How To “De-Stress” When Things Get Crazy

This week I compete for the WBFF World Title in Las Vegas.

I have never been more focused in my life and I have never had so many powerful reflections on life and success and happiness.

I have been sharing them in a video log for my girls in The Sports Model Project and I wanted to share this with you today.

It's really important to be conscious of your state.

Your mental state your energy,
how you stay connected to yourself,
how you stay connected to others,
how you stay connected to your purpose.

Do you know what you are here to do?

I have been working hard on a re-branding of the Sports Model Project and it's made me think, what is the Sports Model Project?

What are we about?
What do we do?
Who are we as a community, as a team, as individuals, as coaches, as clients, as friends?

When I think about my purpose in life it's simple:

"Be A Bright Shining Light

With my energy, with my love, with myself, with friends, with family, with my work, with the Sports Model Project.

And then on the other side, I have these other purposes of being the hardest worker in the room, being a lion and then also being playful.

If I think about how do I stay in a beautiful state
or how do I be in state for each part of my life, jhow does each focus get the right energy it can be a little tough!

How can I be all those things at once?

That's where I go back to I guess what my purpose is, what my passion is.

This morning, in the last week I've been a little bit tired.
I'm not going go lie. I'm so close but so far.

I realised those parts in my day where I wasn't smiling or you know I would ride past people and I wouldn't say hello and I felt that this maybe wasn't really me and I was like,

"Just be a shining light"

That's what I said to myself.

How do you be a shining light?

Say hi to everyone.

You know you're out riding your bike, it's beautiful day, the air is warm and I just consciously put myself back into that state.

So every morning that I ride out early,
and the only people that are around are the workers that have been sleeping on the ground, I make sure I say hello to every single person.

I literally say,
"Hola volunteers" (I live in Mexico right now)

To everyone; everyone that goes past me, whether they're on a car, whether they're on a bike, whether they're walking

and you know to them it might be like,
"Oh this is weird."

But to me I think, well...

This is how I could brighten someone's day.

I'm being a shining light.

I'm saying hello to people that probably don't get to said hello to by that many people or are always just the men at the work sites and are being told what to do all day.

Then, when I go to social media or even just going about my day I'm being that shining light and I always find that if I'm able to shine, I can allow others to do the same.

When Michelle's feeling down, I can shine my light on her. I can make her warm.

I can pull her out of a state and that's what I've been doing and I'm allowing her to shine bright. And you know, you can take on this same thing.

If you want to be a shining light, be a shining light!

When you allow yourself to shine, when you give yourself permission to shine, you allow others to shine as well because your energy is going to touch someone else.

Now if I flip over to my other motto which is be the hardest worker in the room, it's a very different energy but that energy serves me a purpose, right?

It's a strong energy and I always say, I've got no yin, I'm all yin no yang or I think it might be all yang no ying.

But actually, if I think about myself and my energies, and what I wear my two,
I guess the things that I say to myself constantly would either

"Be a shining light" or "Be the hardest worker in the room. "

Those two energies are balanced.
One's yin and one's yang.

And this is what I teach you girls, know when push, know when to pull; know when to be playful, know when to be strong and disciplined.

You know I also think of myself as a feline, you know I'm a lion when I need to be a lion.

I say,
"Oh the Lions coming"

When it comes to a stage, when it comes to hunting, when it comes to being in the gym, I'm a lion. I'm there. I'm on a mission. I'm hunting. I'm hungry.

Then when I'm not in the gym,
I also need to allow myself to be playful.
I need to be a pussycat.

I call myself a pussycat you know
and it's that push and pull of energies that we need to tap into, masculine and feminine.

I always know when I'm being too much of one, because the other one falls behind, I feel out of balance.

When I'm too hard, I feel overwhelmed or I feel a little off. When I'm too playful, I get a little anxious that I haven't done enough.

We need to have both.
We need to know when to be hard.
We need to know when to be soft.
We need to know when to nurture ourselves.
We need to know when to be disciplined on ourselves.
We need to know when we are being too hard on ourselves.

Have you been too hard on yourselves or are you being too soft?

I teach all my girls in The Sports Model Project to find this balance.
All the good things are in this middle place.

This is where confidence lies, this is where you feel supremely sexy,
this is where the growth happens it's also where transformation happens.

Being soft, being hard; being playful, being disciplined that's my reflection of the morning.

So whats happened since I really pushed to put myself back and
said "you know what, just be a shining light"?

It's allowed me to be soft in my nature when I'm not in the gym.
It's allowed me to be a little bit more playful.
It's allowed me to be a bit kinder to myself,
to be more playful in my posing, to enjoy my posing more.
You know, saying hi to people on the street.
I love seeing hi to people, I talk to anyone.

It's really, really nice and so you know when you are going about your day
and you're so up in your head and you've got a stern look in your face
and you get to work you realize you haven't even smiled yet?

I want you snap yourself out of it.

I want you to start to be playful.
I want you to start to be your own shining light.
Because when you allow yourself to shine bright,
you also allow others to do the same.

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

So You Want To Be The Best Version Of Yourself?

How far off are you right now?
Where do you even start?

I have an idea 🙂
If you really want to be the best version of yourself you have to be honest and cut through your own bullshit.

I had to.
It was the only way.

It’s how I moved from the darkness to the light.

If I was still using the same excuses, telling myself the same stories as I was 5-10 years ago- even 2 years ago I would not have the mindset and energy I have now.

Develop tools or work with someone who can help you overcome your barriers. See a therapist, read books, get a coach, listen to podcasts from people who have gone on the journey you want to go on

If you are getting tired of being stuck or going backwards it’s time you start to recognise your words, thoughts and actions.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you can control.

Your words have meanings and your stories have power.

The moment I recognised this, I was able to deconstruct my story and change my words and ultimately transform my life.

I developed this skill to nurture myself as well as push myself .

I trained myself to be coachable and I’ve taught myself to become my own cheerleader because at the end of the day if you can’t cheer yourself on or call yourself on your own bullshit you will continue to live in your own limitations and you will continue to punish yourself.

Push yourself and cheer yourself on instead!
That’s what I do for my girls in The Sports Model Project, I kick their butt when they need it and I cheer everyone of their successes.

I also teach them how to eat, how to train and most importantly how to make control of their thoughts words and actions so that they can transform their physiques and their lives.

I did it, my girls do it and you can too.
Click this link to apply for my team.

Light and loving kindness,
Hattie xoxox

That link again:

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Your mindset, the way you think and feel, completely determines your experience of life.

It also determines the actions that you take every day.

So your mindset, what you think and what you feel
determines if you train and follow your nutrition.

More importantly it determines HOW you feel about it
and whether or not you enjoy the process.

Your mindset also directly affects your body composition.

Your metabolism is a like a thermostat, taking in all of the stressors around you.
With that information it decides what messages to send your cells.

Those messages are in the form of hormones which go to the target cells and tell them what job they should be doing.

I want to guarantee that if the message coming from your mind is stress and anxiety or if you keep telling yourself that you're not good enough then that message is heard loud and clear by every cell in your body.

Can you guess the type of physique you will build?

I want my girls to have an amazing and a beautiful experience of this life so I spend a lot of time working with the whole team on their mindset.

April is meditation month for all of the girls in SMP Elite and the SMP Diamond program.

We are all going to meditate every day for the next 30 days.
I'd love you to join in, all the cool kids are doing it!

You can use any method or technique that you like but we are using the Headspace app and then posting the log that it creates each day.

There is no compulsion and you can do any length of mediation but the discipline is to do it daily. I recommend doing 20 minutes and learning to sit with that.

You don't have to stop thinking,
you can't be "good" or "bad" at it,
even your resistance to doing it is a lesson in itself.

You can post your daily log here on my performance page or you can just follow along with us.

I'd love you to get involved!

Light and loving kindness,
Hattie xoxo

If you want to get on the inside and join my program you can
apply for SMP Elite here and SMP Diamond HERE or by clicking on the image below.

Download Headspace here.

The Fitness Industry Is Lying To You: Here's Why

The fitness industry constantly lies to you about how long it takes to get in shape.

They don't believe you have the attention span to do what it takes. 

So they baby you.

They bombard you with

"30 Day Booty Programs" 


"Ab Blasting Detox’s" 

or a miracle diet or cure that 

“Makes It Easy” 

It ‘aint easy 

Sorry it just isn’t 

But It’s also not that hard. 

The success you crave requires consistency, self-love and a mindset that doesn’t expect everything to come at once.

So if you're from the quick fix brigade I can’t help you but never fear everyone else has a program for you. 

Don’t get me wrong I could starve you and make you sweat a whole heap with 

"Superb Intense Workouts" 

and get you to 

“Drop 5kg in 14 Days” 

but honestly It won’t stick 

and eventually you will get fat because you 

- WILL blow up your metabolism 

- WON'T learn anything you can apply months down the track. 

- PLUS it’s really just the easy way. 

Anyone can do anything for eight weeks 

or four weeks 

or fourteen days 

or seven days. 

It's easy. 

But when it’s easy it doesn’t leave same impact on your psyche and your soul that difficult does. 

Taking the shortcut doesn’t help you to grow and develop as a woman. (Plus you don't get a result that lasts for life)

I'll let you in on a little secret that everybody knows but pays no attention to: 

The rate that your body adds muscle or loses fat is different for everybody.

Some people are “hyper-responders” a little training and dietary change and they look amazing. (We all have a friend and probably a brother like that). 

There are also under-responders people who don’t respond much to training and nutrition and see really slow changes in their body composition. 

Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

We have no control over that. 

We can only control our thoughts, words and actions.

So, I can’t stand the lies the fitness industry is selling you about how quick you can 

“Shred fat” 

It’s mainly bullshit 

and even when the quick fix works for hyper-responders 

it’s usually breaks quickly too. 

Then you have no successful habits or techniques to rely on. 

The Sports Model Project is about a process of transformation. 

Teaching you the power of moderation, correct mindset and discipline 

The result of these things is overwhelming confidence and funny enough, 

elite body composition. 

Our mission is to take you to the next level, 

to make you the best version of yourself 

and to give you the tools to stay like that the rest of your life. 

All of my birds fly away eventually, 

but that's because they can actually fly.

The best place to start is my ultimate workout plan.  It sets an incredible training foundation - even if you're quite experienced in the gym and you've been training for a while.  

No, it's not going to get you in competition shape in 4 weeks.  

No, it's not going to give you all of the answers for your whole life.

But it will give you a solid foundation to build from and foundations are incredibly important in this game.

Click the banner below, enter your details and we'll send you out the plan.



What's At The End Of All Those Negative Thoughts?

What could you achieve if you changed your focus?

What would happen If you shifted from only seeing what you don’t like or don’t have, to seeing what you do like and you do have.

Focusing on what you don’t have
or what you can’t do
will get you exactly what you're focused on
You will keep on not having it and not being able to do it.

Where your focus goes your energy flows.

What would happen if you focus on who you want to be
and the characteristics you will take on to become that person?

Instead of going on social media to “validate” how far away you are from your dream physique, go to the gym, read a book, write out your plan, reflect on your process, IMPROVE your process, meditate, spend time with people you love.

Start acting like the person you want to become

then as soon as you do
in that instant,
you are.

The Sports Model Project was designed to completely refocus you.
To reframe all of your current beliefs, habits and process and place them in service of your big scary, secret goals.

The goals that you only whisper, even to yourself.

"One day I'll be the best version of myself:"
"One day I'll be strong, lean, eating food and happy at the same time"
"One day I'll put that dress on and feel confident"
"One day I'll compete, and I'll win"

But instead of you whispering them, and instead of them being "goals" my Sports Model Project makes them a reality.

I am the best version of myself!" 🙂
"I'm strong and lean, I'm eating all of the food and I'm so happy"
"I look SO good in this dress!"
"I got on stage and... I won"

So I'm always getting little messages like this from my girls:

Are you ready to be the hardest worker in the room?

Have you been training hard in the gym for the last two years?

Are you willing to work on your habits and mindset as well as your nutrition and exercise?

Are you must prepared to support other women and be open to them supporting your success too?

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?
If you answered yes to all of these questions you can apply for my program by clicking on the image below.

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxox

What's Your Best Asset?

Visualise your life. Visualise your goals.

Who do you want to be?
What characteristics does the best version of you posses?

What characteristic do you need to develop so that you can finally be that person?

Where will your goals take you?
What is the standard you need to live by
every single day to create the life you want?

All of this is in your control if you decide to TAKE control.
So What Is Your Greatest Asset?

Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.

But how do you get there?

How do you go from where you are right now to being the bright radiant shining version of yourself?
It's more simple than you imagine.

Ask yourself:
"Are the words thoughts and actions I consistently choose to use, serving me a purpose?"

"Is it taking me to where I want to go?"
"If it’s not, what needs to change?"

What can you do right at this very moment to change your direction so that you can be the best version of you?

No more excuses. No more blame. Take control.

Be the best version of you
right now

Loving kindness and light,
Hattie xoxo

Apply to join my team by clicking on the image below.

What Type Of Effort Creates Growth?

When we talk about effort we often look at it as physical,
but the key is the type of mental effort we make.

It's not just a matter of "pushing yourself harder".
In fact working hard just gets you to the start line.
If you want to grow, its your mental effort to change old behaviours
or conquering your fear that needs to be exercised the most.
It is easy to fall back on what you know
because what you know keeps you safe.

But no one grows from safety.

Your mind doesn’t grow,
your body doesn’t grow.
When we don’t grow we become stale.
We feel lost or not good enough.
If you're not growing, you're dying it's a principle of nature.

One of the hardest things to do is leap into unknown
and push past the limitations we create for ourselves.

“Under pressure we don’t rise to the occasion we sink to our level of training”

When we feel pressure we often want to quit.
Every time we do quit, we just train ourselves to run away the next time there is pressure.
Unfortunately that's the exact sensation we should be running towards,
that's where the growth is. All the growth, all the development is in the stuff we find uncomfortable and unfamiliar.
When you feel pressure,
when the tension builds,
step into it!

Do not drop your standard.
Increase your effort.

If you are not willing to step into the unknown
then you are not willing to grow.
Ben Test Is it time for you to step into the tension?
Are you ready for change?
Are you ready for growth?

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

Click the image below to join my team.

How Do You Light A Fire With No Wood?

Insight without action is like a fire with a with lighter, but no wood.
The catalyst, the thing which calls forth all the energy is there
but the work to make it all happen isn’t.
You didn’t chop the wood and that’s why there is no fire.
How often have you had an insight?

“I want to be an inspiration to other women”

But you didn’t do any work,
you just kept telling yourself

“I wish I was an inspiration to other women, what should I do?”

Insight without action is just another way to describe anxiety.
You feel something, you perceive it has it has to change
but rather than taking action you just swing back to thinking about it some more.
I see it all the time.
Girls who want to become an inspiration to others
or want to compete in a show
or want to grow their PT business.
They will apply to join my program
or come to an event
we call them on the phone to see what they need help with
They tell us

“I have been thinking about competing for the last year and half”


A year and half not doing what they want
not getting to where they want to be
a year and a half stuck.

They had the insight but they took no action
and now rather than them burning bright for the whole world to see,
they are just standing there holding a lighter THINKING about collecting some wood.

There is allot of thinking and talking about it
but no much action,
no change and no result.

I want to help you with that.

Women always ask me how I got to the point where I'm a world champion who gets to do what I love: compete, travel the world educating and inspiring other women.

I love it, I feel blessed and deep gratitude
but I chopped the wood and built the fire to get here.

There are three parts.

1: Be the hardest worker in the room
2: Go into every interaction with love as your guide
3: Work with, connect with, apprentice yourself to, be coached or mentored by
the best people in the industry.

To do this will require an investment of the three most important things you possess: your resources, time and focus

That's why I’m running a two day masterclass with Bret Contreras

designed to teach you how chop wood, build a fire, and light it
so that you can burn bright for the whole world to see.
We cover all of the science needed to take your physique
or the physique of clients to the next level.

Bret is literally the guy who wrote the book and did the research on how to build you glutes and I’m the girl who implemented it, became the best in the world
and built the worlds best team of figure athletes using those insights.
I’ll also talk about how to train your emotions and mind to transform yourself, your body and your business to the point where Brett and I are: getting to travel the world and teach future leaders in the fitness industry how to really take it to the next level.

The event is nearly sold out and we are only accepting people who are in the right headspace and ready to learn.

Would like to apply for one of the last few spots?
Click this link

Enter your details and we will see if your the right fit to come and do some deep, intensive work with us.
I’m so pumped to share my knowledge, experience and passion with you
and so Is Brett.

Light and loving kindness,

That link again


Run Your Own Race

You are no less of a person if you are not as strong or lean as someone else.
You are no less of a person If you don’t have as many followers as someone else.

You are no less of a person - period.

It’s the act of comparing yourself to others that makes you feel less than.
It’s also completely untrue

You are running your own race, not someone else’s.
Your focus should be on YOUR OWN progress.
The time you waste watching everyone else
is time you're wasting NOT improving yourself.

If you feel the need to compare,
compare yourself from where you were 5 years ago,
to yourself one year ago
to yourself today.

I bet a lot has changed.
You should be proud of that.

It’s you Vs you.
Every single day.

Run Your Own Race!

In the Sports Model Project I teach you how to run your own race.
I teach you how to get yourself to the next level.
How to make decisions from a place of self-confidence and self love.
How to set your own direction in this life.
How to create a process to live your life by and then how to keep doing it.

The Sports Model Project is only for girls who have been training hard for at least 12 months and know how to use weights, sorry F45 or bootcamps don't cut it.

If your ready to run your own race, and win,
click on the banner below and apply for my team.

Love and light,
Hattie xoxo

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