Why I Delete Your Emails

I get a lot of emails asking me questions about what people should do to get started.

“Hattie, I have just decided to start getting fit and I need you to tell me what to do, should I go to the gym or do cardio?” “Should I start eating clean”?

I delete them.


Getting started is the easy bit. Just put your shoes on start doing stuff.

You can go to the gym and do a class or get a trainer. You can download free resources all over the internet.

Hell, I have a free nutrition plan here and a free three-month training program you can use here.

The best thing is everything works at the start literally all exercise will work for the first few months.

So the reason I delete those emails is because I know that person isn’t really trying, they just like the idea of trying and they want me to do stuff for them free without doing the hard work themselves.

That’s not enough.

The girls I work with have been trying for years they have been crushing workouts and being disciplined with their nutrition since they were in high school.

They aren’t trying to get to the first level, they are killing themselves to get to the next level. It’s just they haven’t quite gotten there yet and it’s getting a little lonely trying to work it out on their own.

My girls don’t want free stuff, they want the best.

My girls actually want to buy into my most expensive program, they want to work with my team and they want to go to the next level. When these girls contact me, I get straight back to them.

If you’re ready click this link and fill out the questions with as much detail as possible so that I know you’re serious.

That link again

Love and light Hattie xoxoxox

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