How Much Of Being An Actress Is Acting?

We imagine that being an actress is being on screen performing.

But that makes up a tiny part of actually being an actress. We only think of the glossy surface, not what lies beneath.

Real actors are constantly practicing, rehearsing and auditioning. They get a tiny percentage of the roles they audition for and an even tinier percentage of the roles they dream of.

Most of the time being an actress means being broke and constantly rejected, having your heart broken by the thing that you love.

But the actors who are successful are always ready when their opportunity appears. Because they never stopped practicing, rehearsing or auditioning they kept sharpening their sword and when their number was called they were ready.

So often people tell me that they just “need some motivation”.
If they could just get motivated, then they would start, then they would get what they want.

But you only get motivated at two points.
The first is when your right at the bottom
when your fat,
or broke
or alone
or unemployed
or it’s just after New Year’s Eve and you’re fat and broke and hungover.

But who wants to wait for rock bottom so that the motivation fairy will wave her wand and make you do the things you really want to do?

Who wants to make starting dependant on being hopeless?

All is not lost.
There is another place where motivation strikes.

It strikes at the top.

It’s where it’s impossible not to do the things that you really want.

The difference between the top and the bottom is just simply doing the work over and over again with no guarantee of success and it means doing that work for a long time.

The top is the place where inspiration strikes inventors,
the place where athletes perform perfectly under pressure
where the music writes itself
it’s the place that great actors are when they walk into the audition that is the BIG break they have waited for their whole life and nail it.

But you only get to the top if you are doing the work without any guarantee of success. Over and over and over again.

How do YOU get motivated?

Is it the first way or the second way?

Cause if it’s the first way you just need to get started,
start working at it and the road will appear ahead of you.

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Love and Light
Hattie xoxoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva