“I’d Never Seen My Abs Before”

Most of the girls who join The Sports Model Project start with the dream of inspiring other women.

They want to teach other women to love eating, training and living free of negativity about their body. They want to lead women on the same amazing journey.

That’s why I’m so excited when our girls are featured in the media and the whole world see’s how amazing they are. Allot of the women I coach are PT’s or own studios or bootcamps. When they are recognised in the media not only as experts but also as women who walk the walk their ability to create change in their community and to increase revenue in their business grows. For the girls who aren’t working in the fitness industry, it is the only way to really influence a whole heap of people and grow their reach.

That’s why I was so happy that Siobhan was featured in The Daily Mail.

Siobhan works really hard. The kind of hard work that most people struggle with. She has attention to detail, she keeps showing up and working, she continues to work even if she doesn’t get the result. Siobhan is such an awesome leader inside of SMP and I’m really proud to be her coach!