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A Fate Worse Than Death

“Hattie, I just can’t afford it right now.” 

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a girl tell me that, I’d have exactly three times how many dollars as I do now and maybe another 2000 women would be free liberated from their doubts and fears.

But you’re just not quite ready

It’s really busy right now at work,

you’re going on holidays,

it will be a better time later,

some time in the future

when your partner gives you permission. 

As sad as it makes me to hear those stories it doesn’t surprise me.

Because after all the times you have told yourself that you’re not enough, it’s no wonder that you won’t pay the price to be what you truly want to be. 

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The WBFF World Champion Interviews The Glute Guy Bret Contreras

A long time before I became the #1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva I was following Bret Contreras and using the training methods that he made popular. I was hip thrusting and crab walking and doing frog pumps. I was also using them with my clients and getting killer results. Fast forward to today and …

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5 Ways To Ruin A Good Training Program

We all do it. We take perfectly good training programs and mess them up. We mess them up because we feel like we know better, or we have a favorite exercise or we can’t be bothered on Tuesdays or… Then how do you feel? Frustrated because you are putting the time? Pissed off because you …

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Were You Expecting A Straight Line?

You will never lose weight in a straight line. You will have bumps along the way. What do you do If you don’t see the results you want? Do you get upset? Get into a negative spiral? Does the bottom of the spiral turn into a negative loop? Do you think, fuck it and have …

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We Set Our Dreams To Carry Us

The life we want is worth fighting for. We set our dreams our goals to carry us through the times that are tough. We can live in a beautiful state but we have to fight for our freedom. Freedom from doubt and fear, other people expectation and our own self-judgment. Free to be radiant, truly …

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Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

When you get the safety demonstration on a plane they show you how to out on your seat belt and find the exits. But that’s all about making you safe. What’s the one piece of advice you get about caring for someone else? What do you have to do to save your kids? Put your …

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Perfection Is The Lowest Standard A Human Being Can Ever Have

It leaves you with two options. The ideal or nothing How often do you hear someone say. “It’s really hard, I’m exhausted because I’m a perfectionist” or “It’s really hard to get everything done because I’m a perfectionist” “Perfection” is a great place to hide. It’s the perfect place to torture yourself, to let yourself …

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You’re A Loser

People say that all the time like it’s the worst insult. But it’s not. Because winning is rare. Most of the time you’re not winning most of the time you’re either losing or you’re not trying. So I’d rather be a loser than the other option the person who isn’t even trying Becuase it’s only …

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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Or so we have been sold. Found out recently that the connection we make between love and diamonds was completely manufactured by a diamond company in the 1970’s. Still diamonds are a girls best friend. Especially if you’re a diamond. You see, diamonds are made under immense pressure. A bit of coal withstands all …

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“I’d Never Seen My Abs Before”

Most of the girls who join The Sports Model Project start with the dream of inspiring other women. They want to teach other women to love eating, training and living free of negativity about their body. They want to lead women on the same amazing journey. That’s why I’m so excited when our girls are …