Run Your Own Race

You are no less of a person if you are not as strong or lean as someone else.
You are no less of a person If you don’t have as many followers as someone else.

You are no less of a person - period.

It’s the act of comparing yourself to others that makes you feel less than.
It’s also completely untrue

You are running your own race, not someone else’s.
Your focus should be on YOUR OWN progress.
The time you waste watching everyone else
is time you're wasting NOT improving yourself.

If you feel the need to compare,
compare yourself from where you were 5 years ago,
to yourself one year ago
to yourself today.

I bet a lot has changed.
You should be proud of that.

It’s you Vs you.
Every single day.

Run Your Own Race!

In the Sports Model Project I teach you how to run your own race.
I teach you how to get yourself to the next level.
How to make decisions from a place of self-confidence and self love.
How to set your own direction in this life.
How to create a process to live your life by and then how to keep doing it.

The Sports Model Project is only for girls who have been training hard for at least 12 months and know how to use weights, sorry F45 or bootcamps don't cut it.

If your ready to run your own race, and win,
click on the banner below and apply for my team.

Love and light,
Hattie xoxo