Izzy Went From 900 To 2,500 Calories A Day + Eating Carbs

Our SMP Babe Izzy was just Featured In The Daily Mail!

Izzy went from eating just 40 grams of carbs a day to 370 grams.

She also upped her calorie intake from 900 to 2,500 calories a day.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4620334/Isabel-Beeston-transformed-body-eating-carbs.html#ixzz4kkYxvB8X 

FFS: Sweat Is NOT Fat Crying

That’s literally all I wanted to say.

If you think this is vaguely true I don’t have a place for you in my stuff.

But if you know that you need to:

1: Train hard with weights,
2: Track your macros
3: Learn to love yourself and control your mindset

I do have a place for you In The Sports Model Project

Oh one last thing: You have to be prepared to work your arse off.

Click this link to jump the queue into The Sports Model Project

Love Light And No Nonsense
Hattie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva 


A Fate Worse Than Death

"Hattie, I just can’t afford it right now." 

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a girl tell me that, I’d have exactly three times how many dollars as I do now and maybe another 2000 women would be free liberated from their doubts and fears.

But you’re just not quite ready

It’s really busy right now at work,

you’re going on holidays,

it will be a better time later,

some time in the future

when your partner gives you permission. 

As sad as it makes me to hear those stories it doesn’t surprise me.

Because after all the times you have told yourself that you’re not enough, it’s no wonder that you won’t pay the price to be what you truly want to be. 

Your not really worth it. 

It’s no wonder you won’t pay the price to be truely free.

To finally have the body you want

with the thoughts you choose

and the emotions that you want to feel. 


“What are you talking about Hattie”


“It’s just that I’m too busy” 

“I just can’t afford it right now”

Of course you don’t have the time or the money.

After all time and money is what people commit to things they value.

What have you been focused on?

What do you value?

Do you value yourself?

You have focused on the story that you are not enough

all the reasons that you’re not worth it. 

You have told yourself so many times that your not determined enough,

that your not disciplined enough,

that your not strong enough

your not pretty enough

you don’t know enough

you don’t have enough time

that your body is just not good enough.

You’re special fucked and you’re definitely NOT someone who

is worth spending the money on


spending the time on

or expending the focus on.

Much better to devote that to


or your partner

or your kids

or your work

or your family

after all no one likes selfish bitches.

It’s a fate worse than death. 

But what if

just what if

it all gets better when you start valuing yourself more.

What if you got a better relationship out of it

because your lover felt eternity,

felt your feminine energy to fall into

instead of an emotional hole to fill up?

What if your ideas were taken seriously at work

because your colleagues could feel the certainty that you radiate, a certainty that extends through your thoughts, words and action and into their belief in you?

What if your family was drawn to your strength

drawn to your inspiration

rather than just being drawn by your service.

What if the love and connection from those around you reflected the love you feel for yourself

and the deep connection between your values your beliefs

and the life you are ACTUALLY living. 

Do YOU think that would be a powerful life?

Well do you?

Because It all starts from you valuing yourself.

So when I call you up to talk to you about The Sports Model Project don’t tell me that you can’t afford it.

Don’t tell me that you want to start later (never)

Don’t tell me that you need to ask your partners permission.

Instead tell me the truth.

More importantly, make sure you start telling yourself the truth too. It’s the first step to making a big change.

”Hattie I don’t value myself enough to do this”

I totally get it

I was stuck there too

It nearly killed me and my first step was recognition. 

But that might not be your story. 

ARE YOU ready to back yourself? 

If YOU ARE ready to inspire your family

If YOU ARE ready to fill yourself with love and connection 

If YOU ARE ready for the next level 

If you’re ready to start valuing yourself.

I want to guide you on that journey.

The Sports Model Project Is not just having a bumper sticker with positive affirmations, It’s not just posting motivational quotes on Instagram.

It’s confronting head on the beliefs that have stopped you so far

It's committing yourself to a life of discipline and excellence

It’s you deciding to live in a beautiful state.

It’s doing the fucking work.

You can apply for my Sports Model Project here.


Love and light

Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva 

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"I'd Never Seen My Abs Before"

Most of the girls who join The Sports Model Project start with the dream of inspiring other women.

They want to teach other women to love eating, training and living free of negativity about their body. They want to lead women on the same amazing journey.

That's why I'm so excited when our girls are featured in the media and the whole world see's how amazing they are. Allot of the women I coach are PT's or own studios or bootcamps. When they are recognised in the media not only as experts but also as women who walk the walk their ability to create change in their community and to increase revenue in their business grows. For the girls who aren't working in the fitness industry, it is the only way to really influence a whole heap of people and grow their reach.

That's why I was so happy that Siobhan was featured in The Daily Mail.

Siobhan works really hard. The kind of hard work that most people struggle with. She has attention to detail, she keeps showing up and working, she continues to work even if she doesn't get the result. Siobhan is such an awesome leader inside of SMP and I'm really proud to be her coach!

Killer Transformation

This week Transformation Tuesday went to this incredible woman
Rachel Leonard who is an awesome trainer in Newcastle Australia.

Rachel's dedication to her task day in day out blows me away.
I am lucky to be able to work with such an amazing girl who is beautiful inside and out!!

Over 8 months Rach lost 15cm off her waist and dropped 16kg to be in this condition.

How did she do it?

Rachel followed the macros that I set for her.
She pushed herself in the gym and lifted heavy 5-6 days a week.
She let go of the old head junk that was holding her back

Rachel graced the @inba_aus stage and took home numerous medals including 1st place under 21's sports model
1st place under 21's fitness model
3rd place fitness model opens
3rd place sports model opens!!!

Winner winner chicken dinner

Is It Your Turn?
Do you want to be the one In the photos?


I have three spots coming up in The Sports Model Project.

That's my super high-level system for women who have been doing resistance training hard for at least 12 months.

It's not for girls who are just starting training or are getting back into training after a break.

This is only for girls who have been putting in the work and need the tools to go to the next level.

You will transform your body,
You will live nutrition for high performance and elite body composition
You will become a weapon in the gym.
You will learn to rock the stage and photo shoots
You will ascend to the next level

We handle all of your training, nutrition and we work on your mindset with you.
I teach girls who want to compete how to pose, walk and win fitness shows.

Click this link answer the questions and you can jump the queue.
The most detailed applications will be considered first.

Can't wait to meet you!

Love and light
Hattie xoxo
Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

From Binging + Unhappy To Eating More Food + Lean & Happy

Stephanie Ellen was featured in the Daily Mail this week because she is a real inspiration!

I'm so proud of Stephanie Ellen because of her amazing lifestyle change. Stephanie has made the really difficult leap from chronic dieting, excessive exercise and disordered eating to eating the food she likes and nourishing her body with movement and strength training.

I remember our first conversation Stephanie wanted to "wait two weeks before I started so that I could have a holiday" but I wouldn't let her off the phone until she agreed to start straight away. I wouldn't let her off the phone because I knew that she wanted to binge before she "started".

At that point, most people stick with whatever little story they have in their head. They tell me they really want it but right now "I'm too busy", "I need to ask my boyfriend" or 'I can't afford it". The truth is they would rather talk about their problems and the reasons they "can't do it" than find solutions and get started.

What I see time and time again over nearly ten years of coaching is this:
People that want to change do. They find a way.
They find the money, they tell their boyfriend to support them or they stop procrastinating and they start there and then.

To her eternal credit, Stephanie got past that head junk, committed and got the result every girl wants.

She stepped into her greatness
She flourishes because of her powerful mindset
She eats food for joy and sustenance
She trains to nourish her body
She looks amazing.
She is a vibrant sexy woman.

I'm so proud of her achievement and I love having her in The Sports Model Project!

If you need to take your first step download my ultimate macro plan.

It's the place you need to start if you want to get in amazing shape, compete or just have really good energy and nurture your body.

You can download it here
Love and light Hattie

Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

Check The Rear Vision Mirror

We spend so much time speeding down the highway.

So much time straining to see what is ahead,
that we forget so easily where we have come from.
What we have previously achieved is diminished as
it flashes past us on the highway.

It's a real trap for people like you and me who are driven and want to succede

Sometimes we need to stop and check the rear vision so we can see clearly where we have come from and what it took us to get to this point.

So much of our dissatisfaction comes from only looking through the front windscreen; focusing on where we aren’t yet, what we haven’t achieved,
all the ways that reality doesn’t confirm with our imagination for the future.

So we undermine ourselves, tormented by what we imagine we don’t have, often not seeing what Is there at that exact moment.

I spoke to one of my favorite clients this week and she told me.

“God I was in good shape last year when I training with you."
"At the time I couldn’t see it; I thought I looked bad”

She wasn’t just “in good shape”.
She looked like a goddess.

Looking in the rear vision mirror she could see it,
but at the time; all she could see was where she wasn’t.

If we can look in the rear vision mirror and acknowledge our victories and success, It places us firmly in the here and now.
It means we can fully live in this moment and appreciate what we have.

Yesterday I sent you some pictures of my girl Jemma and her progress over the last two years.
Jemma completely transformed her body but at times forgot how far she had come.

Jemma was anxious that she wasn’t going to arrive in the bright future she imagined for herself and that nearly sabotaged all of her efforts, it nearly made her stop.

Instead, she has a look in the rear vision mirror. She took stock of her achievements, acknowledged her current level of mastery and it gave her the drive and strength to reach new heights and achieve her vision for herself.

You can read Jemma’s story here

Love and Light
Hattie xoxox
#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

The Hard Way: It's The Easiest Way To Do It

Today I'm sharing something really precious with you.

My inspiration comes from the people around me.
My Mum, my friends and the amazing women in The Sports Model Project. Today I'm handing over to my girl Jemma who has worked and worked and worked until she got what she wanted.

It's funny it seems like the hard way,
the hard way it just happens to be the easiest way to do it.

Over to Jemma

Over the weekend a large number of girls from The Sports Model Project competed in the WBFF on the Gold Coast.

This was my second time competing and a couple of us girls were talking about our journey to the stage and the transformations we've achieved so far.

Throughout your transformation and fitness journey, it's easy to get caught up in the little things.

Your head junk can get the better of you and the self-doubt and self-sabotage start to creep in.

In the days leading into the competition, I was so stressed about a tiny bit of jibble that sits right under my ass cheek which wobbles when I walk. But then when I got to the show and realised 85% of the girls there had this, I realised I was hating on myself for no real reason.

My journey with Hattie and the Sports Model Project has been an amazing one and I'd love to share it with you as a bit of motivation.

I joined up with Hattie in June 2015 with a plan to lose the extra kilos I’d gained over the years and although I had thought about competing, it scared me to death.

Following Hatties plan, I lost weight pretty rapidly and all of a sudden the goal to compete and stand on stage became a closer reality.

I didn't compete until May 2016, but I stepped on that stage in my best ever condition after losing 10kgs and 13.5cms off my waist.

At the time I thought I looked amazing on stage. And I did (compared to how I looked when I started) I can't discount that but looking back at those photos from last year, I looked scrawny and 'little'.

I decided to take a year off and build some more muscle.

Sure it was a long year because building muscle is really hard work. I went through the horrible ‘fluffy’ stage where I lost motivation and didn't like the way I looked. I went from 59kg (stage weight) back up to 68kg (a 9kg increase).

I went through a stage in my offseason where I would burst into tears whenever I drove into the car park at the gym. I just didn't want to be there.

At one point I contacted Hattie and told her I wanted to put my membership on hold, that it was all a bit too much for me to handle emotionally.

But I knew I didn't want to give up. I knew I didn't want to be that big girl anymore. I hit a low point and I had to make a decision. Do I keep spiraling downwards, making excuses and head right back to where I came from.or Do I put my big girl pants on and step up to the challenge.

I truly love the discipline, the weight training, the control you can have over your food and your body.

I have learned to love the daily routine and the mental and physical challenge of training and competing.

So I put my big girl pants on. I reset, refocused and changed my mindset and stepped up to the challenge.

For the first time I was eligible to compete in the 35+ category and I set myself a goal to place in the top 5.

Last Saturday I stepped onto the WBFF stage for only the second time but this time it was different.

I was so calm and in control. I didn't let the nerves get to me as much as the first time and I was solely focussed on me and my performance.

I wanted that top 5 place and during my whole 16 week prep that's what rang through my head during my workouts.

"Top 5, top 5", "would the girl who wins be quitting?", "would a pro give up?".

The show was nothing short of amazing and I got to meet so many beautiful people all on the same journey and all with the same interests.

When they called my number and I got a top 5 place, you could not wipe the smile off my face.

As tears welled up in my eyes I knew I had won. I was the winner in my own journey and I had accomplished what I set out to do.

I ended up being awarded 4th place in a line-up of amazing women to which I was honored to share the stage with.

Reflecting on the show this week I am super happy that I took the time off to build muscle because I looked great up on that stage. I was fuller and curvier, but I've still got a long way to go.

I know what I need to do to keep progressing and that there will be more struggles to face along the way.

The girls I competed against were phenomenal and their bodies were ready for the world stage. But you could also tell that they had a minimum of 4-5 years of building and competing behind them.

It's important for me to remain focused on the end result knowing that one day I'll look like them and I too will be able to confidently stand on that stage in the best shape of my life and be worthy of a top 3 place.

So don't lose motivation and don't doubt yourself.

Believe in yourself and push that little bit harder to reach your goal because if it doesn’t scare or challenge you is it really worth pursuing?

Pics are from my very first check in and last weekend. The confidence I now have is undeniable and I have Hattie and the amazing support of the girls in The Sports Model forum to thank for that.

Live, Love, Lift xx


Follow my journey @jemma_vaunt

Thanks Jemma

Would like to jump the Queue and join The Sports Model Project?
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Love and Light
Hattie xooxx
#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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