Build Your Confidence, Smash Your Goals

... and Finally Feel Amazing In Your Own Skin

I don’t know about you, but I started competing because I wanted to look and feel supremely sexy.  

I wanted to connect with my own femininity.

It was all about transformation.  It was about breaking new ground and hitting new highs - both on-stage and off stage.

 But I’ll let you in on a little secret.

This fitness industry lies to you constantly. Lying liars.
They lie to you about how long true transformation takes.
They lie about how hard it is, while also making it seem WAY harder than it is - when you focus on the right things.

But it get's worse.

They won't tell you that improving your physique won’t make you happy.
They won't tell you that you have more value than just the way you look.
They won't tell you that there’s more to life than just the gym.

I know what it’s like to go through the 6 week challenge - over and over again.

To smash yourself in the gym, with your food - to see hardly any changes in the mirror.
To feel hardly any improvement.

I know all this because that’s what I was like at the start.
… and it was scary as hell.

After a while what I figured out what to focus on to build my self esteem.  To build my confidence.
… and while the training and nutrition is important, it’s not the answer.

Chances are, if you’re here, you’re looking for the same answer.


As you’d expect, I spend a LOT of my time preparing for competitions, photo-shoots and other competition related engagements – however many of you may NOT know that I’ve also COACHED hundreds of girls prep for the stage, and even get pro-cards, magazine shoots and sponsorship deals.

But you don't have to be a fitness model looking to nail it on the stage to be looking for a transformation.


It wasn’t always this way.  Help wasn’t always as accessible as it is today.


When I got started competing 7 years ago, there was very little help out there to help me get ready for the stage.  There was people who could help with the fitness side for sure, but most of that was designed for bodybuilders, and for the most part – men.

As a result, there was VERY LITTLE to help women, and even less that help with the mental side of doing things right and not ending up having huge blowouts and mental anxiety after competition days.

But you don't have to be a competitor to experience this.  I'm sure you've experienced this after working your butt off to hit a goal - only to blow out in the days and weeks after.

What I learned, was that while the training, nutrition and posing were all VERY important – the mental side of preparing myself was also CRUCIAL.

·      Nutrition and training helped me win competitions, but the mindset side was crucial to pick myself up on all those days when I thought I wasn’t good enough.

·      It’s what helped me become world champion in 2016, but mentally, I still felt like I wasn’t worthy of the winners trophy.

·      It’s what helps my clients bounce back after competition disappointment…

·      Ultimately, it’s what will develop your self-worth REGARDLESS of how score on the stage, or look in the mirror.

Girls come to us looking for transformations, some have stage goals, others just want to look good in a bikini.

But when we dig into what they really want, 90% of the time it is to FEEL confident.  To feel good in their own skin.  To look at themselves in the mirror and feel good... rather than feeling like something needs to be changed.

This is why we go out of our way to do things the RIGHT way… in a SUSTAINABLE way… in an ETHICAL way.

Sure, I could give you programs for 30 days, 6 weeks, 12 weeks.  I could starve you with nutrition plans that are completely unsustainable.

But we won't put you through that.  That's not working hard.  That's torture and completely not required to get the results you're looking for.

Meanwhile there’s trainers out there preparing girls for the stage in dangerous and borderline unethical ways – like eating 500 calories a day while doing cardio 5-6 days a week.


So I decided to make something for ANY girl, at ANY level who wants to further their fitness goals — regardless of where you’re starting from.


That’s what inspired me to create this site.  To give you access to my training, content and insights — in an easy to access online fashion.

More importantly, I wanted to give you access to training methods that will work in a LONG TERM and SUSTAINABLE manner – both from a physical and mental perspective.

Here's What You Get

Gold - $99/month

Gold is perfect If you are at the start of your journey or are getting back into training and you need the best training programs and nutrition to do it.

6 Month Program:

  • Monthly programming to progress you from raw beginner through to intermediate
  • Monthly macro (nutrition) plan for you to follow that demonstrated huge results for the participants of the Oxygen 12 week challenge.
  • Access to our huge library of exercises and how to perform each exercise as prescribed in the monthly programming.


Diamond - $399/month

Diamond is for girls who are getting more serious and want to be in The Sports Model Project with coaching and regular check in’s but aren’t necessarily looking to compete on stage.

6 Month Program:

  • Everything in gold
  • Monthly personal check in calls and guidance with your own personal sports model project coach.
  • Monthly checking and personal review of your macros
  • Access to recordings of SMP Breakthrough sessions where Hattie helps her high level clients break through mindset barriers to prepare for the stage.
  • Monthly Q&A call with Hattie.
  • Access to Hattie’s “The Walking Series” online program. Walking and posing is worth almost half your marks. Learn how to do it right with this online program to help you nail your stage presence.


Sports Model Project - $899/month

The Sports Model Project is super intense and really for women who are looking to be the best of the best, get on stage or really take their career in the fitness industry to the next level.

  • 100% tailored and personalised nutrition and training plans. Adjusted as required for you to hit your specific goals.
  • Weekly Check-Ins with personalised feedback from Hattie & The Team.
  • Access to exclusive, SMP only, live events. These are events Hattie runs that are focussed on taking the group to the next level – these often revolve around posing – both for the stage and for photo shoots.
  • Personal SMP Breakthrough Sessions. Hattie & The Team will work with you 1:1 to break through whatever is holding you back from reaching the next level with your coaching. Your SMP Breakthrough may also be featured for Diamond level clients.
  • Access to the competitors group. This gets you personalised critique and guidance from Hattie for your competition day. This group is optional, and is for competitors only

APPLY NOW »By Application Only

Sports Model Project - ELITE. (priceless)

  • Invitation Only. You cannot buy this.
  • Become the best of the best and be in the top 10% of our Sports Model Project performers.
  • Access exclusive photo shoots with Hattie’s extensive network of photographers.
  • Be put forward for Magazine covers… we’ve had several of our clients on the cover of Oxygen and other Magazines.
  • Instagram collaborations — work with Hattie and learn how to build your brand and following.
  • Become a SMP Brand Ambassador — be able to teach and train SMP content to YOUR clients under the SMP banner.

Remember, I’ve spent years of my life figuring this all out on my own.

I’ve stumbled around in the dark testing, tweaking and not being sure what comes next.

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands to work with the very best personal trainers on the planet to get my body into peak condition.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars preparing for and flying to competitions.


But it’s not even about the money.


I’ve invested time, effort, blood, sweat and tears in doing it BADLY.  I know you have too.

We talk to girls EVERY DAY who are mentally and physically burned out and need help hitting the reset switch so they can get it right next time. 

We talk to girls all the time who have been competing for YEARS and haven’t hit their goals.  Who are quite literally smashing themselves in the gym 5-6 days a week looking for an edge.

An edge they can get far more easily by learning from a team that’s been there, done that.


Regardless of the level you are at right now, we’re here to help you level up.

But like I said earlier.  It’s not just about how I’ve done this… I’ve taught this same skillset to my high end elite clients too…. Over and over again.


See what they have to say about my training and check out their pics below!


So I encourage you, learn and master the skills of training and transforming yourself.  With these online resources, you’re going to get it nailed WAY faster.  Once you’ve got this nailed, you’ll wonder why you spent so long in the gym on your own before reaching out for help.


Love and light