Have You Ever Won And Still Felt Like A Failure?

You achieved your big, scary goal and then you got that sinking feeling?

A sense of anti-climax because what you wanted all that time suddenly wasn’t so satisfying?
Or even worse, the feeling that you are a fraud; that maybe you don’t even deserve your success or perhaps it was a fluke,
a one off,
a bit of luck?

That’s actually way worse than failing.
We all imagine failing, we all imagine the worst case scenario.
Our brain runs those scenarios all the time because as much as we crave success,

failing is something we are prepared for.

We don’t imagine that winning the gold medal will be hollow.
We don’t believe that we will feel empty after finding love.
So what happens?
We believe we want to achieve things for their own sake.

“I want to be world champion because I want to be the best”

“I want to have a boyfriend because I want to be in a relationship”.

But these achievements; these milestones are just vehicles to help us feel a certain way. These vehicles let us live up to the values we have and feel the emotions we want to feel.
We want the gold because we want to be significant, we want to recognized by the rest of the world, we want to be important.

Ever hear somebody say “I just feel like the passion isn’t there anymore”?
That person wants passion more than a relationship or even love.
We get what we “want” and realise it wasn’t what we wanted at all.
Failing isn’t the worst thing that can happen.
In fact failure often spurs us on to greatness.

The ultimate failure is success without fulfillment.

It’s the most hollow feeling in the world.

If we want success AND happiness
we need a much deeper understanding of what drives us

What is our big why?
Why do we want to win?
What are are our values?
Will our values be satisfied if we achieve our goals?

Getting this right, matching our values to our goals is the secret to having the life we want, having the relationships we want. It’s the key to living with joy and having great passion for our great work.

We got into training and exercise because we felt bad about ourselves.
Because we hated our legs or the way that the fat in our stomach wobbled.
We started dieting because deep down we imagined that nobody would love us truly when we were so horrible to look at.

How could they love us when we couldn’t even look at ourselves in the mirror?
But that stopped being our story.

It’s not my story anymore!!

Now we are driven by more than that.

Now we have a vision for ourselves.
Now we know the majesty and power that lies inside of us.
So it’s time to make it explicit.
It’s time to yell it out
to scream our values to the world
“I am love”
“I am playfull”
“I am a warrior”
"I want connection"
"I want love"
"I want to be a positive force in this world"

That’s what I am.

What are you?
What is your big why?
Why do you want it?
What are your values?
Will your values be satisfied if you reach your big goal?
What vehicle will help you become truely successful?
What will allow you to have success and happiness?

I’d love you to email me back your responses.

This how the process of transformation starts,

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Love and light
Hattie xoxo
#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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