This Is Why I'm Always Talking About Mindset

"That mindset stuff sounds great Hattie but will it really help me get lean/shredded/on stage and looking amazing."

"Maybe I should focus on nutrition and training first and come back to It once I have the body I have always wanted?"

To understand why only focusing on training and nutrition won't work
we need to understand how your metabolism ACTUALLY works.

Your metabolism determines what your body looks like and how much it will change over a period of time. A lot of us think of our metabolism as fire that we need to stoke so that we can "burn fat". But this analogy is sabotaging you and your results.

Your metabolism is like a thermostat that measures total stress from all of your sensory information.

The amount of light entering your eyes
the temperature
the amount of food you have eaten,
the amount of activity you have done
the mechanical stress applied to your muscles and relayed through the nervous system.
Your thoughts and emotions also signal to your metabolism be communicating if you are loved and safe,
happy or sad,
excluded or included
if food and resources are plentiful or if you are worried that you will starve.

As humans evolved on the savannah in Africa this information was crucial to our survival as a species. So emotions and negative thoughts feed straight into your metabolism and tell it that you are under stress.

This is next bit is the important part for transforming your physique.

After your metabolism measures your stress it uses hormones to send a message to your cells about what actions they should take.

Only after receiving the message from your metabolism do your cells determine if they should build more muscle or burn your body fat for energy.

This means that you can exercise and eat and do "everything right",
but your metabolism won't do what you want if you haven't got a process for understanding and creating the right thoughts and emotions.

The Sports Model Project isn't just the number one team in the world,
although we did win that award last year. The Sports Model Project isn't just a team that helps girls get featured in magazines, although that happened over and over again last year.

The Sports Model Project is a process of personal transformation that starts with how you think and will transform how you look.

This process will guide you to the most important feeling of all.

Self confidence.

Which may NOT be something you have ever truely experienced before
But The Sports Model Project is not for everybody.

You must be prepared to challenge your current thinking.
You must be able to train at a higher intensity than ever before.
You must be prepared to do the work in the gym,
on your habits and on your thoughts.

But the reward, at the end is you; transformed.
The shining radiant version of you.


Love and radiant shining light
Hattie xoxo

Ps: this is my radiant shining light photo.
(It's my favourite)


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