Coaching or Therapy? What’s the Difference?

I was at my parents’ house many years ago.
We were asking deeper questions.

Speaking to the difference between coaching and therapy

And how we define the two.

So when we look at how to define


It is often in psychological models that are creating a safe enough space for us to tune into our system and our memory.

It's being in a space with someone one to one that's trained particular models that's honouring duty of care.

And ensuring that it's safe enough and it's paced over a period of time.

 But the focus is really on tuning into memory what has happened in the past, PLUS

How we can consolidate, reorganise, and redefine those memories to help change and shift how we view ourselves.

 Then when we look at voaching.

Coaching might have some therapeutic influence and may be informed by it.

But it is focusing more on identifying:

- where we are in the current location

- where we wanna be in the future

- and the steps

- the tools,

- and the resources that are required to build towards that.

In both spaces…

We have someone or a community of people that are helping us understand our own experience and what's needed to get there.

But the Therapeutic Space is more based on the PAST to help us in the PRESENT.

The Coaching Space is more based in the PRESENT to help us towards the FUTURE.

One might be focused more on emotions and potentially somatics in the body.

But in Coaching?

It's focused on habits and skills and being able to execute those.

An accumulation of those over time to be able to get towards where we want to go.

Which is actually what we help you with at SMP.


If you want to learn lifelong high-performance skills and habits that you are missing right now?

And finally get to where you want to be in your elite body composition journey?

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Someone from our specialist team will reach out.

SMP Team

Do You Have That Part Of You That Never Gives Up?

​She keeps pushing….

But she is starting to get fatigued.
Because there isn’t more effort to be found.

You train,
Are disciplined with food,
You’re positive and motivated….

Have been for yours and yet you’re not here yet.
If you're honest “Their” isn't any closer either.

You’re not alone.
A lot of our girls at SMP experienced that too.

But what if I told you that:
In order for you to achieve the growth you’ve worked so hard for…

You actually need to rest?

The thing is:

Growth is a magical process that is being given to us by nature.
Yes, you can stimulate growth with a lot of hard work. Awesome.

But until we rest?

We will not grow.

In fact, it is in rest you give yourself the space and time to breathe and flourish.

Personally and physically.
Just like when you’re training.

If you just smash yourself in the gym, day in and day out, no rest,
leaving no chance for your muscles to recover…

Your body won’t grow.

The progress may still be there, yes, but it will be slow.

And you end up working a lot more for less results.
Less joy.
Less growth.

That’s why in the Sports Model Project…

We understand how important it is to facilitate rest and recovery.

You will be taught not only techniques on how to rest your body.
But also how to rest your mind.

So you can take your foot off the gas every now and then.
And then let nature do its thing.

If you want to be a part of a community of people who want to

> support you in doing the hard work
> help you do the hard work really well
> give you the tools that will allow you to rest deeply so that fulfilling growth can happen?

—-> Click here.

Someone from our team will reach out.

All the best,
SMP Heart Coach

How Eating 175G Of Carbs Helped A Clean Eater Transform Her Physique & Lose 4Kg & 5Cm In 20 Weeks

​Naila came to SMP to see what she is capable of physically,
while staying away from restrictive behaviours and mindset.

A typical clean-eater, Naila was restricting her carbs.
But she didn’t achieve the physique she wanted.

So she came to SMP for help.

20 weeks later?
Naila’s lost 4kgs and 5cm off her waist.

It’s harder to lose body fat when you are already lean.

So it’s NO easy feat given how lean she was already.
She has also revealed some serious shape.

The secret?

There is no secret 🙂

Just actual sports science, support from a nutritionist,
programs developed by a world champion and most importantly….

A caring attentive, focused coach who does detailed weekly check in’s
& driven client who is the hardest worker in the room.

Would you like some help too?

So while there isn’t a secret to this success,
here is an important idea.

Training hard the right way
ALWAYS changes your body.


Transformation comes from damaging
your muscle and then resting and repairing the damage.

To train with high volume and increasing intensity your body
must be able to tolerate the training loads.

You MUST have correct posture or you can’t lift enough weight
enough times to create enough damage to create change.

That level of exercise requires fuel.

Carbohydrate is the most effective fuel for resistance training ESPECIALLY for female athletes.

If you’re restricting food?

It’s impossible to sustain enough hard training
or create enough recovery to get your body growing.

That’s why Naila always ate at least 175g of carbs per day.
We actually needed to increase her food.

Her biggest breakthrough?

Realising foods are not ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’.
She can incorporate her favourite foods everyday.

Naila’s made great movement progress in her stability & right hip mobility.
Check out the photos.

This foundation has allowed Naila to leap into her first real build the right way.

Would you like some help too? Click here.

SMP Team

You Gotta Love Yourself Before Other People Can Love You, Right?

Or is it that we become the 5 people around us?

Do we learn by ourselves?
Or do we learn together?


Are you confused?
I DON’T blame you.

There’s a tonne of talk about mindset on IG
And I gotta admit it’s pretty cool. 🙂

But just like every fad we have ever seen in training and nutrition?

It's pretty easy to get swept up in the excitement.

Maybe you (just like the other women in the Sports Model Project)
notice this mindset trap too.

Mindset memes and mantras that sound simple and clear and black and white on the outside…

…that over the long term don’t do justice to our goals and our vision, and our life.

This is exactly why the Sports Model Project has spent the last 3 1/2years developing the gold standard in the mindset work.

Backed up with over twenty-three years of personal academic and professional practice.

Because just like cookie-cutter programs and diet plans
do not serve your ability to build the body that you love?

Mindset memes and mantras?

Do not have the depth required for you to build an internal world that you love.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to build this yet.

We take you step-by-step through building the foundations

→ that are safe enough to step into your inner world,
→ make sense of where you came from,
→ who you are now,
→ and what is required to step into the vision you have for yourself.

If you need some help with this?

—-> Click here and you’ll be speaking with our team soon.

SMP Neuro-Psych

Want To Get On Stage? Take Drugs

​Said by men who’ve never achieved elite results for themselves

Nor have been successful in their own career.

They tell young and not so young girls that
the only way to get in-stage condition?

… is through PEDs.

Which is crazy and pretty concerning.

Although, it’s true that you get to go faster.
The risks outweigh the benefits.

You’ll see these girls getting bigger in a short amount of time.
And then months later, they’re on stage competing.

Going completely from Level 0 to Level 3 must be amazing, right?


If you haven’t trained hard enough for long enough to get close to you genetic potential?

That’s exactly the wrong time because in this phase of your development?
Your body WILL respond to the correct training stimulus.

But here comes the next level.

Girls who take PED’s want to achieve elite body composition and win.

But no matter how many times they want to compete,
they simply can’t achieve the level of success they want as an athlete.


Taking PEDs may have enhanced their conditioning,
but it didn’t improve their athletic capability.

They never pushed themselves to see the possibility of
what it's like to train without drugs.

They didn’t have the right foundations, the right skills,
the right process to take themselves further.

Which brings me to now and to you.

Would you like to learn how to achieve and maintain
elite body composition for the rest of your life?

There is a better way.

And that’s what we’ll help you with
inside the SMP.

You will be guided by our team of Elite Coaches,
Strength & Conditioning Athletes,
WBFF Pro Divas &
World Champions.

So you can learn the elite way of nailing your training and nutrition
and be in the best shape of your life.

You’ll learn:

→ how to organise your training and train systematically
→ deep skills and knowledge in tracking your nutrition
→ how to build a physique that lasts without compromising your health

And more…

But, SMP is not for everyone.

We don’t coach girls who just get motivated.

SMP is ONLY for the hardest worker in the room.

Is that you?

Click this link now and book a call with our team.

SMP Coaching Team

Do You Believe In The Power Of The Potential That You Hold?

​That elite body composition…
That Pro-level mindset you’ve always aimed for…

Do you believe in your potential to achieve that?

I do too. 🙂

I believe in your power to train to the best of your ability.
To become stronger.
In body.
In mind.
In spirit.

YOU are the hardest worker in the room.

Wondering what it would be like to experience something greater for yourself?

What would it be like to reach that
Next-level growth?
Next-level breakthrough?
Next-level success?
Next-level support and love and joy?

To become the vision that you have for yourself?

Just imagine what it would be like to FINALLY…

Get on stage.
Show your best package.
Shine brighter.
Compete with like-minded women powerfully supporting one another.
Win the show.
Earn your Pro card.
Or even become a champion.

What do you think it would be like to FINALLY step into THAT vision…
…and become the Pro Elite Athlete you have always wanted to be?

Is it finally time?

SMP is all about YOU achieving your ultimate transformation and personal mastery.

So if you’ve been training hard consistently in the last 2+ years?
And you’re aiming to compete next year?

Now is the best time to prepare.

—-> Click here. Book a call.

On the other side?

We’ll discuss where you are currently… all the tools and support you need.

So you can optimally get to where you want to be.

Hattie xoxo
The SMP Coaching Team

The Four Different Principles of Mindset that Will Change Your Life

Everybody talks about changing their mindset…

But what does it actually mean and how do we do it?

Well, in the Sports Model Project, we've broken mindset down into four different principles that we practice.

#1: We’ve got mindfulness.

Which is about noticing what the thoughts are…

How they feel…

What are you sensing…

And not having to do anything with it, but actually just starting to notice that they're there.

#2 is our mind state.

And you may have never heard of that before,

But @michelle_baty_ ,our Neuro-Psych, talks about our mind state… which is our body and our emotions, AKA the nervous system.

She (mind state) is a pretty big deal. And she's one we want to start to tune into, because she plays a pretty big role in our life.

It’s about how we respond to relationships,
how we react to how we respond,
how we feel…

And then, how do we start to shift and change that?

The next is…

#3: Our mindset.


This is a word that everyone knows, and one that we're trying to evolve. And these are our thoughts and our choices.

So after we have mindfulness, then we have mind state, and then we go into mindset.

Well, we're doing a lot of shifting and a lot of noticing within those layers.

And the last, of course, is…

#4: Our mindsight.

And that is our vision and our spirit.

Now, we all have a vision of ourselves.

We all have a spirit, one that we are trying to live in.

And what do you know? It takes work.

It takes noticing, and it takes shifting.

And it also takes acknowledging as well.

So if our mindfulness is only 20% of our experience…

…then where's the other 80%?

Well, it's actually in the body.

So how do we start to tune in?

We break this thing called mindset down into four different principles.

That’s one of the many things you will learn inside the Sports Model Project.

Need help with your mindset?

Want to live in the body and mind that you want in the life that you love?

Click here and book a call with our team.

If you’re a good fit, you and I will be talking next week.


Hey Legends

My name's Billy and I am the heart coach for the Sports Model Project. One of the best things about our community is that we're a community.

We are a community full of resourceful women, powerfully supporting one another. We are community of women who have stepped towards their greatness, who have stepped towards their vision.

It can feel like we are stepping out on our own. And one of the things you might have noticed as well, that it's really hard it's impossible to walk that journey on your own.

So what might it be like to step out on your own, but into a community, to step into your greatness, to step towards your vision, and to be supported. By a community of like-minded sisters into a community of coaches and experts who see that light inside of you and really want it to shine brightly.

If you think that'd be a nice step, the next step to take press the link, someone from the team will reach out.

Love and light,
The SMP Team

You Don’t Just Add Weight Every Session To Grow Your Physique…

​That’s just hard for me to say.

Because I LOVE strength training.
But then, only focusing on strength training will harm your results.

Eventually you will hit a limit.
This is why people struggle to grow new muscle (and get injured).

Because they’re always trying to jack up the weight.
So what should you do instead?
Mix up.

Have some variety.
You can increase your sets, reps, time under tension, volume…

…rather than just focusing too much on adding more load.

I know you love strength training.

The soreness.
The sweat.

You love that feeling, don’t you?
I get you.

Because I LOVE strength training too.

But you know what?

I’ve actually had to remove some strength training from my workouts when I get ready for shows.

Because IF I only trained what I LIKED to train?
I’d be squatting and deadlifting 365 days a year. 🙂

Which of course, is not practical for me (and even YOU) to do.

So here’s the thing:

Always training for strength only grows CERTAIN muscles…
And doesn’t necessarily provide a good BALANCE for a sports model.

That’s the problem with pulling programs from everywhere.

They’re not really giving the physique you want.
They’re designed to be interesting or FEEL hard.

What you need?

Is a BALANCE of Strength and Hypertrophy.

That’s the key to achieving elite body composition.
It’s a smart way to get strong that will also give you the physique you want.

Would you like some help with that?

In SMP, you will

→ learn how to train systematically like an elite athlete
→ receive high-level programming and coaching that is structured specifically for high performers like you
→ develop skills and habits in achieving and maintaining elite body composition

To start:

>>>Click here and we’ll be chatting soon.

Love and light,
SMP Coaching Team