Sydney --> Bali--> Photo shoot --> L.A --> Rock and Roll Wrestling?

Since I got good with myself and started speaking to you and everybody else in my own voice, amazing things have started happening to me.

This week is really out of the box

I flew to Bali on Sunday for a photo shoot for two days with Taz K, Shannah Baker and Camilla Ackerberg.

It was really cool to spend some time in Ubud and time with we took some beautiful shots and I can't wait to see how Taz's collection does. (My prediction: Amazing)

Hattie bali

Then I flew back in to Sydney on Wednesday and saw my Grandmother who had just arrived from the UK then I went and trained, hard had a swim in amazing glorious Bondi with my lover.

Dived in reviewed the girls results (more on that in a second) and then met up with the genius.

We are developing a collection of amazing clothes together.

I love training I love fashion,
I love movement
I love colour
and I want to feel sexy all the time.

My clothes embody all of that and they don't make me feel like I'm dropping the kids off to school before yoga. (Sneak peek coming in the next few weeks.)

I flew out yesterday (Thursday) got to Golds Gym in my favourite place in the world:
Venice Beach. I trained like a demon,
I saw Arnie and was to shy too say hello. (Damn It!)

Had dinner with my Burning Man buddy Jake, got on a plane this morning to Detroit sprinted for my connection to Ohio, It's snowing, it's freezing just getting on this plane.

Just one more flight then....
Deep breath In
Deep breath out

Tomorrow I have try outs for the WWE.
Yes that WWE
The one the Rock was in.

I'm not sure how It will go,
I'm not sure how I will go
but I'm going to give it my all and see what (amazing stuff) can happen.

One thing I am sure of is how my girls are going.
The girls in The Sports Model Project are crushing at the moment.

We are getting close to competition season,
heaps of the girls are 11 weeks out and the nerves and doubts are kicking in,
but this is without a doubt the best my team has ever looked this far out from competing.

My girl Jess can probably get one stage and win now,
the more food we give her the leaner she looks.

I actually don't have the space to list all the crazy good results that we are seeing (I will soon) but I want to single out one of the girls in my in house program.

Phillipa Hinton trains so hard
and she can be so hard on herself.

In the past that was counter productive.
Now there is unity between
her powerfull drive,
her goals,
her training
and her nutrition.

This month she got her best result since starting with me.
Phillipa is eating more food than ever and training in a much more controlled fashion.

More food, less training and this month Phillipa dropped 1.1kg of body fat

In two months time she is going to rock the stage
she is an absolute assassin in heels, look out world.
I can't wait to tell you the story.


The WBFF released this awesome flyer and featured my girl Marijana
who trains in my in-house program and has also had a crazy, amazing journey that I have spoken to you about before. I can't wait to her transformation as we get towards her show.
She looks so ridiculous in this shot (I think sexy mermaid)

You want this too, right?

I still have a couple of spots in my in house program for women in Sydney.
It's not just for girls who want to compete. It's only for women who want to go to the next level.

But The Sport Model Project Is not for women who want to focus on their problems
The Sports Model Project is for women who find solutions and do the fucking work,
women who love doing the work.

It's such inspiring group of people mentor and to train with
I love throwing down with all the girls on Saturday at Absolution.

We handle everything for you,
you just roll up and apply effort.

All of your training is done with me and my coaches,
we do your body fat scans each month,
we re-do your macros (nutrition) each month,
we teach you how to lift (my girls are strong),
we teach you gymnastics, we support you, we guide you, we kick your arse.

Are your ready to do battle next to the valkyries in my female fit army?
Are you ready to soar with the eagles?

If your ready,
to actually get what you want.

Click this link
enter your details
and we will begin

Who are we?

We commit harder than you
We wipe away the tears and pick up the bar.
We hear that little voice and then slay it.
We live with our doubt and then confront it.
We are transformed by our efforts.

We aren't like anybody else

Love and light (and snow) Hattie.


© Sports Model Project 2019
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