What Can Happen In 12 Months? Jemma's Story

It Depends
Most people won't pay the true price of success (My girl Jemma did)

So what is the price?

It's not finding the money to pay me (Jemma has)
It's not paying for a gym membership (Jemma has)

Jemma paid the price and she got the result.
(She competes this weekend on the Gold Coast)

So what is the price?
Jemma 12 month progress

The price most people won't pay is actually doing the work.

It's following the plan and training your arse off every time you step in the gym.
Everyone wants to pay me for the program and the gym membership
but they won't pay the real price
which is doing the work

Are you ready to pay the price?

My girl Jemma has paid the price.
This is her story
in her words.

Take it away Jemma

"It was Easter 2015 and I spent the long weekend away at a friends place in outback NSW.

I felt horrible in my own skin and none of my clothes fit me
so I spent the weekend wearing tights.
She was prepping for her first figure comp
and she looked amazing.

I felt like a big fat blob.

But thankfully spending that weekend with her lit a fire under my butt.
She inspired me to make a change.
Over the next 2 months I managed to loose 2kg on my own but I needed more.

I wanted someone to hold me accountable.
I needed a support network to help me mentally.
I wanted a trainer who could program a training routine that suited me.

I signed up to the Sports Model Project with Hattie at the end of June 2015.
Signing up with Hattie that day turned out to be the best decision ever.

I started seeing results really quickly and the weight started to drop off.

Competing was always something I wanted to do
but like most people the thought of standing on stage in 3 triangles of material
scared the shit out of me.

But as my body changed dramatically
and those around me started to compliment me
my confidence slowly started to grow.

12 months later and I can't believe I'm about to step on stage this Saturday in my first ever fitness competition with the WBFF on the Gold Coast.

All the nights training in the gym (the only girl lifting heavy weights)
every meal prepared,
and eaten out of a plastic container.

All of the meals I've turned down,
the birthday cakes at work etc etc
it's all been so worth it.

I've lost 10kg and 15cms from my waist
during this journey
and I've gained so much self-love and body awareness.

I've made some life long friends in The Sports Model Project and could never thank them enough for the daily motivation and support they provide.

I'm so proud of how far I've come
and I cannot wait to walk out onto that stage this weekend knowing I've already won.

I've won because I competed against myself.
I proved I could accomplish something I never thought possible

I feel strong and beautiful and I absolutely LOVE my new body

I can't wait to work with Hattie over the next 12 months to build an even better Jemma,
mind, body and soul."
Jemma posing 12 months

The photo above is Jemma yesterday
(Oh and as a bonus I also trained Jemma's Husband Garth. He went from 13% bodyfat to 9.8%)

I'm so happy for Jemma (and Garth) because she was prepared to pay the price,
She over came her doubts and got started
Jemma did the work and implement my coaching
and Jemma did it with such a beautiful spirt.

Jemma you have been such a delight to work with thank you for believing in me and choosing me to be your mentor I'm really honoured to coach you.

I can't wait to see you on stage on weekend and to see you enjoy the fruits of al your discipline and hard work.

Love and light Hattie

xoxoGarth 12 months

PS: Look How Well Garth Did!!!!

So Proud of him!

13% bodyfat to 9.8%


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