Five Hacks To Be Happy And Successful

 I’m on the road right now.

Being away from home is really focusing my mind on what’s important AND most useful in being successful when you don’t have a whole heap of time.

How do I stay happy?
How do I eat right?
How do I make sure I train hard enough?

I interviewed the awesome Sohee Lee last week and that chat really clarified that the techniques we The Sports Model Project are world class.

So today I’m going to give you a little list of free or really cheap things that you can do to feel good emotionally, improve your productivity, smash your goals and of course, attain and maintain elite body composition all year round.

One of the great things about living in the age of apps is you can upgrade your life via your smartphone.

  1. Keep a journal
    Preflection —> Positive Affirmation followed by Reflection —> Critique leads to positive change. This process keeps you on track and happy.
    A great app for this is 5 minute Journal which will take you a few minutes in the morning and few minutes at night.
  2. Keep a food diary
    Dietary adherence is the most important determinate of weight loss success. not any specific diet, no special food, not any supplement, not meal timing. The number one dietary intervention is keeping a food diary.
    I use My Fitness Pal.

  3. Eat the right amount of food.
    The number one factor in your weight and measurements is your energy balance. Just to be clear: If you go over your calories you put on weight. If you eat in a deficit you will lose weight. If you don’t eat enough protein you will get skinny fat. If you eat too much protein and not enough carbs and fat you won’t have energy for exercising intensely or proper hormonal function. So working out your macros is a really important first step.
    Put those macros into your food diary and hit them and you are on the way to success.
    You can get a starting point with my Ultimate Macro Plan
  4. Keep a training diary.
    Your workouts have to get progressively increase in intensity. That isn’t measured by how tired you feel or sweaty you are. The only measures are how much weight you lifted, the volume of lifting you did or if the density of work you did increased. I like the Strong app.
  5. Find a meditative practice and …. practice.
    Of course, it’s hard at the start and your not good at it.
    People seem to expect they will meditate once and be like the Dalai Lama on their first go. Of course, your mind is buzzing with thoughts…. that’s why you need to mediate.There are heaps of types of meditation and meditative practices,
    what works for one person won’t work for another.
    I use the Wim Hoff method and ice baths, I also have Tibetan singing bowls at home and yoga can be great for some people (not my thing).But the thing I really recommend to get started with is the headspace app it has helped me a few times when I felt really overwhelmed by thoughts and pressure.

All of these methods exist to facilitate you taking action.
All of them require you to actually do stuff.
If you do the stuff they act as massive multipliers to your effort.
You start to look, feel and act differently very quickly.

That’s what I do for the girls in my Sports Model Project, I teach them how to get massive multiples on the work they are already doing. They feel happy and try harder as a result.

It means that their results match their efforts for the first time in their life.

I have 2 spots left in the team.

This is not for girls who haven’t been exercising or following a diet, this isn’t for beginners or people who are “ getting back into it” this is only for girls who have been pushing themselves but need my help to get to the next level.

If you are someone who is putting in the hard work but isn’t seeing the result you want apply here.

Love and light
Hattie xoxox

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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