5 Traits The Best Programs All Share

The aim of any program is to nudge your metabolism.

Your metabolism takes all the information that your senses and your mind provide it about the world and it uses that data to decide how your body will work.

It send messages to your cells via hormones which tell cells what to do
Your metabolism decides to change your physique and/or physical capabilities (speed, strength, endurance etc)

So a good program is tailoring the information that your metabolism receives so that it will build the body that YOU want.

So What Characteristics Do The Best Programs Share?

1. Take Care With Your Thoughts
Your metabolism’s job is to sense stress and change your bodies functioning based off of that stress.

If your thoughts and emotions are highly stressed your physiology will be too. This messes up your metabolism and leads to increased body fat, cravings, bad sleep and even worse no sex drive and more.

This is the biggest block and it needs to be moved before exercise and nutrition.

2. Eat Real Food
All of the best diets are based off eating whole unprocessed foods.

A good vegan, vegetarian, paleo or Mediterranean diet all look pretty similar. Lots of fresh food, lots of veggies and enough protein for growth and repair (See 4)

3. Track Your Energy Intake. (It’s important to be precise)
Everyone’s metabolism is different so even though there are broad and relatively accurate rules we can apply to ourselves, all of us differ from the average person in some way. If you are not precise when you track you won’t be able to account for your individual variation.

To lose fat you will most probably have to create an energy deficit over time. This means you will have to decrease the amount of energy you consume relative to the amount of energy you burn.

Not enough of a deficit and you won’t lose body fat.
Too much of a deficit and your metabolism will swing back
and you will feel a change in your sleep, hunger, energy or you will experience cravings and then fall off the wagon.

4. Preserve Your Lean Tissue By Eating Enough Protein
Nothing makes you look better or helps you maintain a healthy metabolism than lean tissue.

As a rough guide you should consume between 1.8g- 2.2g of protein per kg per day of body weight.

If you weigh 60kg that’s 100g per day.

5. Do A Resistance Training Program Using Free-Weight Exercises
Exercise is form of stress.

Applying the correct stress will encourage your metabolism to change your body the way you want it to. Resistance training is the only form of exercise you need to do for a change in body composition.

Using compound exercises is ideal but feel free to build up to them by breaking movement patterns into component isolation exercises.

Keep adding weight/reps/time to all of your reps and sets.
Getting stronger at whatever rep range you are training is the key to changing your body composition.

These ideas are the basics of what I teach all of my girls.

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Love and light
Hattie (I'm having the best month, I hope you are too!)