The Key To Inspiration Is Transformation

I'm so proud of my girl Caterina.

She is about to be featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine which has been the goal since she applied to join The Sports Model Project two years ago.

The best part?

It's legitimate, Caterina Ruberto is the real deal.

Cat has truely transformed her mindset, her body, her career and her relationship by starting our process, putting in the work, turning over the rocks and not quitting till it was done (country girls work hard!).
That's why I love this quote from her feature

"Never in my life would I have thought I could be this proud of who I have become and this happy when I look in the mirror because I love who I see looking back at me...every girl deserves that."

Since April Cat has:

  • Got the Oxygen cover
  • Won her WBFF pro-card
  • Came #1 in her first overseas at the WBFF LA Pro- Am
  • Is doing her dream job and changing people’s lives on a daily basis
  • Got out of the rat race and now works online with total flexibility in her hours and working conditions
  • Has become an inspiration to other women and grown her Instagram following.
  • Moved to paradise with her boyfriend who is also doing his dream job after leaving a dangerous job in construction and is now a Dive instructor on the reef
  • He honours and respects and he is growing with her.
  • Bonus: he is super handsome and pretty jacked 🙂
  • Had massive personal breakthroughs and personal growth.
  • Helped to build and develop a team of women in my SMP Diamond program
  • Has been a part of the growth, deepening and broadening of the SMP family and the process of physical, personal and emotional transformation I have developed.
  • The increase in her confidence and emotional growth brings a tear to my eye.

How did she do it?

Of course the hard work started before April. The first step was taking the plunge and applying to join The Sports Model Project. Results like this take time. They take a lot of hard work and dedication - but it starts with taking the first step.

You can apply by clicking this link.

Once Cat applied she put her head down and bum up and just just worked really hard. She didn't quit when she got sick before shows or when life got busy or when she was working heaps, in fact if anything she worked harder.

The rest is a longer story so keep your eyes out, over the next few weeks I'm going to bring you more details on Cat's journey, how she became a part of my inner circle, what she learnt and how you can enjoy the same transformation.

For now, Caterina, my heart just overflows with love and deep sense of pride in how hard you have worked to overcome old beliefs, doubts, fears, illness and injury to get where you are.

Here's to Gluey and Shoey!

Light and loving kindness
Hattie xoxo

Apply to take the first step in Caterina's journey by clicking on the image below.