Getting Back On Track

Have you had a good break?

I’ve enjoyed my first real break since I went travelling five years ago.

I went to the gym three time in two weeks and haven’t paid much attention to what I have eaten. I have stayed up late and slept in too.

Most importantly I haven’t been beating myself up but I’m definitely ready to re-assert my discipline and routine. I probably feel like two weeks is a little bit too long to be out of rhythm but I’m excited to start re-asserting my habits and routine.

How are you feeling?
Did you give yourself a mental break?

The girls I coach are split into three groups right now.

One third had their best Christmas ever, they still tracked what they ate and managed to keep going to the gym without feeling over burdened or that they were compelled to do so because of guilt.

The next third took the last few weeks off because they are in a great place mentally and decided they wanted a break from structure, routine and discipline.

The last third are wrestling with where they are at. They didn’t stick to their plan but they also feel guilty about it AND are anxious that they won’t recover and that the extra kilo and a few centimetres has ruined EVERYTHING.

And that’s cool too because there was a time that I would have felt the same.
But now I have learned HOW to get back on track and renew my commitment to myself, my goals and a sense of balance. With this chance to practice my girls will too.

What are you feeling right now?

Are you in balance emotionally or has all or nothing thinking for you feeling guilty or anxious?

It’s hard but the key here is to focus on what you can control not the things that you can’t control.

You can’t control the past,
you ate what you ate
and you didn’t do the training you didn’t do.

You can’t control the future,
you can’t decide what will happens
and you can’t control your “results”

What you can control is

The thoughts you focus on
The words you speak
The actions you take.

Even more simply it’s worth focusing on two actions that you can take every day for the for the next two weeks.

Then just nail those two actions.

If your unsuccessful sit down and work out
what you did well,
what you didn’t do well
and then how you can get better (make a plan).

Then spend the following two weeks nailing those two things.

If you are successful try adding two more actions in a fortnight time and repeat the process.

It doesn’t matter if you are successful or not, what matters is that you are trying to get better every week and practicing living the way that you choose but taking control again.

We spend allot of time in The Sports Model Project learning how to balance our goals, being playful, having a life and being disciplined.

My program is only for women who are ready to do the work,
be resourceful and transform their habits, their body and their mind.

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Love and light,
Hattie xoxo

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