Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

When you get the safety demonstration on a plane they show you how to out on your seat belt and find the exits.

But that’s all about making you safe.

What’s the one piece of advice you get about caring for someone else?
What do you have to do to save your kids?

Put your oxygen mask on first.

Because you’re no good to anybody else unless you’re breathing,
you can’t save your kids when you are incapacitated.

I have hundreds of people a month reach out for coaching.

I always want to know WHY people want to have elite body composition, WHY do you want to embody discipline and hard work.

When my team gets on the phone we hear the same thing over and over again

“Hattie I Want To Be An Inspiration”

You want to inspire your clients,
your partner
your kids.

It’s always about inspiring others.

How about right now?
How do YOU feel l right now?

Do you feel inspired?

The truth is you need to inspire yourself first.
YOU need to know that you have conquered YOUR Everest first.

Are you sick of the gnawing feeling that you don’t have answer,
that your clients are consistently doubting you,

You feel they may think you are a fraud?

It’s because you don’t feel like you’re there yet.

You haven’t climbed your own Everest yet and that’s what is gnawing away at you.

You need to put your oxygen mask first and then take care of the others.

That’s what we do in The Sports Model Project,
we help women climb their Everest.

If you’re ready for the journey click this link and jump the queue into the project.

The answers with the most thought and consideration will be considered first.

Love and light
Hatte xoxo