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Bec Lost 10kg And Nailed It On Stage

I had managed to lose about 16 kilos on my own but hadn't seen the change in body composition I wanted. My primary physical goal when I joined SMP was to lose body fat and gain muscle and strength.  My mental goal was to gain back the self-confidence and self-love I had lost. I first ...

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Awesome Psychological Hack To Make You Successful At Anything.

Life is just value confirmation. It’s you confirming the things you believe over and over again through your thoughts, words and actions. I Am Love, I Am Passion I Am Playful I Am A WARRIORRRR!! I am the world champion and I will be the world champion again this year. That’s who I am, they ...

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You’re Doing A Good Job

Sometimes in life you want someone to pat you on your back and say “Hey you're doing a good job”  or “You're a good person” Then they don’t and you feel resentful.  “Why don’t they notice how hard I’m working?” “I was really nice to her and she never said thank you, she is such ...

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Everybody Wants To Be A Lion Till They Have To Do Lion Things

Here's a stat Interest in fitness amongst people aged 25-38 has increased 20% over the past 5 years Participation in fitness by the same age group has declined nearly 10% Seems like everybody wants to be a lion... till they have to do lion things. Wear the clothes post the selfies talk the talk.  Just not ...

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Izzy Went From 900 To 2,500 Calories A Day + Eating Carbs

Our SMP Babe Izzy was just Featured In The Daily Mail! Izzy went from eating just 40 grams of carbs a day to 370 grams. She also upped her calorie intake from 900 to 2,500 calories a day.   Read more: 

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FFS: Sweat Is NOT Fat Crying

That’s literally all I wanted to say. If you think this is vaguely true I don’t have a place for you in my stuff. But if you know that you need to: 1: Train hard with weights, 2: Track your macros 3: Learn to love yourself and control your mindset I do have a place ...

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A Fate Worse Than Death

"Hattie, I just can’t afford it right now." 

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a girl tell me that, I’d have exactly three times how many dollars as I do now and maybe another 2000 women would be free liberated from their doubts and fears.

But you’re just not quite ready

It’s really busy right now at work,

you’re going on holidays,

it will be a better time later,

some time in the future

when your partner gives you permission. 

As sad as it makes me to hear those stories it doesn’t surprise me.

Because after all the times you have told yourself that you’re not enough, it’s no wonder that you won’t pay the price to be what you truly want to be. 

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"I'd Never Seen My Abs Before"

Most of the girls who join The Sports Model Project start with the dream of inspiring other women. They want to teach other women to love eating, training and living free of negativity about their body. They want to lead women on the same amazing journey. That's why I'm so excited when our girls are ...