Breaking News: I just Discovered A New Body Part

I discovered a new body part the other day.

If you learn how to use it properly you will supercharge your results.

Its called the corpus callosum: the tissue that connects the left and right side of your brain.

Sometimes doctors perform a corpus callosotomy and sever the connection in people who have epilepsy.

A strange thing sometimes happens. 

Turns out we may have two seperate consciousness, two seperate brains.

and sometimes after a corpus callosotomy two brains feel and want completely different things.

Sam Harris talks about it in his book “Waking Up”

It’s obviously a super complicated topic but put simply:

We have a thinking brain which we know all about because it controls speech

and we have a feeling brain which can't talk and express itself but feel things.

Ever started walking to the fridge and reached for something before you were really conscious of what it was?

Ever driven home on "autopilot" and thought "Whoa I made it all the way home without thinking"

Which got me thinking. 

So often we tell ourselves that we are our “feelings”.

“I’m happy”

“I’m sad” 

“I’m calm”

“I’m angry”

‘I’m motivated” 

"I'm tired"

And we use those feelings as reason to do


not to do things.

I often hear people use their feelings as an excuse not to train.

"I felt too tired"

“I just felt stressed out after work”

And it's true often the verbal thinking brain is tired. 

But and this is the big but

the feeling brain isn't.

Some of my best training sessions have come when I thought I was tired

Thats literally been the case whenever did a record number on the squat. 

My old friend The Australian Strength Coach says that how you feel is almost zero indication of how strong you are.

You can only know that by ripping in and seeing what the feeling brain has to say in action.

Get started and the energy will come.

Have you been flirting with The Sports Model Project?

It’s time to get started.

Click the link and enter your details.

Right now I am 9 weeks out from the world titles and I won’t start coaching any new girls after the end of the month. 

I won’t reopen entry into the program till December or January. 

So it's nearly your last chance.

Love and light

Hattie xoxo 

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Were You Expecting A Straight Line?

You will never lose weight in a straight line.
You will have bumps along the way.

What do you do If you don’t see the results you want?

Do you get upset?
Get into a negative spiral?
Does the bottom of the spiral turn into a negative loop?

Do you think, fuck it and have a “cheat day” that lasts for a weekend and a half?
(I know, you're actually a positive person, this just really pisses you off)

All of that thinking is based on a false assumption.
An assumption that will cause you deep emotional pain the rest of your life unless you get on top of it.

It will keep you fatter than you want for the rest of your life too.

So what is the assumption I'm talking about?

Most of us believe that if we do something,
anything, we deserve to be rewarded.

"I have been working there a year, I deserve a raise"
"I had such a tough week I deserve a wine"
"I was so good at the gym I deserve a chocolate"

Now I'm not telling you to stop drinking wine or eat chocolate, in fact;
I want you to have a beautiful life and enjoy everything It has to offer.

But this mindset will poison everything in your life, not just fitness.

It will stop you from finding joy and doing term sustained success
and the way that you do one thing is the way that you do everything.
So I'll tell you straight.

You are not entitled to anything.

You don’t deserve to see anything happen just because you tracked your macros for two weeks and went to the gym.

This is the point that people quit or radically change their method
and it's the worst time to change or to quit.

Success requires sustained effort and discipline.

More importantly, when you focus on things you can’t control you will suffer.
You can’t control your results, you can only control your thoughts, words, and actions.

Second, all it is based on a complete misunderstanding of how your body works. Weight loss is not linear you will not get in the shape you want in the next 8 weeks. You can see an awesome change but realistically it’s not going to be exactly what you want.

But we would not be talking if you were the type who gives up when something requires dedication.

So what is realistic and super achievable?

Women will lose a maximum of 200g per week of fat over a medium period of time (3-6 months).

This equates to about 10kg of fat over 12 months.
When you lose fat at this rate it will stay off,
you won’t rebound and you will stay healthy

This is 10 months of measurements from one of my girls.

Her weight has jumped around heaps, if she quit or stopped following her program at any of those she woukd have missed where she ended up 10kg lighter and looking amazing on stage.

She lost about 270g of fat per week which is much better than most people can expect to achieve. She has been eating between 1690 and 2300 calories too.
I'm looking forward to telling her story soon!

The rules are different If you have more body fat to lose

If you’re over 25% you will probably lose fat quicker.
If you’re around 20% body fat the 200g a week rule is probably right for you.
If you're under 18% body fat your results will probably be slower.

If you have had a history of extreme dieting or obesity
i.e. eating under 1600 calories + exercising multiple times a week
you have maintained +25% body fat for 6 months or longer,
your results will probably be slower than that because having high levels of body fat is a sign that you are prediabetic and your hormones.

All the unscientific and plain dangerous crap you have learned from the fitness industry and your insecurities are screaming at you.
They are telling you to cut your calories and train more.

Look, I get it.

Eating 1200 calories and doing heaps of cardio worked for you in the past but the chances of it working in the future are small and getting smaller because you have done damage to the systems that keep you healthy.

That's why so many women who starve themselves and lose weight,
put it back on PLUS more within a few months.

When you are in a low energy balance your body takes energy out of your immune, digestive, reproductive and hormonal systems.
It eats it’s own tissue (fat, muscle) to keep you alive.

What we are looking for is the sweet spot where you are in an energy deficit but not doing damage to your long term health.

Because we are smaller than boys the window for our calorie deficit is quite small.

That’s why your boyfriend will start to eat better and lose fat more quickly than you. He just has a much bigger window to shoot for. Bastard. 😉

Some weeks you will lose fat and your weight on the scales will go down.
Some weeks you will lose fat and the weight on the scales will go up.
Some weeks you will gain fat and the weight on the scales will go down.
Some weeks you will gain fat and the weight on the scales will go up.

Most of the time you won’t know what has happened in a week but over period of six you can months you can lose 10kg and look amazing in a bikini

The only way to get results is to train for six months so that you can actually see them.

Now if you're in The Sports Model Project and using our method you will have a pretty good idea of where you’re at but even then, week to week it’s really hard to know accurately.

What do we know?

We know that over a period of six months you will lose body fat, if like my client

  1. You eat enough protein, carbs, fat and fiber
  2. You train 3-5x per week
  3. You get on top of your emotions (we like to call emotion “stress” these days)
  4. You get a decent amount of sleep each week
  5. Your digestive system, immune system and endocrine (hormones) are healthy and functioning well

Have been training hard for the last few years?
Are ready to transform your mindset, your health and your body
Do you want to go to the next level?

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Love and light
Hattie xoxo
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Perfection Is The Lowest Standard A Human Being Can Ever Have

It leaves you with two options.

The ideal or nothing

How often do you hear someone say.

"It's really hard, I'm exhausted because I'm a perfectionist"
"It's really hard to get everything done because I'm a perfectionist"

"Perfection" is a great place to hide.
It's the perfect place to torture yourself,
to let yourself know you're not quite enough.

It's a great way to get nothing done
because everything always needs a little more work.

I know, I was a perfectionist for years.

An eating disorder is the worst type of "perfectionist"
and what did I achieve?

There was heaps of activity,
heaps of action
and nothing to be shown at the end.

I was also never enough,
the goal posts kept moving.
I could never get there.

Perfection meant I had to do heaps of work for no result,
shooting for a target that was always moving.

Do you knelt the weird thing about perfection?

It feels really difficult but in truth,
It's safe.

You never actually have to put anything out into the world.
You never have to step into the area.

I see this all the time with girls who have been waiting till they are "ready" before they commit to competing.

Mind you this is the case for anything that you want to get done.
Physical goals,
spiritual goals,
work goals,
relationship goals.

Perfection is the perfect reason to NOT get there.
So that you don't expose yourself to real pressure.

There is nowhere to hide when you put the product out in the marketplace,
when people are reading your email,
when you're in a bikini in front of a thousand people.

It is other people who will decide.

Not you.

So "perfectionists" who are feeling "pressure" or "exhausted" are really hiding. It's easier to keep their work,
it's easier to keep their light

It's also based on the old world.
Where you worked and worked and worked until the launch.

These days you need to get the work done,
get it out in the world,
take feedback
and continually get better as a result.

Instead of saying

"I'll train and see how it goes,
and If it goes well I'll compete"


"I am going to compete"
"I'm going to tell the world what I'll do"
"With no certainty other than the certainty that I'll do what it takes"

Put it out in the world
and build your body
then get on stage and do it.

Put it out there.

There is no perfect ending,
just constant improvement.

Stop punishing yourself with perfection
and accept progress

Stop hiding behind perfection
and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

All the good things come under the glare of spotlights.
That's the process I take my girls through.

They learn to turn love pressure,
they want to be diamonds

They learn to shake off perfection
and aim for constant,
year on year progress.

It sounds slow,
it's just the quickest way to do it.

Click this link If you're ready to be a part of my process.

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Or so we have been sold.

Found out recently that the connection we make between love and diamonds was completely manufactured by a diamond company in the 1970's.

Still diamonds are a girls best friend.

Especially if you're a diamond.

You see, diamonds are made under immense pressure.

A bit of coal withstands all that pressure for millions of years and BAM a diamond is formed.

Once you have that, a little polishing and you have a gem.

That's what it's like with us.

We need pressure, we need to feel that sense of compression so that we can become a diamond.

Don't run away from it.

Welcome discomfort.

Welcome stress.

Welcome the grind

It's a sign.

Stick with it long enough and soon you won't be a lump of coal.

You'll be a hard rock and with some polishing, a diamond too.

I don't coach lumps of coal.

You need to have been putting your self under pressure for a long time. You have to be doing the work.

I have a program it takes hard rocks and polishes them into gems.

Every day, I get stacks of people who want to work with me, who want various levels of help. Needless to say, the queue is... long.

But, if you're a hard rock, and you want to be polished into a diamond... If that's you, click this link and answer the questions with as much detail as possible.

My team reviews these responses and the ones we can help get called first.
Click here and fill out the details to jump the queue

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

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How I Made It In The Fitness Industry

I started as a Personal Trainer at 18 at GSP one of Australia's busiest gym's in Sydney's CBD

I was doing floor hours and training clients from 5:30am - 6pm  and keeping a fairly intense, fun social life.

I ended up coaching super successful guys who were running their own business or were workling at publicly listed companies.

I was really “ON” inside of those training sessions and super available to my clients and super focused on technique. I spoke to every person In that gym and It was one of the busiest gyms in the country.

I'd talk to people in the lift,
in the change rooms on the gym floor,
at reception.

I always had a full book of clients and I charged a premium price for personal training sessions but my business was simple.

I would train people, they would pay me and that was it.
I made really great money and my life was beautiful!
I learned a really important lesson working at GSP.

The senior trainers there were all really eager to learn and develop their skills. They were also really keen to pass on their knowledge. So when I entered the industry I got better doing by paying the top coaches in Sydney to mentor me.

I was also training super hard doing allot of “sweaty” stuff heaps of cardio and circuit style training

As I started to learn more about the art and science of coaching my training style also changed. Entering my first figure shows also woke me up to the importance of getting stronger and tracking macros.

After that, I ran my Sports Model Project in a gym and online and had 100 aspiring sports models training together 4-6 times per week in groups of 12 with 6 sessions a day running from 5:45 am- 6 pm at night.

We ran legitimate training programs not random cross fit style or F45 fluffy circuits. This was strength and conditioning based training to get women fucking strong, with elite body composition and dominating on stage.

(We had a girl in that program go from de-conditioned to WBFF Pro Diva in 12 months)

We also had girls regularly perform amazing feats of strength. I’ll never forget seeing Tash deadlift 110kg twenty-five times for four sets at the end of a 6-12-25 program. Tash was 65kg. I was in there all hours of the day and night coaching and encouraging.

I did full nutrition coaching including body fat scans each month I also taught the girls how to pose at a weekly in person posing sessions.

We delivered a crazy amount of stuff to allot of people each week. It was intense and I’m not sure that we charged enough for the amount we delivered. I tended to add extra benefits into the program for free which added to our workload but I just wanted to make the program amazing and for everyone to get an amazing result. It meant that me and my partners had to work really hard for no real financial gain, it was tough, a really good lesson in business and coaching.

I learned how to coach a whole heap of girls at once. As I trained a larger amount of people in a shorter amount of time I really refined my process and my thinking around coaching, nutrition and getting people results.

I was closely tracking nearly 150 people and seeing how all of these different bodies,

with different histories, training ages and stress levels responded to different methods.

I loved the community we had and truth be told I miss those girls and how hard they trained!

I now run a super successful online coaching program that gets world class results.

I charge more than I did as PT or for my in house program. I know that my training programs, nutrition concepts and work on mindset are industry best.

I still don’t think that is good enough and so I’m constantly exposing myself to industry leaders, upskilling myself and then changing my program.

To a certain extent I’m driven by anxiety: I never quite feel like what I’m doing is good enough and so I keep trying to make it better.

So I’m working to fix both my anxiety and to improve me program. I deliver more benefits at a higher standard to my online girls than I could to my personal training clients or to the girls I coached in the gym.

Less face to face time means that I have more time to develop content, review results and develop training programs. It means I can engage more In higher level thinking about what my program needs to deliver, how to deliver it and also what needs to change for each individual.

One of the funny things girls often say when I call them up is that they want to work with a coach who has less clients because they want to be the focus.

But almost the opposite is true.

Coaches without enough clients are working two other jobs for money and can’t focus their energies on their clients in the way I can. They don’t have staff to take work off their plate.

Working with so many people over the last 5 years lets me see the puzzle in a slightly different way.

Each time I solve it I learn another tiny tweak that may be the one that you need. Fewer clients mean fewer solutions to use on different problems.

Winning the WBFF Word Title in Toronto last year was transformational. Maybe I'll talk about my journey to being the champion another day but I love being an advocate for the WBFF.

I really believe in the federation and what it stands for.

I was a judge for the first time last month and I was taken aback at how thorough they are.

Often girls who are competitive figure athletes imagine they lose or win because “it’s about who you coach is” or “who has the biggest following”.

But on the day it’s 100% who dominates on stage, who poses best, who is fierce and really brings it. Initially, It was overwhelming trying work out the winner in a field of 40 amazing girls but over a few rounds it became more and more clear

I love how fast The WBFF is growing every year.

It's getting bigger all around the world. I have just been in LA for the Pro show there, Singapore for the Asia show and right now I’m about to leave England after being at the show here on the weekend.

The standard of the competition was amazing the shows were really big time and the crowds were awesome.

I also lecture and do seminars on the science behind training, nutrition and attaining and maintaining elite body composition.

I have a pretty big social media following and I work really hard at producing content that will help, teach and inspire my fans.

Sometimes I generate millions of views on my posts and I work with a few awesome sponsors like Muscle Nation and Jaybirds but I generate most of my income in my business.

I’m not reliant on anybody else but myself.

I have actually been my own boss and made my own income since I was 18 years old. I live an amazing life that I built and that's something that I’m really proud of.

Tomorrow I’m going to share with you some specific insights, the themes that I can see running through my success at all different scales in the fitness industry things that you can apply too.

Oh and if you're interested in joining The Sports Model Project you can jump the queue by clicking this link and telling me about yourself.

Most detailed answer wins.

Love and Light
Hattie xoxo
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My Instant Fan Girl Moment

Recently Bret Contreras AKA "the glute guy" shouted me out on instagram

It was an instant fan girl moment.

For any of you who don't know Bret Contreras, he is renowned for creating well-developed booties. He has revolutionised the whole fitness industries’ take on how to develop delicious glutes. I have been following his stuff for 3 years now and implement a lot of his exercises in my own programs and for girls in
The Sports Model Project.

After posting that I would be In the states, Bret and I started talking and he asked if I would like to do some filming and training for the first week I would be in the states.

I was honored.

I’m in Arizona right now spending the week training with Bret so, this week my IG will be dedicated to all things booty.

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We are teaming up to bring our clients the most effective glute exercises, focusing on helping you learn glute activation, as well as multiple ways to train your glutes.

On Wednesday he will be taking me to the glute lab to test how much of my glutes are used when I squat/ deadlift and hip extension. What rep ranges and weight I use them the most, and where I start to focus on more hamstring and quad.

Excited is an understatement.

We will also be talking about genetics, how much they effect your glutes and more.

Can't wait to share all this with you.
For live workouts and stories make sure you tune into my IG stories daily!

In the meantime, I thought you might get a kick out of this.

We have been doing a really simple challenge that you can add to the end of your workouts. It will only take a few minutes after each training session and it’s super easy to execute it WILL help transform your glutes over the next month.

It’s The Frog Pump Challenge and it’s inspired by the frog pump an exercise that Bret has helped to popularise over the last few years.

Click this link to see how to do it.

Love and Light Hattie

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