Crazy, Sexy, Cool

When I was little, my sister and I loved to transform into TLC.

Emma would be T-Boz and I would be Left-eye, dancing around the living room, singing into imaginary microphones. 

So I love Crazy, Sexy, Cool it's my second favorite album 
(Aaliyah will always be #1)

I also recognise "crazy, sexy, cool" perfectly describes Julia,
one of my amazing Sports Model Project girls. 

Here is Julia's story.
Hi, my name is Julia, and this is my SMP story, a story that has changed me and my life.

This January 2019 marked 1 year of me being a part of a strong, powerful and loving tribe.

I have always been active, since I was a 4-year-old kid I was into dancing, swimming, and skiing. I never was overweight, but neither was I skinny.

At the age of 22, I started doing CrossFit and from skinny 47 kg I turned into a fit 55 kg girl and I absolutely loved that change.

But I exhausted myself with workouts and training that after 9 months of nonstop activities: CrossFit, running, gym and then my body crashed.

Then for the next 6 – 7 months, I didn’t do anything but cardio…. I got kind of obsessed with it. But looking back now I realize that even though I religiously did it every day I didn't get results…?

I had neither an amazing physique, no muscles…nor a good feeling of achieving and improving…

I started to do bodybuilding style training almost 3 years ago….
I competed 3 times in these 3 years. 

The first two competitions and preps were totally different from my recent one with SMP in October 2018. Long story short, 8 months prior to joining SMP and after 2 of my comps I didn't look or feel good.

I trained, I tracked macros, I didn’t have any cheat meals and I was still obsessed with cardio but nothing was moving, and my body was always inflamed.

My coach at that time blamed it on the dairy! 

I love dairy so much but I stopped eating it for 6 months. All I had was plant-based milk in my coffee. And nothing changed even after. Then he found something else to blame it on….

So in my head cardio was the only thing that could keep me more or less fit and I thought as soon as I stop I will get fat it's also worth mentioning that I was dancing on top of all the gym and cardio and I ate nowhere close to enough.
I was feeling depressed for the good 8 months.. hating my body….didn’t enjoy dressing up and always tried to cover it up.

Because of this wrong approach I was so hung up on cardio that for me in SMP this was the hardest challenge – to stop it and start eating more. 

I love food but I was afraid to eat – how screwed up is that??? 
Suffering every day and being afraid to enjoy life and simply have a piece of cake? 

Of course, sometimes it leads to me eating a chocolate bar and feeling so guilty about it. This feeling is also not a nice one…consumes you… I needed a change!!!

I was tired of being unhappy with my body…. I needed someone I can relate to, someone I can trust, someone who has been there, who can guide and teach me, that was the moment SMP came into my life which by the way was a miracle, thank you Universe and law of attraction)
The first thing Hattie told me was that I was not eating enough, and I was doing too much exercise.

That was a recurring theme by now and so I decided “I am trusting every word she says…I trust her and her team knowledge and I am going to do what she says…. Otherwise, what is the point.? I already did it the other way.

Since I was a small kid I always needed to be first. The best. I always tried to be the best for my mom and make her proud. Be the best for my teachers to make them proud and I always was competitive. So for me being a part of the team, representing someone as Hattie was an honor and I decided that I will make her proud and I won’t fail, because I cant. Failure wasn’t and isn’t an option.

Needless to say, 10 next month leading to my first wbff show was INCREDIBLE! Taking a leap of faith was the best decision in my life….. I stopped doing cardio!! At all. for 8 months…carbs came back into my life… I started to love my body because it was changing for the better and I loved it.

My goal was and still is – to have the body I love (not the other ppl or judges at the show) to have the body I have in my mind and body I feel comfortable in for me it is about being strong, fit and toned.
How did I change…?

I have experienced a 180 degrees turn in mindset, physique and in how I see the world, how I react to things how I accept challenges and hardships.

It might sound silly to someone but this is not just a Weight loss program for 99.99% it is alife changing opportunity …but! There is one big BUT: it will only work WHEN you stop making excuses, when you stop blaming someone else for problems in your life, when you start taking responsibility for your own actions, when you stop being a victim. OWN your life. Create your future (as cliché as it sounds)

Hattie and team can only do that much, they give us tools, help, support, knowledge but you have to put in work.
A lot of work. And I did. I am very organized and disciplined and I was ready.
Of course, it is impossible to be full-on 365 days a year and only with Hattie and her team I learned how not to beat myself up for it, how to LEARN from it, how to use it for the better and how to move on!!!!

That realisation was incredibly enlightening!!! 

I realized that I don’t have to be unhappy, or depressed or guilty…I only have to be compliant, honest to myself, consistent and most important coachable!

During this year my life went from good to better and so many things happened that I could have only dreamed of!!!! 
And the biggest thing is now I know – I can have everything I want, and I can be who I want to be. 

But you have to let go of the negativity and bitterness…. Accept your failures…. Do the work and move on…Hattie…what I can say… - SHE is the woman behind all these changes….. she is an angel… I don’t know what words I can use to describe her.
I don’t know where she gets the strength and the power to help all of us and be the light that she is…? I can't find words to describe how she makes me feel, when I speak to her on the phone…and especially when I saw her in Australia for the first time….She gives you this warm feeling …as you feel when you hug a mom.

She makes you feel calm and empowered… she makes you feel superhuman. 

Hattie lights up the room!!! 

I want to hug her all the time and I want her to know how I appreciate all she does, how grateful I am that she puts so much time in us…. It is unbelievable

But Hattie is not the only one I want to thank. There are Caterina and Nick. Nick is part of the brains behind it and I can honestly say that it won't be the same if he wasn’t there…He never sugar coats anything and this is so sweet!

He wakes you up and makes you face the reality which is not the best all the time. He makes you do the work and makes you realize what you doing wrong and step by step he helps you to free yourself up from all the excuses you been making all the time.
I can’t say anything more but that I love you with all my heart and I will be forever grateful for this experience, which I believe the Universe sent me to fulfill my potential and I know that each and every woman there is capable of this. 

Don’t try, don’t see, just do it. 

Thanks Julia! I'm so proud of you and how far you have come.
I love the energy you put into dancing and training and your whole life!

Are you ready? Is it your turn to experience what Julia has?

You can apply to join my team via a discovery call with Caterina.
Click this link to book your slot. 

Love and light 
Hattie xoxox
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