Hattie The Vampire Training Slayer

I love the the art and science of coaching.

That's why I hate hearing that girls are still doing old school body-part splits, vampire programs that steal your results and your vitality from you.

You know,
Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Chest and back
Thursday - Shoulders and arms
Friday - Abs and calves

Or whatever vampire program that performance enhanced, male body builders have convinced the fitness industry you should do. Mindlessly "going heavy" or doing fasted cardio until your exhausted.

So I was so excited to see an message in our forum the other day from the awesome Leah Galbraith.

Leah has faced a whole lot of adversity at the exact time she has been in the team and has got amazing results and more importantly has kept going and inspired the rest of us, what she says means allot to me as her coach!


It's crazy: If you apply the science and use weights properly you can re-balance your body, become more mobile, radically transform your physique and develop rock solid confidence from the inside all the way out. 
This can be your story if ...
You're ready to go to the next level
You can support other women and are prepared to be supported in return
You have already been training hard, at the gym for at least 12 months
Are prepared to always be the hardest worker in the room
You are coachable.
Light and loving kindness,
Hattie xoxox
(Super proud coach of the best team in the world.)