in The Sports Model Project who have achieved so much over the past six months. I can't wait to share the photo shoot we did yesterday because it will highlight the awesome results of the girls who didn't compete.

Lyndall, Me, Tahlia, Kat. Behind The Scenes At The Photo Shoot

Sure, the results are awesome but the personal development and emotional transformations that my girls have gone through are what really excites me. The nature of competitions means that this is not always recognised publically.

I was super impressed with how Kat Gundry did in her first WBFF show. Kat has come so far in the last three years and is balancing being nurse as well as being a competitor. Sometimes she was completely wrecked from four nights in a row of night shift and yet she would still get herself to the gym and hit her macros.

When she walked on stage Kat got the biggest cheer of any competitor and I think the crowd was bang on.

So proud of you Kat.

Is it your turn to go on a voyage of self-discovery and personal transformation?
Do you want to be the story for a change?
Is it your time to shine?

For the first time in a long time, there are spots available in The Sports Model Project.
To apply click this link and answer the questions with as much detail as possible.

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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SMP Photo Shoot With Oxygen Magazine And Dallas Olsen

Check out the Sports Model Project photoshoot with my girls!

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Bec Lost 10kg And Nailed It On Stage

I had managed to lose about 16 kilos on my own but hadn't seen the change in body composition I wanted.

My primary physical goal when I joined SMP was to lose body fat and gain muscle and strength. 

My mental goal was to gain back the self-confidence and self-love I had lost. I first learned of Hattie when she was on the cover of Oxygen and I found her to be really inspirational yet relatable.

Everything was a challenge at the start!

I'd never counted a macro in my life nor had I trained in Hattie's style. I'd never done a front squat or tempo work or anything like that. I remember it taking me up to half an hour to pre-plan my food for the next day at the beginning, now I can do it in 5 minutes flat.

I really wanted to lose body fat and see visible muscle.

I wanted to look strong and fit but I never wanted to compete - I actually told Hattie that the very first time I spoke to her! Truth was I didn't believe I'd ever be able to get in shape enough to compete so that as a goal was never on my radar.

I got results beyond my wildest imagination.

I never, ever, thought I would look and feel the way I do now. I thought my body would always be the same shape because those were my genetics and how I'd always looked... right? Even my mum says she can't believe how much my shape has changed. While with SMP I've lost well over 10kg of body fat, gained a crazy amount of muscle and immeasurable self confidence and knowledge. I haven't had a DEXA scan for a while but the last one I had 5 months before my comp I was sitting at 14% body fat. I would have been much leaner on comp day. I've also learned skills in not only diet and training, but in mindset, that I will have for life.

In terms of my comp results, I entered two Bikini divisions at the Queensland AWNBS titles and placed in both taking away a 2nd and 4th place.

I genuinely believe I'm not the same person I was a year ago - physically or mentally.

My mindset is totally different. Before, I always saw the obstacles and the problems that would stop me from achieving the things I wanted. The victim mentality... poor me! Now, I've learned to back myself and know I can achieve anything I work hard for and believe in. Not only in terms of how I look but in all aspects of my life. A lot of people who are really close to me have said they still cannot believe I actually competed - "YOU... stood on a stage... in a bikini... in front of hundreds of people?!" You're damn right I did, and I loved it! It's my mental transformation that I am most proud of.

Self-doubt and a fear of the unknown... were my biggest challenges

I had no self-confidence whatsoever when I joined and I wasn't sure I was up to the task. I'm a very process-driven person and I trusted Hattie immediately, so I just told myself to follow the process she had given me one day at a time. Slowly but surely the results started showing and still now, I take things one day at a time... just following the process.

What I've learned is that there is no fun or growth to be had inside one's comfort zone.

I lived in my comfort zone for 27 years and I didn't achieve or have near as much fun as I have since I took the leap to join SMP and decided it was time to back myself to do and be MORE.

I've learned the valuable difference between motivation and discipline.

A lot of people ask me how I stay motivated. The truth is, no one feels motivated every single day. Motivation gets you started, but discipline keeps you going. I've learned a level of self-discipline that is stronger than the "I don't feel like it today" thoughts we all have from time to time. As Hattie says - if you only travel on sunny days, you'll never reach your destination.

This was life changing. Hands down, the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I've never been amongst such a supportive, loving, uplifting and understanding group of people in my life.

You can ask or say ANYTHING in the group, and so many people will offer support and help. We all truly want to see each other achieve greatness. It's so refreshing. If only you could see the love-fest that is check in day in the forum! The feed is flooded with compliments, praise, and support. It's really amazing.

Hattie is the world champion for a reason.

She knows her stuff and all of us girls follow the same processes she uses for herself. Nothing is too much to ask, and there is nothing you can throw at her that she can't work around to get you an amazing result. Not many people know that I was on an injury management training plan for the entire 5 months leading up to my first competition. I was really limited in what I could do at the gym due to 2 bad injuries but Hattie made it work and got me into the best shape of my life in a healthy way. Hattie genuinely cares about every single girl she coaches and goes out of her way to provide us with opportunities we want. She's funny and approachable and an open book... she shares her personal perspectives and stuggles. She invests a lot of her own time and effort into continual learning and always shares her knowledge back to the group. What I believe sets her apart from other coaches is the work she puts into our mindsets. It's not all about body fat percentages and muscle mass... in fact, I'd say the mindset coaching is more important to her and to us. And also the fact that no two girls' plans are the same. Everything is completely customised to you and your goals. There are no cookie-cutter macro plans or training programs here.

I will compete again, probably in Season B this year. Follow my journey on Instagram - @bec.bea

If you're looking for a place where you will be welcomed with open arms, challenged and supported to grow to your true potential, SMP is for you.

Back yourself. Come prepared to show up every single day and put in the hard work, and you will get the results you want and more.

YOU can apply to join The Sports Model Project here

Love and light

Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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Awesome Psychological Hack To Make You Successful At Anything.

Life is just value confirmation.

It’s you confirming the things you believe over and over again through your thoughts, words and actions.

I Am Love, I Am Passion I Am Playful I Am A WARRIORRRR!!

I am the world champion and I will be the world champion again this year.

That’s who I am, they are my values and that’s what I’m going to do.

There its an awesome book called “Influence” by Robert Chaldini that talks about how to get people to do things. 

One of the best ways is to get a person to say something publicly. A public declaration makes a person much more likely to do something.

The more public the more powerful the effect.

It’s why politicians have a really hard time backing down after they have promised something publicly

and it’s why we hate them when they do


Humans have what is called a consistency bias.

If we say something we feel compelled to do it.

It was built in by evolution so that we could survive in small intimate groups out in the wild.

We had to know that our tribe would do what they said they would because if they didn’t we died. So the people who developed consistency bias thrived and were our ancestors.

One of the worst things to be called is a liar

or wishy washy

or deceptive 

or a backflipper

or somebody who doesn’t keep her word.

Consistency bias is built into the way our brains work and we can use it to our advantage. 

Tell the world who you are, scream it out for them to hear.

Scream to the world what you are going to do and constancy bias will compel you to do it.

Jump on social media and tell the world what you are going to do instead of posting pictures of puppies and memes about Kim Kardashian.

Put some fucking pressure on yourself instead of keeping who you are and what you want bottled up inside.

Oh, did that last sentence sting a little bit?

Have you been hiding your light

staying in your comfort zone?

Shrinking from your greatness? 

Don’t be a hard rock

when you really are a gem

click this link and you can jump the queue into my team.

Love and Light and awesomeness

Hattie xoxoxoxo


I Am Love, I Am Passion I Am Playfull I Am A WARRIORRRR!!

I am the world champion and I will be the world champion again this year.

(see what I did there?)

If your still reading it’s now time to click the link

You’re Doing A Good Job

Sometimes in life you want someone to pat you on your back and say

“Hey you're doing a good job” 


“You're a good person”

Then they don’t and you feel resentful. 

“Why don’t they notice how hard I’m working?”

“I was really nice to her and she never said thank you, she is such a rude cow’

We lash out in our minds when nobody acknowledges how good we are, how great we are. 

It’s hard to surrender to the idea that no one is coming for you. 

There isn’t a benevolent ghost watching you at all times, keeping score

and waiting see if you have enough credits to get into the bonus round. 

There is just you. 

If you think you're doing such a good job, that you’re aware of how good a job you're doing….

You don’t really need anybody else to tell you.

You're a good person, you're doing good because it’s the right thing to do…..

Not just so someone will tell you later your a good person. 

Our ego, that little ball of stories we carry around constantly needs to be validated. 

It’s really your ego that needs too be told it’s doing a good job. 

The deeper you already knows.

Your ego needs to be told and for others to recognise that you're a “good person”.

The deeper you already knows.

We spend so much time reciting our CV’s for each other and reinforcing stories that it becomes hard to hear the great truths emanating from right down in the core of us. 

We avoid meditating because we “can’t switch off”.

But you need to meditate so that we can turn the volume up and hear our inner truth speak to us. 

This is what it sounds like

“You’re an good person”

“You’re doing a good job”

“You are resourceful enough to create any change you need to in your life”

Have you been doing the work for ages?

If you're ready for a big change

If you're ready to go to the next level

physically, emotionally and spiritually

Click this link and apply to join The Sports Model Project

Love and light

Hattie xoxo 

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva 

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Everybody Wants To Be A Lion Till They Have To Do Lion Things

Here's a stat

Interest in fitness amongst people aged 25-38 has increased 20% over the past 5 years
Participation in fitness by the same age group has declined nearly 10%
Seems like everybody wants to be a lion... till they have to do lion things.

Wear the clothes
post the selfies
talk the talk. 

Just not walking the lioness walk.

But you’re here talking to me
so I know that’s not your story.

Your story is probably a bit like the girls in The Sports Model Project.

You literally can’t try any harder.
You have been at it for years.
You CAN do lion things

But it’s hard when your not a part of a pride.

It’s tough on your own with no leadership and
in the dark of the night, doubt has started to set in.

“Maybe I won’t get there”

“Maybe I'll just stay stuck being not quite enough”

Well fuck all that noise
of course you will.

You just haven’t found your pride yet.

Let me beckon you toward the light.

The Sports Model Project Is my pride.
I designed for you to finally get what you want in a community of next level lionesses.

It can be your pride too
You can make an application to join here. 


Hattie xoxo 

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva 

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