You Won’t Change By Staying The Same

It’s crazy how often we call girls up who tell us

“More than anything I want to feel confident in my body."

I want to be strong enough to win a powerlifting show and lean enough to get onstage.

I want to radiate joy and happiness at the same time and nourish my body with food I like and thoughts that I chose for myself.”

And yet they aren’t prepared to make any changes to do it.

Oh, they are prepared to tell us all the reasons (excuses)
that they have been telling themselves that they CAN’T do it.

After all, telling themselves excuses is the exact thing they have been practicing and now they are really good at it.

"My boyfriend/husband/lover won’t let me, he makes my decisions for me."

"I’m too busy at work."
(You always will be, work is not going away in the future)

"I’m not sure you can help me, I need more information"
(I’m a world champion who coaches WBFF Pro’s, women in the cover of magazines, the awe inspiring Wendy day who is in her 50’s got super lean and crushed it on stage)

"I don’t have any money."
(But I haven’t sold any of the useless crap I don’t want or stopped drinking booze and eating out every week which are the opposites of what I want)

You get the idea.

In fact if any of those excuses are your “reasons” I want to assure you of two things.

They are bullshit and they are stopping you from getting what you want
You will be called to account if you ever serve those excuses up to me or my team.
We do not swallow bullshit.
But we will coach you how to get past it.

We will guide you up the steep mountain, to the top of your game, to the top of this industry.

It will be you on stage, having your name called out.
It will be you in the gym being admired for how you live your life and what you do.
It will be you who leads your family and inspires your kids.

It will be your business that grows.

It will you who can look in the mirror and hear nothing but self-love and confidence.

But you won’t change by staying the same.

You will have to invest your focus, your time and your money.

That’s how ok becomes good and good becomes great and great becomes world class.

My team is nearly full (again) we have twelve spots left.
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Be prepared because when we call you will be challenged
and if you are ready to (finally) do something we will take you from where you are now to where you really want to be.

Up here on the top of the mountain with all of my girls and I.

Light and loving kindness,
Hattie xoxo

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