Rome Wasn't Built In A Day And Neither Are Figure Competitors

People underestimate the time it takes for a natural athlete to build muscle.

If I think about how much time and effort I have put in over the last 10 years of training to build what I have today, that is thousands of hours of work.

There is no magic pill.
There is no magic number of sets and reps that will work.
There is no magic exercise
There is no magic diet

Just intelligent application of science, your mind and the effort it can generate.

All your thoughts
All your words
All your actions

That's the raw beauty of being a competitor.

Your body doesn’t get built in twelve weeks, twenty weeks, six months or one year.

It’s a lifetime of work that you continuously do with passion, discipline, love, effort, discomfort, sacrifice, trials and error and joy, overwhelming joy.

It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon followed by another marathon...

I get so excited, SO excited that I still have so much potential and progress to make over the next 10 + years.

I haven’t even peaked yet.

Every day is a chance to be better and do better.
So get excited about your progress!
Be proud of your hard work.

Appreciate your struggles.
We all have them and they aren't going away.

Everything, every emotion, every up and every down is a gift and a lesson that you can say contributed to the physique you have today.

This is the approach we take in The Sports Model Project.
That's why we are the number one team in the world.

We will only accept your application if
You're ready to go to the next level
You can support other women and are prepared to be supported in return
You have already been training hard, at the gym for at least 24 months
Are prepared to always be the hardest worker in the room
You are coachable

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Light and loving kindness,
Hattie xoxox
(Super proud coach of the best team in the world.)

5 Traits The Best Programs All Share

The aim of any program is to nudge your metabolism.

Your metabolism takes all the information that your senses and your mind provide it about the world and it uses that data to decide how your body will work.

It send messages to your cells via hormones which tell cells what to do
Your metabolism decides to change your physique and/or physical capabilities (speed, strength, endurance etc)

So a good program is tailoring the information that your metabolism receives so that it will build the body that YOU want.

So What Characteristics Do The Best Programs Share?

1. Take Care With Your Thoughts
Your metabolism’s job is to sense stress and change your bodies functioning based off of that stress.

If your thoughts and emotions are highly stressed your physiology will be too. This messes up your metabolism and leads to increased body fat, cravings, bad sleep and even worse no sex drive and more.

This is the biggest block and it needs to be moved before exercise and nutrition.

2. Eat Real Food
All of the best diets are based off eating whole unprocessed foods.

A good vegan, vegetarian, paleo or Mediterranean diet all look pretty similar. Lots of fresh food, lots of veggies and enough protein for growth and repair (See 4)

3. Track Your Energy Intake. (It’s important to be precise)
Everyone’s metabolism is different so even though there are broad and relatively accurate rules we can apply to ourselves, all of us differ from the average person in some way. If you are not precise when you track you won’t be able to account for your individual variation.

To lose fat you will most probably have to create an energy deficit over time. This means you will have to decrease the amount of energy you consume relative to the amount of energy you burn.

Not enough of a deficit and you won’t lose body fat.
Too much of a deficit and your metabolism will swing back
and you will feel a change in your sleep, hunger, energy or you will experience cravings and then fall off the wagon.

4. Preserve Your Lean Tissue By Eating Enough Protein
Nothing makes you look better or helps you maintain a healthy metabolism than lean tissue.

As a rough guide you should consume between 1.8g- 2.2g of protein per kg per day of body weight.

If you weigh 60kg that’s 100g per day.

5. Do A Resistance Training Program Using Free-Weight Exercises
Exercise is form of stress.

Applying the correct stress will encourage your metabolism to change your body the way you want it to. Resistance training is the only form of exercise you need to do for a change in body composition.

Using compound exercises is ideal but feel free to build up to them by breaking movement patterns into component isolation exercises.

Keep adding weight/reps/time to all of your reps and sets.
Getting stronger at whatever rep range you are training is the key to changing your body composition.

These ideas are the basics of what I teach all of my girls.

Until recently the only way to work with me has been in my super high-level Sports Model Project.

SMP Elite is super intense and really for women who are looking to be the best of the best, get on stage or really take their career in the fitness industry to the next level.

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But that’s not what everybody needs.

SMP Diamond Is for girls who are getting more serious and want to be in The Sports Model Project with coaching and regular check in's but maybe aren't looking to compete.

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SMP Gold is perfect If you are at the start of your journey or are getting back into training and you need the best training programs and nutrition to do it.

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Love and light
Hattie (I'm having the best month, I hope you are too!)


The Miracle of Using the Right Words

Be aware of your words.
They are powerful.
Be mindful of your language.
It creates your meaning.

What you say to yourself on a daily basis CREATES how you feel.
It creates your emotions.

How you feel will determine to your actions.
Your actions create your outcomes.

Getting what you want in this life starts with the things that you say to yourself.

Words —> Emotion —> Action—> Outcomes

Do you want to learn this process and finally develop elite body composition?

My program is only for girls who are ready to work each and every day to become the best possible version of themselves.

No excuses, action only.


Love and Light
Hattie xoxo


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The Nutrition Myth That Kills Competition Results

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about nutrition.
Mostly because of the crazy results our girls are getting in my new Diamond program and it’s hot on my mind.

But mostly because it’s that time of year everyone is about to sell you a
7 day detox/6 week challenge/12 week comp prep
so I’ve been seeing a lot of myths floating around about nutrition.

Here are a few of those myths.
1. You need to eat “clean” to get lean
2. You can eat whatever you want as long as you hit your macros
3. You can eat low calories safely for long periods of time
4. You can make yourself “burn more energy”
5. Losing weight is as simple as energy in - energy out
6. Your metabolism is a “fire” that you need to stoke
7. A supplement will “supercharge” your results
8. There is one “magic diet” that solves everything

And the list goes on and on and on...
Anyway, all these myths are dangerous to your health.

And, if you believe them, are probably robbing yourself of your results

and the trophies at competitions are going to someone else who is ignoring all those so-called “rules.”

Just something to think about.
Especially the next time you push that low calorie + heaps of cardio button...

Love and light
Hattie xoxo

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What is the Best Version of You?

Visualise your life. Visualise your goals.

Who do you want to be?
What characteristics does the best version of you posses?

What characteristic do you need to develop so that you can finally be that person?

Where will your goals take you?
What is the standard you need to live by
every single day to create the life you want?

All of this is in your control if you decide to TAKE control.

What Is your greatest asset?

Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.

But how do you get there?
How do you go from where you are right now to being the bright radiant shining version of yourself?
It's more simple than you imagine.

Ask yourself:
"Are the words thoughts and actions I consistently choose to use, serving me a purpose?"

"Is this (word/thought/action) taking me to where I want to go?"
"If it’s not, what needs to change?"

What can you do right at this very moment to change your direction so that you can be the best version of you?

No more excuses. No more blame. Take control.

Be the best version of you
right now

Apply to join my team here.

Loving kindness and light.
Hattie xoxo

P.S. Couldn't resist adding my favourite quote from Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?'

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of the universe.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

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Get Off The Hamster Wheel and Start Growing As A Person

I am so grateful that at some point in my life I made the decision to be the guardian and nurturer of my soul.

I took it upon myself to learn the skills and develop the tools to self-sooth AND maintain a burning desire to keep being better.

The drive for self-improvement doesn’t have to come from pain.
It is exponentially more beautiful when it comes from the joy of infinite possibility that WE ALL HAVE ACCESS TO!

My catch up calls with my SMP girls last Friday, reinforced the value of the mental and emotional tools which I teach the girls and how powerful they are at helping them grow and evolve into the people they want to be.

Right now it’s mediation month in The Sports Model Project.

We are all using Headspace then giving our reflections of our practice inside of our private group. It’s been a challenge and a massive life upgrade for the whole team.

It’s the girls who apply these skills and tools that get the most phenomenal growth.

We are seeing some pretty profound changes in the nature of the girl's minds and the quality of their experience of this life.

We also see that they change physically. They are less bloated, less puffy and their measurements have started to move in a consistent fashion.
Because in order to change who you are you must be willing to let go of the past.
You must be willing to change your old thoughts, words and actions.
We all believe that we are a certain way now,
because of something that happened in the past.

But that's not true.

Stuff happened once, we responded to it the best we could at the time but

all of our responses from here on out
are a choice that we make right now
and then decide to keep on making.

Most women change their bodies without changing who they are mentally and emotionally and therefore they never really change.
They put all the effort in the external validation and base their happiness on that.

They have a new body but they still have the same stories,
the same limitations,
the same insecurities
which is why they never appreciate
or see what they have just achieved.
I know how that feels, I have been there many times before too.

But If you want to have true self-confidence,
if you want to be happy,
then you need to start acting and thinking in a way that supports those goals, otherwise no matter that you do,
no matter how good you look,
it will never be enough.
It’s weird, people always say to me don’t ever change.
I have been told this by someone at every different stage I have been in.

The thing is, I had changed.
I have to change.
I must keep changing.
I can not be the person I was 10 years ago if I want to keep evolving.

The true transformation is in the mind.

If you do not put effort into changing this,
the more things change,
the more they’ll stay the same.
You will find yourself on the emotional hamster wheel.

Do you need help getting off the hamster wheel?
Have been putting in the work, but you keep finding yourself back at the start again?

Click on the image below to apply for one of the limited spots in my team.

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

This Is Why I'm Always Talking About Mindset

"That mindset stuff sounds great Hattie but will it really help me get lean/shredded/on stage and looking amazing."

"Maybe I should focus on nutrition and training first and come back to It once I have the body I have always wanted?"

To understand why only focusing on training and nutrition won't work
we need to understand how your metabolism ACTUALLY works.

Your metabolism determines what your body looks like and how much it will change over a period of time. A lot of us think of our metabolism as fire that we need to stoke so that we can "burn fat". But this analogy is sabotaging you and your results.

Your metabolism is like a thermostat that measures total stress from all of your sensory information.

The amount of light entering your eyes
the temperature
the amount of food you have eaten,
the amount of activity you have done
the mechanical stress applied to your muscles and relayed through the nervous system.
Your thoughts and emotions also signal to your metabolism be communicating if you are loved and safe,
happy or sad,
excluded or included
if food and resources are plentiful or if you are worried that you will starve.

As humans evolved on the savannah in Africa this information was crucial to our survival as a species. So emotions and negative thoughts feed straight into your metabolism and tell it that you are under stress.

This is next bit is the important part for transforming your physique.

After your metabolism measures your stress it uses hormones to send a message to your cells about what actions they should take.

Only after receiving the message from your metabolism do your cells determine if they should build more muscle or burn your body fat for energy.

This means that you can exercise and eat and do "everything right",
but your metabolism won't do what you want if you haven't got a process for understanding and creating the right thoughts and emotions.

The Sports Model Project isn't just the number one team in the world,
although we did win that award last year. The Sports Model Project isn't just a team that helps girls get featured in magazines, although that happened over and over again last year.

The Sports Model Project is a process of personal transformation that starts with how you think and will transform how you look.

This process will guide you to the most important feeling of all.

Self confidence.

Which may NOT be something you have ever truely experienced before
But The Sports Model Project is not for everybody.

You must be prepared to challenge your current thinking.
You must be able to train at a higher intensity than ever before.
You must be prepared to do the work in the gym,
on your habits and on your thoughts.

But the reward, at the end is you; transformed.
The shining radiant version of you.


Love and radiant shining light
Hattie xoxo

Ps: this is my radiant shining light photo.
(It's my favourite)


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Should I Add Weight Each Time I Go To The Gym?

Yes, add weight to every session where possible.

Your goal should be to get stronger at EVERY single rep range.
You should try to get stronger at 20 reps or 15 reps or 12 reps or 5 reps or 1 rep.

Pat yourself on the back when you can’t add weight to an exercise in a given rep range.

You are at the outer boundary of what this body can do.
Now your metabolism will send messages to all of the cells in your body.

“We need to build a new body”

Which, is exactly what we are here to do when we train.
We want to build a new body.

So what do I do? I can't put the weight up any more.

This will happen. This should happen.

The plates on machines may be too big a jump,
the jump might be to big from one set of dumbbells or kettlebells to another
or you just need to get more confident in the movement before you go up.

But you need to increase the tension your body is experiencing EVERY training session or your metabolism WON'T send the message to your cells to build a new body.

Instead the message your cells receives is:

"We can handle this, no need to change this body"

So you need to keep making the session harder (progressive overload)
Once you have maxed out the weight there are a heap of strategies we can use.

This list is in order of effectiveness
Try to increase the reps you can do with that weight.

Max out the reps every time with that weight. Once you have increased maximum the number of reps you can do at that weight try again with a heavier weight at your original rep range.

As a very rough rule: if you increase the reps you can do by 20% you will have gotten appreciably stronger.

Ie You're doing kettlebell squat at 20kg x 20 reps but 24kg is too hard.
Next session try to increase your reps.
You do 20kg x 24 reps (+20% of your original reps at that weight)
In your next session 24kg should be available to you.

2. Next option is to increase the time under tension for each exercise. Specifically increase the time you spend in the eccentric phase (muscle lengthening under load) this will get you stronger at that weight.
After a few sessions try the 24kg.

3. The third option is to change the exercise order.

Take the exercise that you have plateaued in and put it first in your training session. That way you will have more energy and training drive for that exercise.

The last option is to decrease the rest time between each set.

I don't always recommend because it more often leads to "junk" training.
If you aren't ruthlessly applying this principle to you training you will not get to the next level.

The days, months and years you spend in the gym will not lead you to the promised land, they won't be wasted because training is awesome
but they won't be maximised and you won't be either.

You will be stuck back in the pack with everybody else.

It's time to break away from the herd.
It's time to step up with the leaders.


Love and light
Hattie xoxo

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There's No Point Getting Ripped And Being Sick

I think we would all prefer ripped and vibrant but a lot of girls are ripped and sick because of their nutrition.
So how do we get both?

How do we get shredded and be healthy and vibrant?

How do we exude life and vitality?

To achieve optimal body composition we need to manage the amount of food we eat.

I teach all of my girls how to track macros and over time we work out exactly how their body responds to certain intakes of protein, carbs fat and fiber.

Once we are on top of the amount of macros, we need to focus on micronutrients and food quality.

Most people never get to that point, they are purely eating way too much food and have no discipline or they are cruel to themselves and are starving themselves of energy.

In both these cases, their body composition suffers.
They are either fat
skinny fat
all which are all bad options.

So we need to get our macros right to have ideal body composition.

If you need some help with that you can download my Ultimate Macro Plan here.

But micronutrients are also crucial to our health and performance and most people who are trying to achieve ideal body composition ignore their micronutrient intake. Often they try to make up for this by using supplements, vitamins and minerals or foods fortified with micronutrients.

I think that this is a mistaken approach.

Supplements can have their place but we want to be deriving most of our micronutrients from a wide variety of unprocessed foods.

Micronutrients are about 40 essential minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids that we have to get from our diet. Food is the vehicle to deliver micronutrients and compounds that are beneficial for health.

So we want food to be the delivery system for micronutrients,
food; not pills or powders or potions (again there are exceptions).

Most genes that encode enzymes require micronutrients as co-factors.
Enzymes are the machines that do work inside of your cells.
Enzymes are involved in your
metabolism (energy levels),
neurotransmitters (your mood and how you feel),
repair and damage (how you recover from exercise).

All the things you need to be working optimally to have elite body composition and to feel vibrant. These enzymes and processes need more than just energy to do their job, they need micronutrients to work properly.

There are recommended levels (RDI in Australia) of micronutrients that are suggested to make sure we get adequate amounts.

However adequate is a long way from optimal.

So whilst a recommended amount of micronutrients may stop us having symptoms of disease or deficiency. The RDI’s don’t mean that we are operating optimally in the short term or reducing aging in the long term.

The RDI also don't take into account genetic variations and individuality.

Often the types and quantities of micronutrients we need are dependent on where our ancestors are from making RDI less useful for us.

So what to do practically?
1) Try to eat your macros from whole foods. Protein from whole food rather than powder, Carbs from veggies and fruit rather than pasta and rice. Fats from marine creatures, seeds and nuts.

2) Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables. Probably three times the amount your eating now. You need to have at least handful with every meal. Greens are really good in protein shakes.

Here is a recipe: 1 cup spinach, 1 cup kale, Half a cup frozen pumpkin, Half a cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana, 1 tbps chia seeds, 1 scoop hemp protein, 1 tsp slippery elm bark --- Blend.

3) When eating out, order oily fish and vegetables. Most of us aren’t great at cooking these so we don’t have them at home. Make these a preference when you eat out.

4) Add fresh herbs to all of your meals. Herbs are kind of like little super vegetables. Even better grow your own and eat those.

5) I’ll add one supplement on here. Get a fish oil supplement. Do your research because you get what you pay for. Cycle between fish oil and cod liver oil.

6) Eat a variety of colors every day. Eat as many different colored vegetables as you can.

I saw big changes in my physique and how I felt, once I started eating more fiber, greens and getting a better balance of fats in my diet.

My skin improved, I had better energy and my workouts were good, even when I was dieting and on lower calories before the worlds.

I want you to feel as vibrant as I do

Love and Light
Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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