5 Ways To Ruin A Good Training Program

We all do it.

We take perfectly good training programs and mess them up.
We mess them up because we feel like we know better, or we have a favorite exercise or we can't be bothered on Tuesdays or...

Then how do you feel?

Frustrated because you are putting the time?
Pissed off because you don't see the results you want.
Lost because you have tried everything?

I spend allot of time on programming,
I have been building my method for years.
I often program exercises in training month one so that my girls get to month six and can really start to push themselves. Take one piece out or fail to execute it properly and it will cascade through your preparation and sabotage your results later.

So, are you wrecking your progress by messing with your programs?

Here are the top five mistakes girls keep making.

1: Miss Training Sessions

You tear a little bit of your muscle fibre every time you train and It gets inflamed. Your body responds to the Inflammation and starts to repair the fibres.
A day or two later the muscle is repaired and slightly stronger than when you last trained. After a day or three, it starts to go back to its previous level and de-training kicks in.

If you miss the next training session for that muscle and you don’t get back to it for 5 -10 days you have lost the training effect from the last session and you experience de-training so that you're even further behind. One step forward, two steps back and it's a major reason why girls don’t get sustained, long-term results.

2: Don’t Follow The Program Prescription Precisely.

If you don’t follow the reps, sets, time under tension or the rest periods you won’t get the results from the program. It’s that simple.

True progress comes from keeping the variables the same and adding one new stimulus each session. If you're always changing everything you're leaving most off the gains on the table.

ps: following the correct rest period is crucial to your success and it’s the one thing women pay no attention to.

3: Not Training Hard Enough.

Most girls aren't training hard enough, they are not creating enough muscle tension to induce their body to change. What they rely on is doing feeling exhausted using minimal rest and getting a sweat on. Training hard does not equal lying in a puddle of sweat at the end of your session

Simple programs are the hardest to do. My favorite types of workouts have straight sets, that is you do one set of an exercise have a rest, do another set, have a rest and do another set.

Use the maximum weight you can lift for the rep range of the day,
stick to your tempo, get maximum stretch and maximum squeeze for every second of every rep and I guarantee you will have the workout of your life.

These days everyone wants to do a circuit
or a giant set
or a drop set
or 21,15,9
or 6,12,25
but if you can’t crush yourself doing simple straight sets you're not ready for overload techniques and you are killing your progress.

4: Changing Programs Too Quickly.

Unless you have skill in all of the exercises in your program you will probably spend 2-3 weeks getting better at performing the movements. If you are a person who changes workouts every session, every week or every three weeks you are probably missing all of the gains. If your advanced or elite the rules are different but nearly everyone should be doing simple programs…

5: You Pick The Advanced Version.

You’re not advanced, almost nobody is. The amount of time you have been training is not an indication of how advanced you are.

Of the thousand or more women I have coached none were advanced and these are amazing girls who train super hard 5 days a week and have been for years. Most of them are fitness industry leaders, they own Crossfit boxes and studios and have successful PT businesses. Even for them, the beginner program done with 100% intensity and followed exactly as prescribed will get a way better result than the advanced version.

If you're interested in working out your level I recommend Mark Rippetoe’s book “Practical Programming”. I don’t agree with allot of his ideas but he nails the science of adaptation and training age.

I bet your doing at least one or more things on this list or your still trying to work out what I meant when I said

"Training hard does not equal lying in a puddle of sweat at the end of your session"

Don't worry your not the only one.

We all ruin perfectly good training programs because we don’t have faith in ourselves and the process that we are going through, and often with good reason.

The results you have gotten so far may be good enough for everybody else but you aren’t where YOU want to be yet because you have a vision for yourself.

You want to be the winner.
You want to be the women transformed,
you want to go to the next level.

It’s just that you’re not quite sure what is missing.

That's what we do in The Sports Model Project

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You will develop elite levels of body composition and
learn to nourish yourself with food,
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love yourselves inside and out.

Are you ready?

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Love and light
Hattie xoxo
#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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