Three Books I Recommend To All Of My Girls

There is no point getting the body
or the house
or the relationship
or the money or the promotion
if we stagnate or hate it when we get there.

We all believe that possessions or achievements or recognition determine how much we enjoy our lives,

but it is our mind that determines the quality of our experience.

We know this right? But knowing it and living it are two different things.

I was anorexic as a teenager and I know first hand how our mind completely alters our experience of this amazing, precious gift of life.

I have experienced having a powerful mindset from both angles,
the good and the bad.

How do we move from the bad to the good.
From the weak to the powerful?
It's a combination of
Love for ourselves and others.
Making a conscious decision to change.
Taking on daily practices to support that change.
Taking in the best knowledge available.
There are a couple of books I recommend to all of my girls.

There are three that I really like and they are all from Ryan Holiday.

The Ego Is the Enemy: Addressing the things that upset and an cause us pain.
The Obstacle Is The Way: This is mindset required for success in any field
The Daily Stoic: Has one idea or aphorism for each day that just gives you a little something to think about.

I really like today's entry in The Daily Stoic
We go through our days responding and reacting, but it's rare to really pause and ask: Is this thing I'm about to do consistent with what I believe? Or, better: Is this the kind of thing the person I would like to be should do?

The work of living is to set standards and not compromise them. When your brushing your teeth, choosing your friends, loosing your temper, falling in love, instructing your child or walking your dog - all of these are opportunities.

Not, I want to do good- that's an excuse. But, I will do good in this particular instance, right now.

Set a standard; hold fast to it.
That's all there is.

This is the standard we hold ourselves to in The Sports Model Project.

Every word
every thought
every action
Is an opportunity to be the kind of person that we really want to be.

We achieve amazing things because we live an examined life
where we pay attention to our actions and we make the right choices,
in this instance right now over and over again.

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Love and light
Hattie xoxox

PS: Check out Ryan Holiday HERE.