The One Direction You Must Fail In

I take pride in training hard.
In fact I live for it.

It's not about "crushing goals".
I like to set incredibly high challenges for myself because I know that when I fail, I’m still failing forward.

I learn from every mistake, get back up and try again
because each time I TRY and I fail,
I begin ahead of where originally started.
There is progress in each and every failure.
So stretch yourself!
Create goals that make you uncomfortable.
All of the good stuff happens at the point where the challenge is greater than your current level of skill.

That's why you must aim to fail,

because failure is the exact point where lessons are learnt,
it's also the point where your resilience grows stronger.
Resilience is the ability to keep striving no matter what the outcome
and you can train it like a muscle.
Eventually you will triumph!
When the challenge at the is greater than your skill level,
the eventual success is sweeter
and the breakthroughs are far greater.

You must be willing to fail forward in order to succeed.
Set your goals high!

For me a big part of successful failure is constantly applying the best principles and latest techniques to everything I do.

That's why I'm super excited about the upcoming masterclass that I am running with Bret Contreras.

Bret ls one of the few people who we can say revolutionised the fitness industry.
But he didn't do it with marketing or gimmicks. He did it by years of study and cutting edge research which he then applied in the field.
In our masterclass will help you understand the art and science behind glute training.

It's a unique chance to understand how world class research is applied by world class athletes to produce outsize results.

We are going to get right into the detail and then drill you through the practical application. It will be HARD but super rewarding!

Naturally, my sports model project girls have had first access to this, and half of the tickets have been sold already.

As a result, there's only 20 spots left - they'll go quick.

Key Event Details:
Date: 28th & 29th of April
Location: PCYC Sydney, Woolloomooloo NSW 2450
Price: $1500

These are guaranteed to go fast - get in quick to avoid disapointment.
There's no guarantees we'll run this event again or in other locations.

So, if you'd like to join us on this intimate workshop simply click on the link below to secure your place.

How to Build Glutes The Right Way

See you at the event!

Love and Light
Hattie xoxo