Do You Have What It Takes To Step Into The Arena?

Have you have been dancing around your dreams and goals, all those good ideas that you have never taken action on?

I know you’re unsettled because you know in your heart YOU ARE meant to be more than what you are right now.

Average has the better of you. and yet….

You are attracted to greatness because you know deep down you are great.

You know today is your next chance at greatness. See that’s the beautiful thing about life, each moment is a chance at redemption.

Until there is no more time or that season of your life is over
and your dream remains imaginary your goal is still on paper your idea is forgotten and your greatness remains unfulfilled.

So why not take a chance?
Why not act on the desire to be great?

Step into the arena
I know it’s scary because
“I tried” And “I failed”

But in hindsight I see know that BOTH are a step into the arena.
“What if” Isn’t.
Neither is “Maybe later”
Maybe later means definitely never.

When will NOW be the time?
What is failure?

“Failure” is proof of progress.
Failing forward is failing your way to success.
Each failure is an OPPORTUNITY to learn, to grow
to build strength, knowledge, success and empowerment.

“What if” won’t get you there
Stepping into the arena will.
That’s what all of my girls in The Sports Model Project have done.
They have left average behind, they stepped into the arena.
You can too.

Apply to join my team here.

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

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