The Fitness Industry Is Lying To You: Here's Why

The fitness industry constantly lies to you about how long it takes to get in shape.

They don't believe you have the attention span to do what it takes. 

So they baby you.

They bombard you with

"30 Day Booty Programs" 


"Ab Blasting Detox’s" 

or a miracle diet or cure that 

“Makes It Easy” 

It ‘aint easy 

Sorry it just isn’t 

But It’s also not that hard. 

The success you crave requires consistency, self-love and a mindset that doesn’t expect everything to come at once.

So if you're from the quick fix brigade I can’t help you but never fear everyone else has a program for you. 

Don’t get me wrong I could starve you and make you sweat a whole heap with 

"Superb Intense Workouts" 

and get you to 

“Drop 5kg in 14 Days” 

but honestly It won’t stick 

and eventually you will get fat because you 

- WILL blow up your metabolism 

- WON'T learn anything you can apply months down the track. 

- PLUS it’s really just the easy way. 

Anyone can do anything for eight weeks 

or four weeks 

or fourteen days 

or seven days. 

It's easy. 

But when it’s easy it doesn’t leave same impact on your psyche and your soul that difficult does. 

Taking the shortcut doesn’t help you to grow and develop as a woman. (Plus you don't get a result that lasts for life)

I'll let you in on a little secret that everybody knows but pays no attention to: 

The rate that your body adds muscle or loses fat is different for everybody.

Some people are “hyper-responders” a little training and dietary change and they look amazing. (We all have a friend and probably a brother like that). 

There are also under-responders people who don’t respond much to training and nutrition and see really slow changes in their body composition. 

Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

We have no control over that. 

We can only control our thoughts, words and actions.

So, I can’t stand the lies the fitness industry is selling you about how quick you can 

“Shred fat” 

It’s mainly bullshit 

and even when the quick fix works for hyper-responders 

it’s usually breaks quickly too. 

Then you have no successful habits or techniques to rely on. 

The Sports Model Project is about a process of transformation. 

Teaching you the power of moderation, correct mindset and discipline 

The result of these things is overwhelming confidence and funny enough, 

elite body composition. 

Our mission is to take you to the next level, 

to make you the best version of yourself 

and to give you the tools to stay like that the rest of your life. 

All of my birds fly away eventually, 

but that's because they can actually fly.

The best place to start is my ultimate workout plan.  It sets an incredible training foundation - even if you're quite experienced in the gym and you've been training for a while.  

No, it's not going to get you in competition shape in 4 weeks.  

No, it's not going to give you all of the answers for your whole life.

But it will give you a solid foundation to build from and foundations are incredibly important in this game.

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