I'm So Proud Of Siobhan! (Her Story)

I take my role as coach really seriously.

Getting results for my girls consumes me
but because I won the WBFF World Title this year I haven't had a chance to talk about all the amazing achievements of the women In The Sports Model Project.

Watching my girls in The Sports Model Project grow and expand out of their old limitations is an enormous source of joy and pride for me.

I spend my life researching and learning from the best minds in training, nutrition and coaching and so when my girls do the work and make it happen
I feel a level of satisfaction that is hard to top.

So over the next few weeks I'm going to share their stories with you.
Mainly because I want you to know what is possible

In fact, my girls started in the same spot you are in.

They had trained their butts off and ate "clean" with no carbs
or food they liked but despite all of that effort

They hadn't seen a a drastic change in years and they were doing everything wrong

  • They were only eating 1200 - 1800 calories
  • They trained a crazy amount each week (more than 5 hours)
  • They were doing heaps of cardio sometimes 4-5 sessions a week
  • They were training like bodybuilders from the 80's and splitting sessions into back and bicep, chest and tricep and a few legs days and wondering why nothing was happening.

But my girls are action takers, they don't settle for mediocrity.
They reached out to me bit the bullet and got started
and for their efforts they were radically transformed.

Today I want to bring you the story of my girl Siobhan

"I was loving working out but I wanted a new challenge. "

"I had always had it in the back of my mind that I would love to compete but never thought I could ever get in that kind of shape... but then I saw a post on Instagram about WBFF in May 2016 and decided to go for it.

"I had always been inspired by Hattie's strength and technique but after further research decided I wanted the best coach and no one is better than the (at that time) one to beat at Worlds (she went on to win!!!)"

"The biggest challenge for me was mindset"

"I always pushed myself at the gym so the workouts weren't the issue and I was managing the food ok... but not knowing how my body would respond and years of brainwashing by the world to have a negative impression of my body and not being worthy of achieving my goal really stunted my progress!"

"However as soon as I stopped, stepped back and decided to take s positive attitude it made such a difference!"

"The most important thing I learnt was that in order to compete and do it well you need to love yourself first! "

"Punishment seems to be a preconceived notion vital to comp prep"

"The idea that you need to workout for hours on end and starve yourself and nitpick every flaw you have... but this couldn't be further from the truth!"

"You need to workout smarter"

"Push yourself yes but ensure you allow adequate rest and recovery time in order for your body to develop and grow stronger!'

"Cardio does have its place but it is not the be all and end all of training and should only be utilised at the end of your prep to assist your weight training to ramp up your results!"

"And you should fuel your body rather than starve it"

"Be on the most food while still getting results so you can pull it in at the end of you have to - plus it enables a more positive relationship with food long term and your post-comp self will thank you for it!"

"If you love and treat your body with respect
it responds better and ultimately you will enjoy the prep experience more
which is why I can't wait to do it all over again!"

"And this time even better!!


"I wanted to get on stage in the best conditioning of my life
- and to make an impression and set a foundation for the next comp"

"I got first call outs in bikini and call outs in fitness category. "

"My photo was also shared on both the WBFF Aust Facebook and Instagram pages and then picked up and shared by the WBFF Official Facebook and Instagram accounts which people all over the world follow...
definitely sets up a platform for me to work off moving forward!"


"My self-worth has increased exponentially!!!"

"After competing I was so proud of what I achieved and in awe of what my body could do... I respect the process so much more and learned to value not only my journey but also how I was able to manage everything in a healthy way -
both physically and mentally!"

"I have never been so confident or at peace with myself... and perfection is no longer a goal for me but rather I aim to beat myself!"

"It's a learning curve - you experience highs and lows but if you do it right you gain this overwhelming peace about yourself... a knowledge that you are capable of so much! I aim to instill more knowledge and belief in myself and now build a better me that I am even more proud of and I know I can truly achieve my dream of winning my pro card - because I believe I not only can work hard to achieve this dream but also know I deserve it!"

"The women in The Sports Model Project are some of the most dedicated and supportive people I have had the pleasure to be a part of!"

"Hattie truly has an eye for those who are willing to go the distance and those who aren't prepared to be a part of it and commit fully do not last long (not because of the team but because they themselves are not ready to really work towards their goals)"

We are all transparent about not only our successes but also our failures...
and you are quickly picked up to get back on track stronger than ever!

"I have amazing friends and relationships outside of the SMP Babes
however they do not understand the fitness that you have... but this group are so like-minded on their love of fitness and dedication to self-improvement and learning! It's like I get to fully embrace my fitness geek and experience a feeling of belonging!"

"I have true friends that support me here - and in a world of jealousy and bitchiness these women are truly amazing! I feel so blessed!"


"Hattie is Yoda!"

"Never before have I met someone so passionate, dedicated, full of energy and accepting... but most of all she is real!"

"She not only shares all she learns (and continues to do so) but also shares the emotional roller coaster she experiences as well...
she shows us respect by revealing her faults, failings and even her tears! "

"She opens up to us the way we do with each other!
And this just makes her an even greater leader and teacher in my eyes!"

"She even calls you out when needed"

"I was being extremely negative at one point in my prep and expressed this to the forum... and next minute Hattie messaged me to ask me to question why I was like this and in fact gave me a massive slap back to reality
explaining that my negativity to my own body had negative repercussions to the group"

"if I call myself fat and express such negativity to myself how does that make others feel?"

"Even though it was purely an attack on myself and no one else I was still in amazing shape and therefore if I thought negatively about myself what does that infer about others?! "

"We rarely think truly about how our own self-criticism can affect others...
and Hattie showed this to me."

"It was one of the most shameful yet enlightening moments of my life and I felt like I had let Hattie down - but it was a turning point in my life and I will be forever indebted to Hattie for changing my entire outlook on myself!"

"This is just one of many things this inspiring woman has taught me!!!"

"I'm currently prepping for my next comp"

"I'm bulking which is mentally a bit of an uncomfortable experience but I know it is only temporary but extremely necessary to bring a better package to my next comp! Plus I'm loving the booty gains!!! Im so excited to get back up on that stage!!!"

"The greatest takeaway from SMP for me is the understanding and acceptance of value"

"learning and knowing the value of nutrition, the value of hard work in the gym, the value of training smarter, the value of knowledge, the value of strong inspirational team mates and most important if all the value of self."

Nothing but love for SMP and Hattie!!!







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