The WBFF World Champion Interviews The Glute Guy Bret Contreras

A long time before I became the #1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva I was following Bret Contreras and using the training methods that he made popular. I was hip thrusting and crab walking and doing frog pumps.

I was also using them with my clients and getting killer results.

Fast forward to today and I’m so excited to have spent time with Bret and to compare notes with him on how I have used his method’s to win the world titles and with my athletes in The Sports Model Project. It’s really been really cool to share with him some of the distinctions that I have around what works with female athletes.

Most of the stuff we are using in our training has been around for 50 or 60 years so it’s not very often that a completely new way of doing things is discovered. However resistance training for women was bad, women weren’t challenged to lift heavy, they were given “candy” training programs that didn’t create massive change or they were given programs more appropriate for men’s physiques and Men’s goals.

So the amazing female physiques that we are building today in the WBFF come directly from forward-thinking coaches, athletes and researchers. Bret happens to be all of those and I really loved interviewing him.

I was also really pumped to get into the science of training and even the philosophy of why we train and what a good result is.

We also cover how your genetics are helping or hindering your progress, we really get into the fine detail and the science of body transformation.

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