The Power Law You Must Use To Get Killer Results.

The last two months of my training have been very much strength focused.
There is only a small window of the year where this can be my focus.

I have been doing the least amount of training I think I have ever done in my life..
However I have still maintained the number one rule for results.

This rule has allowed me to progress in all my lifts whether it has been to add weight to the bar and/or add reps which has resulted in me hitting new PB’s every second week.

This is what I can achieve using Progressive Overload: the power rule,
by doing the bare minimum.

Get ready to see what I can achieve when I take it to another level ... It’s coming




PB 140kg (308lbs) x 2 x 2

I’ve hit 140kg for singles twice in my life.
Today I managed to get out 5 reps.

Warm up 140kg x 1Top set 145kg x1 - I haven’t hit this number since 2017
Then 140kg x 2 x 2 sets PB
Then 120kg (double my body weight) x 8 reps
My aim is to hit double my body weight x 10 reps