Achieving Elite Body Composition The 3 Things You Need To Understand

Anyone who has competed before knows…

Nutrition is SUPER important.

It's one of many keys, and without all of them, 
you can't unlock the door to the stage.


The amount of information on nutrition online makes it look incredibly complicated and intimidating.

It can be frustrating, 

and it's easy to get lost figuring out what to do.

So, here are some simple starting places for you:

  1. Take a step away from fads.

    There are an incredible amount of fad diets like keto, 
    intermittent fasting, low carb, detox, paleo, etc.

    The problem with these isn't that they don't work, 
    but they actually cut out the key nutrients your body needs.

    Think of food as fuel.
    Your body needs quality nutrients to perform at its best.

    Just like a car needs the right type of fuel to run optimally, 
    your body needs certain nutrients to function properly.

    Without the right fuel, you can end up with health problems, 
    hormonal and metabolism issues, stress, and anxiety.
  1. Monitor everything.

    Keep a food diary, recording what you eat and drink DAILY.

    This will help you see patterns in your eating habits, 
    figure out what works for you, and what doesn't.

    But also,
  1. Keep track of your thoughts.

    As someone who has suffered from a FED (Fucking Eating Disorder), 
    I can tell you -

    It is incredibly easy to turn nutrition into a form of punishment.

    Trying to ease our negative self-talk by denying ourselves food or by overeating.

    But in reality, 
    food is there to nourish and fuel our bodies.

    It's not the enemy.

    In fact, it's your ally - 
    helping you achieve your goals.

This is just a snippet of the things we teach at SMP.

I have taken everything I learned from becoming a world champion and fitness pro and created a process of transformation and self-mastery... for you.

This process worked for me,

It's worked for countless other women who I've coached,
And I know it will work for you too.

But only if you're the hardest worker in the room.
So, if you think you have what it takes…

Book a call with our team of experts.

Hattie xo
SMP Coaching Team

How A World Champion Overcomes Injury And Setbacks

This is me training last Tuesday.

I was smoked -
Crawling my way through my 2nd set.

I was fried.

And I’m so glad I filmed it!

It feels good to see intensity and effort again.
Even if it’s NOT perfect.

Because for me…

Seeing the intensity and effort again has been something I’ve been craving ever since my injury.

My injury felt frustrating.
I was really down.

I know I have this strong link in my identity to training, 
And particularly to being strong.

People come to me for that.
People know me for it.

I have built a life around this passion of mine.

To not have access to it felt like I wasn’t me.

But I took the time to acknowledge 
that this happens to everyone.

We get injured – 
like I did.

And while it was frustrating, 
it was also humbling at the same time.

I was really challenged.

And I just LET myself FEEL challenged.

And here I am now…

Wiser and braver!

The fact that I CAN still train 
and train with intensity feels really empowering.

It allowed me to relearn the value of focusing on what you CAN do. 
Not what you CAN’T.

To show up even through discomfort.
To practice resilience.

And that’s one of the principles I teach my girls in SMP.

SMP is a community of resourceful women powerfully supporting one another, where you will learn:

…Radical-self growth.
…To fully experience your feelings. Especially the painful ones.
…To observe your thoughts, words, actions, & reactions. 
…To be wholeheartedly determined to work on them and to love the person you are right now in this moment.

Through a process of transformation and personal mastery.

Are you ready for your never-ending growth? 
To be strong physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually?

SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room. 

Click here and chat with our team to apply.

Love & light,
Hattie xoxo
SMP Coaching Team

The Reason You’re Not Transforming (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Training)

If you have been circling around SMP for a while, you must be wondering…

“What does SMP do?”
“Is it a training program?”

“Why do they talk about mastery and transformation and mindset and all other things besides training and diet?”

Well, that’s because –

#1: We are not just a training program.

#2: We don’t teach you some booty blast to make your glutes feel tired and feel like you’ve achieved something.

We teach actual transformation - 

Which means covering every possible
angle of your transformation.

It’s fabricated in every core human experience.


What is SMP for?

A home for women on a quest.

For women who want to become the vision that they have for themselves.

For women like you…

Who has started a journey for elite body composition or entering a competition or becoming a world champion…

Which now becomes a journey for you…

To come back home…

…To yourself.
In SMP you will learn 

→ High-performance habits and principles around the right training for your body and your goal
→ How to eat for elite body composition & enjoyment & satisfaction 
→ How to organise a high-performance lifestyle so that your goals don’t cost you your happiness 
→ How to have a deep and loving relationship with yourself and be your own shining light

Our world-class team which includes:

A neuroscientist @michelle_baty, who has 17 years of studying the human mind at the university.

A Heart Coach @tigerandthemonk and his Meditation and Mindfulness program

Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Exercise Scientists, WBFF Pro Divas, World Champions -

People like @hattieboydle, @caterinaruberto, @jamiecosta, @matteo.giofre.

Because for you to have elite body composition,
You must transform every part of your life.

From nutrition and training, 
to mindset and sleep.

Is it time?

Live your spirit, 
be YOUR vision.

Click here to chat with our team.

Love & Light,
The SMP Coaching Team

The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Achieving the Results You Want (What Pros Do Instead)

Most of us think that big results require complicated methods.

But it’s actually not true.

Simple doesn’t mean 
not challenging.

And complicated training, for example, 
Can actually set you up to fail.


1. Complicated things are overwhelming.

2. When things are overwhelming, they are more difficult to be consistent with.

3. The more over-whelming something is and the less consistent you are with it, the more burnt out you become. 

Then your performance declines, 
and so do your results.

And 4. -

When your performance and results drop,
You’re mean to yourself about it,
Which creates even more burnout.

As a high performer with high standards, 
I am in awe of your work ethic and determination. 


What if I tell you that the key to achieving more is by doing less?

That is actually how our girls at SMP, 
who are mostly industry leaders & athletes, 

FINALLY get the results they haven’t seen for years.

They are able to achieve more by taking smaller steps…

Nailing each movement.
Focusing on each detail.

They take it slowly but consistently…

Enjoying the journey…

Vibrant. Strong. 
Not feeling burnt out.

So what about you?

Are you ready to see real change?

In your body,
In your training,
In your progress,
In your performance,
In your mind,
In your life?

Often the simplest methods are the most challenging.

Are you willing to commit to the slow, 
detailed, but sustainable process?

The Sports Model Project is a process of transformation and personal mastery.

And it’s only for the hardest worker in the room.

Click here to apply.

If you’re a good fit, you will be directly talking to our team of expert coaches next week.

Love and light,
The SMP Coaching Team

Is it time to be Unreasonable?

Our reasons are our excuses.

And it sucks – 
I know.

Because excuses sound best to those who say them.
They’re all very rational and reasonable.

And it feels good to have a list of reasons why you can’t.

Reasons like:

1. I’m busy
2. I have to study
3. I have kids
4. I have a job
5. I don’t have enough time
6. I’m a mum and I have a heap of stuff to do at home 
7. My partner won’t let me
8. Things happened
9. Money

…Take a look at that again.

That is actually a list of what life IS.

It can be the reason to not to do something.
Or it can be the reason to say yes.

You’re either fighting for the best possible life you could imagine 
or you’re fighting for the reasons why you can’t have it.

Like our amazing client Wendy @xfitwoman who's in her 50s when she decided to be “UNreasonable’” and enter her first fitness show. 🙂

It seemed completely UNreasonable for her to start going to the gym, doing posing and being in a group of women younger than her to pursue her vision for herself

But guess what?

She did what SHE wanted to do and set aside all “excuses.”
Because that’s who she is.

Because life happens.

And it will continue to happen for the rest of your life.

There is no clearing in the future where it stops and you can start doing all of the things that you want to do.

Being ready is a choice.

Is it your time finally?
To be UNreasonable?

And finally achieve the vision you have been putting off these years?
That choice is one click away.

The Sports Model Project is a community of resourceful women powerfully supporting one another. 

And it’s only for the hardest worker in the room.

Click here and chat with our team to apply.

If you’re a good fit, you will be talking directly to our team of expert coaches next week.

Love & light,
SMP Coaching Team

The 4 Things That Dictate What Strategy To Use To Achieve Elite Body Composition

Here’s the truth about competing: 

It’s not for everybody. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong…
This isn’t to dampen anyone’s dream.

But if the stage doesn’t call to you, that’s okay.

Because the good thing is?

You don’t actually NEED to get on stage 
to get a great physique.

You don’t need to want to compete 
to live in a body you feel incredible and sexy in.

So how can you achieve elite body composition and live that out even without having the need to get on stage?

Here’s four things you need to review in a foundation phase:

#1: Training Age.

If you’re advanced, your monthly gain of muscle mass is going to be so much slower than girls who are newer to training.

So the more experienced you are, the harder and smarter you need to work to give your body enough stimulus.

#2: Genetics.

What parts of your body respond fast and slow to training?
Everyone is built differently.

#3: Movement literacy.

How well do you move under the bar? 
Are your joints stable? 
Is your body ready to handle load?

#4: Dieting History

Have you been a chronic yo-yo dieter?

Your fat loss rate is much slower than someone who has never dieted in their life.

Because your body has done its best to learn how to survive on low food.

So overall, the point here is:

There are a heap of factors to consider 
AND you can take advantage of.

You look at your background.
You look at the quality, effort, and consistency of your skills.

You look at YOUR starting point.

Because you might notice, 
that in this photo…
I’m doing a foundation phase.

That’s where I look at my starting point
And work to get better from them.

So yes, even World Champions do this.

And I do it almost every year…
Because it works 🙂

Are you ready to start working on elite body composition?

Now is the time.

It takes work and YOU have to be doing the work.

That’s why SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room.

Click here and chat with our team.

SMP Coaching Team

Becoming World Champion Didn’t Make Me Happy… But This Did

Between 2011 and 2016, I had my comps 
and comp preps back-to-back 

In and outside the country.

And mind you… 
I nailed them all.

I won all of my shows.
Earned my world titles 2x.

And became a @WBFF Pro Champion in 2016. 

I achieved all of my goals!

But I have something to confess:

I was not really happy.
Even when I knew I should be.

Odd – I know.

But it felt for me like I was only constantly dashing towards a hollow goal after a hollow goal.

And the reward 
was another hollow goal.

I thought that happiness was for my future self to enjoy.

But what I realised every time I got to the point where my past self thought I’d be happy, and I wasn’t…

Was that the way I thought about goal setting and happiness was all wrong.

I realised that in order for me to be happy,
I had to truly recognise what I had done.

All the amazing things and people in my life.
And to recognise that I am a champion.

Now you might be wondering,

“Does that mean goal-setting doesn’t work?”
“Should I not set goals then?”

That’s not quite right.

Goals are still necessary – 
They take you from point A to Z.

But to get from A to Z?
You need to go through B to Y.

And this is the part where we high-achievers often fail to acknowledge the most important part:

The process.
The journey.
The present moment.

Enjoy it.
Live in it.

That’s what we teach at SMP.

Everything I learned from this journey,
All the trials and the errors.

What works best and what doesn’t in your quest for lifelong success.

It’s inside the Sports Model Project.

It’s a process of transformation and personal mastery set in a tribe of resourceful women powerfully supporting one another.

Surrounded by women like @hattieboydle, @caterina_ruberto and @nathaliaburmann.

Where you will be guided by a specialist team of coaches…
Who are committed to your ongoing and never-ending growth…

So you can stay connected to your spirit…
As you achieve the transformation that you want…

It’s time.

Click here and book a life-changing call with our team.

Love & light,
SMP Coaching Team

How To Win Your Competition (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

Picture this:

You finally made it onto the stage,

And you brought with you your best self - 
the person you've worked so hard to build - 
to show to your loved ones, friends, and coaches.

Everyone is cheering for you as your name gets called among the champions.

You take your OWN pro card with you 
and your World Championship medallion, 
all earned on the same day.


This actually happens for a lot of our girls in The Sports Model Project.

But the truth is...
You don't become a pro overnight.

It has absolutely nothing to do with luck.

You have to EARN that title by demonstrating a dedication to yourself, 
over and over again.

You see, 
our girls are pros WELL before they step on that stage.

They have goals, 
just like you.

They train hard - 
tracking their nutrition and working out consistently,

And, they embody the mind and spirit of a world champion.

So what's the difference between them and you?

they asked for help.

Each and every one of these incredible women made the decision to step forward - seeking guidance from a specialist team of coaches and world-class athletes.

They knew that if they wanted to achieve their dreams, 
they couldn't do it alone.

So they surrounded themselves with like-minded women, 
powerfully lifting one another up and striving towards greatness.

Did they have amazing physiques?
Beautiful poses?
Discipline, commitment, high standards?

Yes, yes, yes.

But they worked with experts that could tell them exactly when to push, when to rest, when to drop calories, when to train, when to increase calories.

That’s why they were successful.

Just like @getcrystallizedofficial, one of the amazing women who has gone through our process of transformation and personal mastery.

Is it time for you to have that kind of guidance?

To step into your power 
and start living your vision?

If you're ready to take your place on the stage...
And, if you want to go home with your OWN pro card…

Book a call with our team of experts.

Love and light,
Hattie xo
SMP Coaching Team

You Don’t Become The Greatest By Being Miserable In Every Other Area Of Your Life

It’s funny to hear people on Instagram say,

“Hattie is a badass.”
“Is it normal to be that lean?”
“How is she lean and living a normal life?”

They think I’m a robot…

I understand that there’s this perception of me.

But when it comes to life,
What is normal?

As a high-achieving elite athlete, 
fitness is a BIG part of my life.

I work the hardest when I am at the gym.

But I am also the most playful when I’m outside! 

With my friends and family, 
With my partner.

I rest 
and I play.

That’s actually how I am able to maintain this physique.

I get to live to my standards as a high performer, while at the same time, nurture parts of me that are gentle.

I love meeting people.
I love the beach.

I am living in my spirit.

Because I have this vision:

To be the greatest in the world. 

But I don’t get to be the greatest in the world, by being miserable in every other area of my life.

Elite level athletes understand this.

I worked my ass off 
and practised discipline 
to obtain excellence as my identity 
and achieve this level of freedom.

And for me, 
that’s normal.

Because we choose what is normal for us, right?

We choose the life we want. 
We choose who we become. 

You choose what’s best for you.

So what about you?

What vision do you have for your life? 
How would you like to live it?

If it involves elite level body composition and reaching new levels of growth, I have created a process for you called -

The Sports Model Project. 

Where we help you learn the skills and master them, 
To become the woman you see in your head.

It’s what I have used to become the BEST in the world.

A process that our clients (like @caterina_ruberto in this photo) have used to find freedom in discipline... 

To live in their true spirit…

And become the vision that they have for themselves.

And guess what?

It's how we live.
It's who we are.

And that's our normal. 🙂

Want to make this yours?

SMP is only for the hardest worker in the room.

Click here to apply for our team.

If you’re a good fit, we will be talking next week.

Love and light,
Hattie xoxo
SMP Coaching Team