Perfection Is The Lowest Standard A Human Being Can Ever Have

It leaves you with two options.

The ideal or nothing

How often do you hear someone say.

“It’s really hard, I’m exhausted because I’m a perfectionist”
“It’s really hard to get everything done because I’m a perfectionist”

“Perfection” is a great place to hide.
It’s the perfect place to torture yourself,
to let yourself know you’re not quite enough.

It’s a great way to get nothing done
because everything always needs a little more work.

I know, I was a perfectionist for years.

An eating disorder is the worst type of “perfectionist”
and what did I achieve?

There was heaps of activity,
heaps of action
and nothing to be shown at the end.

I was also never enough,
the goal posts kept moving.
I could never get there.

Perfection meant I had to do heaps of work for no result,
shooting for a target that was always moving.

Do you knelt the weird thing about perfection?

It feels really difficult but in truth,
It’s safe.

You never actually have to put anything out into the world.
You never have to step into the area.

I see this all the time with girls who have been waiting till they are “ready” before they commit to competing.

Mind you this is the case for anything that you want to get done.
Physical goals,
spiritual goals,
work goals,
relationship goals.

Perfection is the perfect reason to NOT get there.
So that you don’t expose yourself to real pressure.

There is nowhere to hide when you put the product out in the marketplace,
when people are reading your email,
when you’re in a bikini in front of a thousand people.

It is other people who will decide.

Not you.

So “perfectionists” who are feeling “pressure” or “exhausted” are really hiding. It’s easier to keep their work,
it’s easier to keep their light

It’s also based on the old world.
Where you worked and worked and worked until the launch.

These days you need to get the work done,
get it out in the world,
take feedback
and continually get better as a result.

Instead of saying

“I’ll train and see how it goes,
and If it goes well I’ll compete”


“I am going to compete”
“I’m going to tell the world what I’ll do”
“With no certainty other than the certainty that I’ll do what it takes”

Put it out in the world
and build your body
then get on stage and do it.

Put it out there.

There is no perfect ending,
just constant improvement.

Stop punishing yourself with perfection
and accept progress

Stop hiding behind perfection
and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

All the good things come under the glare of spotlights.
That’s the process I take my girls through.

They learn to turn love pressure,
they want to be diamonds

They learn to shake off perfection
and aim for constant,
year on year progress.

It sounds slow,
it’s just the quickest way to do it.

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Love and light
Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva