How Do You Light A Fire With No Wood?

Insight without action is like a fire with a with lighter, but no wood.
The catalyst, the thing which calls forth all the energy is there
but the work to make it all happen isn’t.
You didn’t chop the wood and that’s why there is no fire.
How often have you had an insight?

“I want to be an inspiration to other women”

But you didn’t do any work,
you just kept telling yourself

“I wish I was an inspiration to other women, what should I do?”

Insight without action is just another way to describe anxiety.
You feel something, you perceive it has it has to change
but rather than taking action you just swing back to thinking about it some more.
I see it all the time.
Girls who want to become an inspiration to others
or want to compete in a show
or want to grow their PT business.
They will apply to join my program
or come to an event
we call them on the phone to see what they need help with
They tell us

“I have been thinking about competing for the last year and half”


A year and half not doing what they want
not getting to where they want to be
a year and a half stuck.

They had the insight but they took no action
and now rather than them burning bright for the whole world to see,
they are just standing there holding a lighter THINKING about collecting some wood.

There is allot of thinking and talking about it
but no much action,
no change and no result.

I want to help you with that.

Women always ask me how I got to the point where I'm a world champion who gets to do what I love: compete, travel the world educating and inspiring other women.

I love it, I feel blessed and deep gratitude
but I chopped the wood and built the fire to get here.

There are three parts.

1: Be the hardest worker in the room
2: Go into every interaction with love as your guide
3: Work with, connect with, apprentice yourself to, be coached or mentored by
the best people in the industry.

To do this will require an investment of the three most important things you possess: your resources, time and focus

That's why I’m running a two day masterclass with Bret Contreras

designed to teach you how chop wood, build a fire, and light it
so that you can burn bright for the whole world to see.
We cover all of the science needed to take your physique
or the physique of clients to the next level.

Bret is literally the guy who wrote the book and did the research on how to build you glutes and I’m the girl who implemented it, became the best in the world
and built the worlds best team of figure athletes using those insights.
I’ll also talk about how to train your emotions and mind to transform yourself, your body and your business to the point where Brett and I are: getting to travel the world and teach future leaders in the fitness industry how to really take it to the next level.

The event is nearly sold out and we are only accepting people who are in the right headspace and ready to learn.

Would like to apply for one of the last few spots?
Click this link

Enter your details and we will see if your the right fit to come and do some deep, intensive work with us.
I’m so pumped to share my knowledge, experience and passion with you
and so Is Brett.

Light and loving kindness,

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