You’re A Loser

People say that all the time
like it’s the worst insult.

But it’s not.

Because winning is rare.

Most of the time you’re not winning
most of the time you’re either losing
you’re not trying.

So I’d rather be a loser
than the other option
the person who isn’t even trying

Becuase it’s only when you fully embrace being a loser,
over and over again that you even get a chance to be a winner.

Most people just don’t try or
they ask for a guarantee.

They need to be assured they can’t lose before they will even ATTEMPT to try.

I’ll tell you a secret.

Nobody owes you anything.
You don’t deserve anything.
Nothing is guaranteed in this life but death.

Life is not “fair”

But most people want a guarantee.

They want to know that it will take three months for them to be radically transformed. That if they finally start trying, that will be enough.

That’s why second rate coaches are offering you
“Guaranteed results or your money back”
“6-week body transformation”
“28 day cleanse”

They aren’t strong enough to tell you a simple truth.

Not only will you not get the result (you really want) in three months,
you may never get what you want,
even if you do the work.

There are no guarantees.

Want happens when you don’t get what you want?

What happens if you train for a year and you don’t get the result you want? What happens if you’re the loser?
What happens if you finish last?

Most people tell themselves a story about what just happened.

They bitch about the other competitors.
They complain about the competition, the judges, the rules.
They tell themselves about how busy they were.

Losing re-enforces a story they have been telling themselves whole life.

“I’m not good enough”
and then they quit.

After all this time,
saving up that effort
they finally committed
and they didn’t win

So they quit because losing confirmed their story,
the story that you aren’t enough
and strangely they are happy to be off the hook
because now they don’t have to try anymore.

But both beliefs are predicated on something completely false.

That finally after all this time,
after they bought in and did all that hard work
after they tried their hardest,
gave it their all
they deserve something at the end.

We don’t.

The world doesn’t owe us anything.

Not love
not happiness
not a job
not abs
not money
not success
not a trophy.


We are owed nothing

Surrender to that truth and true greatness beckons

I have coached hundreds of women to success.
At the end of our time together they are transformed.

Unfortunately, results and the speed at which they come are not related to worthiness.

Some of the women who work the hardest get the slowest results.
Some lucky girls will radically transform with a small amount of effort and time.

It’s not fair

Even though we strive to build a fair and just world,
there in no fairness when we strive for greatness.

There are only three things

and quitting

The only true guarantee of success is not quitting before you get there.

That’s why I love the girls in my Sports Model Project
they aren’t like most people
they are the rare few that keep pushing
that keep striving.

I love strong women who fight even though it’s hard.
I love strong women who fight even though they doubt
I love strong women who celebrate the triumphs of their teammates even though they pine for the same victory for themselves

I love strong women who are still striving because,
and here’s the big secret

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.

Success isn’t winning, all the effort in the world can’t guarantee that.
Success comes from being a loser over, and over again and not quitting.


Love and light
Hattie xoxo

#1 Miss World WBFF Fitness Diva

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