It's finally time to hit your goal

of becoming a sports model


the ultimate MACRO PLAN

by Hattie Boydle

What "eating in moderation" actually looks like so that you can FINALLY hit your goals.
A tailored food plan for your body and your specific needs. Hint: You won't have to eat broccoli for 12 weeks straight.
#1 Reason Sports Models Can Focus on Training, While everyone else obsesses over food.
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2016 wbff world champion

2015 WBFF World Championships #4

2014 WBFF World Championships/Finalist

2013 Miss Bikini Universe Champion Las Vegas

2013 MuscleMania Model Overall Champion

2015 1st place ANB Sydney Fitness Model

2013 2nd Place FILEX INBA Fitness Model

2011 INBA Australian Sports Model Champion

2011 2nd Place INBA Universe Sports Model

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