What Do You Do, When Your Motivation Fails (and it always fails)?

Motivation is not the reason you are successful.

It might be the reason why you started, why you reached out, asked for help and created a process.. but it is not the reason you cross the finish line.

Discipline on the other hand is.

Discipline is just doing the things you said you would do, even when you didn’t feel like doing it.

It is what gets you up in the morning, preps your food, hits your macros and gets you to the gym.

We don’t rise to the level of our challenges we fall to the level of our practice.

What are you practicing everyday?

How do you practice discipline?

Discipline is the beast, but also the most beautiful act of self love and can birth the wave of motivation.

Strike while that energy is hot!

Start the best practice you can.

Ride the wave of motivation, let it begin you on the path of where you want to go, and when that wave dies down let discipline swim you to the shore ❤

When Motivation Fails Discipline Prevails!

I teach a process of transformation and personal mastery, it’s called The Sports Model Project you can apply for my team by using this link.

WBFF Worlds 2019 - News....

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2ND PLACE. We'll be in touch with Hattie soon and get her thoughts.


2ND PLACE + New WBFF Bikini Pro

I'm Every Women, It's All In Me

Can you guess what I have been asked a lot?

"Can only a certain type of Women join the Sports Model Project?"


I work with Women from remote parts of Australia where the land is red and orange and I work with Women who live in the big future cities in California. 

I work with Women who fly in and out of mines and I work with PhD research scientists.

I work with Women in their fifties and my Girls in their twenties. 

I work with Women who believe in themselves and their mission. 
I also work with Women
whose main mission right now, 
is to start believing in themselves. 

I work with top-level athletes who compete at the World Titles 
and women who are learning to live this noble lifestyle.

Where we are conscious of our thoughts.
Where we live in this moment with our actions and where we experience growth and the highest type of success.

I’m constantly so proud of the effort that my girls put into their success. 

At the end fitness shows,
competing gives you the chance to be successful whether or not you are the one who gets the medal.

Right now in The Sports Model Project, we are really loving this idea expressed by John Wooden one of the greatest college basketball coaches ever.

“Success is a peace of mind 
which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

That’s the peace of mind I strive for every day. 

It’s what The Sports Model Project is all about because even though we are every type of women,
we have one thing in common.

We are all striving for that sweet peace of mind.
We are all striving for success.

The Sports Model Project Isn’t for everyone.

It’s only for women who know the difference between winning and success.

It’s only for women who are ready to be the hardest worker in the room the type of women who promises to fail, fast, forward, often and with good grace.

Women who will accept radical responsibility for herself and at the same time will practice radical self-acceptance 

We are the type of women who cultivate radical resourcefulness and commit to a process of radical self-growth

We're the type of women who ready to contribute to a radical community and accept the mantle and great privilege of radical leadership inside 
The Sports Model Project and out there in the world

It seems like a lot but really it's just what women like us do.

Are you that type of women? 
You can apply to join us here 🙂

Love and light 
Hattie xoxo

Ps: Click here to learn a little bit more about what we believe and how we live.  

Rituals, Routines and Habits

...and self-regulation!

A habit is an activity you have repeated often that it becomes automatic. 
There is very little energy or thought that comes into it.

You don’t do it because you want to. You don’t even question it.

An example of a habit is snacking while preparing food, having something sweet after dinner, how you brush your teeth. 

Our life is a system of habits that are all interconnected. Changing one can (and often does) affect the others.

Changing your habits is a certain way to change your life but it’s hard to do because most of them have been repeated so often, sometimes along with an emotional state, or have become invisible. You can’t change what you can’t see.

A ritual is the opposite of a habit.
It requires your full presence and attention. 

There is something sacred about a ritual. Its power exceeds what it does in its present moment. There is energy, a commitment, an intention behind it. It has connection, awareness, and devotion.

What habits and rituals have In common as they are a part of a routine.
Be mindful of routine.

Stop and ask yourself if it aligns with your vision and goals. Self-regulation allows you to Reflect on what gets your attention and what doesn’t.

What is serving you, what isn’t serving you, and what could serve you .
Be honest with yourself. The easiest person to fool is yourself, and that’s the last person you want to be fooling. 

Click this link to apply for my team.
It's time, live your spirit, be your vision.

Up Or Down? It’s All In Your Mind.

And girl, don’t I know that after the day I had yesterday.

It’s so easy to forget who you are.
It’s so easy to forget what you've done.
It’s so easy to forget the love you treat people with.

It’s especially easy when the song on repeat in your head is what you aren’t, what you can’t do and what you don’t have.

Yesterday I spoke with Kerwin Rae on his podcast.
It was a really great experience and I enjoyed talking with Kerwin.

Before our chat I was definitely operating from a space where It was easy to forget.

I was focused on:
What I’m not.
What I can’t do.
What I don’t have.

So talking about what I have done,
who I am, what I stand for
and what I have built in The Sports Model Project was a beautiful and timely reminder.

Because if your up or down,
it’s all in your own mind.

It’s what you focus on.

I’m not telling you this as some guru.
I’m sharing this because I know it will help.

There is a really similar idea that athletes use, that I believe you should too.

See athletes are a little obsessive
they focus on the mistakes they make,
they beat themselves up and they very quickly forget what they have done well. (Feel familiar?)

So athletes learn to build a showreel in their mind.

They teach themselves a highlight tape that they have saved in their own mind. Each success, amazing floor routine, hand spring, layout, back squat or glute-ham raise gets saved in one mental movie.

Each image gets tagged with the colours they saw at the time, the tastes they experienced and the smells, then they replay that show reel over and over in their mind, especially when they are stressed.

What sort of show reel do you have?

It may just be thoughts and word right now.

Is it a reel of the best stuff
or a reel of the worst?
Where did it even come from?

Maybe it’s time to actively build your showreel?
Fill it with the good stuff you are doing and replay as needed.

If that feels daunting, a nice first step is to write five things you have done well in the last week and start to repeat that to yourself.

So I’m really thankful for appearing on Kerwin's Podcast yesterday,
it was a reminder of my showreel and of what I have done.

Whether I’m up or down it’s all in my own mind.
It IS what I tell myself.

I have been an elite gymnast.
I have developed a powerful mindset.
I am a world champion.
I have over a decade of experience and expertise as a trainer and coach.
My peers are world leaders in training and nutrition.
I have built a business that gives me freedom AND delivers a worldclass service
I do help women all over the world to transform themselves.
I have created an environment, a team where women can support each other.
I do love with my whole heart, all the time. 

This is the principle of radical responsibility in action.

“I am wholly responsible for my feelings, for my actions, my words and the thoughts I choose to keep."

"I am responsible for observing those feelings, thoughts, words and actions”

Radical responsibility is one of the 8 principles we live by in The Sports Model Project.

That’s just one reason why I’m so proud of my team, my program and the absolute positive force we are in helping women transform their bodies, their minds and their lives.

Is it your turn?

Space in my team is filling up.
We only have ten spots left.

Once they are filled we will be closing entry for the foreseeable future.
Entry into The Sports Model Project is via application only.
This is only for women who are ready to be the hardest worker in the room.

You can apply for one of the last spots here and book a coaching call with Caterina. 

Overwhelming love, light and gratitude.
Hattie xoxo

Book your call with Cat by clicking this link

Dream Crazier

Sometimes we just need to be reminded how far we have come.

Sometimes we just need to admire women who have blazed a trail.
Sometimes we need to be reminded of how much we are capable of.

They don't know who you are,
they have no idea what you can do,
no idea how much power YOU wield.

Sure it's an ad, but it's a reminder.

As you let your light shine you give permission for others to do the same.

I am thankful for Serena Williams letting her light shine despite dealing with poverty, sexism, explicit racism and some of the vilest bullying on the internet that any person in history has EVER dealt with.

She lept every hurdle with good grace and amazing style. 

23 Grand Slam singles titles the most Grand Slam tournament wins in the Open Era.
14 Grand Slam doubles titles, all with her sister Venus, and the pair are unbeaten in Grand Slam doubles finals.
At age 31, becomes the oldest female tennis player to be ranked number 1 since computer rankings began in 1975. This is the sixth time in her career to be ranked number one.
4 Olympic gold medals 1 in women's singles 3 in women's doubles—an all-time record shared Venus.
She is the only woman on the Forbes list of the 100 highest paid athletes
Speaks conversational French.

Serena started practising with Venus and Her Mum and Dad on a local court in Compton a place where people were doing it really tough at the time.

There are barriers to your greatness. They are made to be hurdled.

We are swimming against the tide of history but there was a time not that long ago that we were thought too weak to run marathons now we beat mean in the ultra-marathon.

There are barriers to your greatness, hurdle them.

Show them what crazy can do.

Bret Contreras

"I have the good privilege of knowing Hattie Boydle as a colleague, lifting partner, and friend."

"As a colleague, I can attest that Hattie is driven to learn the best possible strategies for her clients and followers. She loves learning new material and is never content with her knowledge and understanding of the world. Her work ethic is admirable and she cares deeply for the people who put their trust in her to help them improve their posing, physiques, and well-being. We put on seminars together and the energy and commitment she has for the attendees are second to none; it’s a pleasure watching her perform."

"As a lifting partner, Hattie is consistent, accountable, and motivating. Simply watching her train is a beautiful thing as she approaches lifting like an art form. She hones her skills and pays close attention to mechanics, program design, and physiology. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who trains as hard as Hattie and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve worked with 2,000+ clients in my 22 year personal training career."

"As a friend, Hattie has helped me be the best I can be. She pushes me to find true happiness by encouraging me to relax, improve my business strategies, consider different avenues, and make good long term decisions."

"Hattie is the real deal and I vouch for her character and expertise."

Bret Contreras

PhD, CSCS., The Glute Guy

Dr Tony Boutagy

"Hattie Boydle is a true champion. A champion elite athlete, a champion coach and a champion mentor."

"In over two decades of coaching, Hattie is - by far - the hardest working, the singularly focused and the most meticulously dedicated athlete I have ever seen"

"Her commitment, education and care for her own athletes is the true model of excellence and her holistic approach to training, lifestyle and nutrition is at the pinnacle of the industry, and the results clearly speak for themselves."

Dr. Tony Boutagy

Strength Coach Sports Scientist, Boutagy Fitness Institute

After Reflection? New Values, New Drive.

I really hope your break and your holidays were amazing!

It was my birthday last week and we just had Australia Day here in Sydney.

So now I'm back at full speed, training and writing and coaching and thinking.

Reflection is a really powerful tool and this last few months have been a challenge for me! But as always, challenges make you go back to drawing board, make you think they make you refine your beliefs and your methods.

Last year I really started to think about the principles I have learned, live by and teach all my girls The Sports Model Project.

Seeing as it's the start of the year, I thought we could begin with a bang.

These values were written as a creed to be said and repeated.

It's a statement of what women like us do,
of how we live and what we are always working to be.
It's also a powerful reminder of who we are when we need to refocus and redirect our energy.

It's Time, Live Your S
pirit, Be Your Vision.

1: Be the hardest worker in the room:

I will work harder than every other person who is in any room with me. I recognise that often the hardest work is knowing when to rest or be playful.

2: I Promise To Fail:

Quickly, often, hard, forward and most importantly with good grace.

Another word for that is practice.

Every attempt is practice for the next one. Every single rep, set, meditation, show, interview, trial and error makes me better.

I have a practice mindset.

I will not get high or low on results.

I will measure my success on how well I follow my process or do the things that I actually want to do in this life. Another word for doing the things you want in this life is discipline.

Even then, every time I don’t quite live up to my standard is just another practice at me developing discipline.

This is the route to mastery.

3: Radical responsibility:

I am wholly responsible for my feelings, for my actions, my words and the thoughts I choose to keep.

I am responsible for observing those feelings, thoughts, words and actions

4: Radical self-acceptance:

I am working to accept absolutely everything about my life and be aware of what is going on in my mind or body in any moment.

This is an inner process of accepting my actual, present moment experience and does not include putting up with harmful behaviour from others or most importantly myself.

5: Radical Resourcefulness: 

I can overcome my challenges!

I look to solve my challenges before I ask for help.
I ask for help as soon as I need it

If I don’t have them already I can develop the resources to overcome my challenges.

It is my responsibility to find the answer to my challenges or the tools I need to overcome them.

I will communicate my challenges clearly while simultaneously solving them myself.

I will ask for the maximum amount of help I need to overcome these challenges.

6: Radical self-growth:

I am committed to my ongoing and never ending growth.

I am committed to fully experiencing my feelings.
Especially the painful ones

Once experienced I am fully capable of letting these feelings go.

I am committed to observing my thoughts, words and actions and my reactions to them without judgment or needing to “do” anything.

I am wholeheartedly determined to work on them and to love the person I am right now in this moment.

7: Radical Community:

I am committed to the ongoing growth of the other women in The Sports Model Project and I will help them understand, embody and live out the principles of The Sports Model Project.

I will go out and live these principles in my family, work, gym, friend and social environment and I am committed to helping people live these principles out there too.

8: Radical Leadership:

I am a bright shining light!

As I let my light shine brighter I give space for others to do the same.

I will lead by doing.
I will tell by showing.
I will talk by listening.
I will make things easy by working hard.

I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-compassion.
I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-love.

I am inspiring others to do the same.

This is how we live.
This is who we are.

Are YOU one of us?

You can apply to join our team here. 

Love and Light Hattie

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