So Why Did I Win The World Title?

(Here comes the big secret)


A few weeks ago, I won the WBFF World championship in Toronto.

Ten years of hard work and five years of dedicated concentrated effort paid off.

This year I really took it to the next level physically, personally and spiritually.

I stayed on the level and I got a little better every day.

I avoided the emotional ups and downs and swings and roundabouts that distract us from our mission.

When we start on the journey of transformation we all have a huge amount of drive and energy

… and we want to push that drive into activity and train.

When really we need to use our drive to focus on being consistent and paying attention to detail.

So I focused.

I got a little stronger every day.

I used the best method to do it.

It’s faster than all the other methods

but it still consists of practicing really, really hard every day.

I worked with the best coaches in the world.

To learn how to do this I went and worked with the best coaches in the world and just did everything I was told and I did it as hard as I could.

I pretty much never missed a training session and I fought for every rep.

I never miss my training sessions.

I stayed on the level and got a little better every day.

But that’s not the whole story.

I also don’t do more. More is not better.

I just do the right amount as hard as possible

…and I never miss training sessions.

I was consistent.

This preparation I stayed really level, no ups and downs.

Most of the time when women want to join The Sports Model Project they are training twice as many hours a week as I am.

Your body has limits, it doesn’t just need to train.

It also needs to rest and repair and to grow and so one of the biggest things holding girls back is that amount of exercise they are doing.

Often we exercise too much because of anxiety around our food.

This year I was on top of it.

I tracked my macros and really took tracking to the next level.

I felt like I was on autopilot because I was so well organised, it felt easy.

I was nourished by my food I was energised to train and I didn’t feel like there was any guesswork. At the end of my prep I just felt super vibrant.

That’s the liberation that tracking macros provides.

You can get in amazing shape, nourish your body correctly and enjoy your food.

It’s really the simple stuff that is important.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to break out down of the things I have learned in more detail but the big secret is mindset

Stay on the level emotionally don’t get too high or too low because success is a like a marathon not a sprint just keep showing up and be consistent.

Get the best advice possible and then execute that advice as hard as you can, be relentless keep showing up.

And treat your body with respect stimulate it with training nourish it with the right macros and let it rest and grow.

If you’re wanting to get started, one of the big keys is your macros & getting your food right (for you!).  Check out the ultimate macro plan.  It’ll tailor up a plan specific to you.

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